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0 win • m Colwyn Bay Musical Season. PAVILION ORCHESTRA AND ARTISTES. ARE THERE TO BE HIGH-CLASS CONCERTS NEXT YEAR? An informal drawing-room meeting was given by Mactame Riviere on Thursday in reference to the above subject, and was at- tended by a representative and encouraging gathering of ladies. Among those present were Mrs. Gamble, Mrs. Crosfield, Mrs. Harris-Jones, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Sorby, Mi's. John Jones (Dinarth Hall), Miss Hainsworth, Miss Meyer, Miss Mor- ris (Meadowcroft), Mrs. Saunderson, Mrs. Fleet, Miss Lloyd, &c. It may be explained at the outset that Madame Riviere has no pecuniary interest whatsoever in the Pier Company, but is taking up the concert question purely in the interests of Colwyn Bay as a seaside resort and from a sense of duty to the mem- ory of her late husband, whose distinguish- ed name appears on the facade of the Pa- vilion. Madame Riviere ait the outset read cor- respondence which had taken place with the Pier Directors and referred to the very largely signed petition which had been pre- sented to them. In (acknowledging the peti- tion, the Secretary (Mr. Fred C. Burgess) wrote My Directors ask you to kindly inform the petitioners that during the past nine years they have provided high-class concerts and artistes, at a large outlay, with the re- sult that there has been no revenue earned to pay the shareholders any return on the large amount of capital invested. Last year- it was suggested, by a con- siderable number of patrons, that there should be provision made for entertainments of a light and 'bright character for those who do not care about concerts. Wishful to meet the requirements of all, my Direc- tors decided to provide for both concerts and entertainments, the one to be held in the Pavilion, and the other at the Pier head. Unfortunately, there were very few nights during the whole season when this arrange- ment could be carried out, owing to the ex- traordinarily unfavourable weather. In order that neither those who preferr- ed concerts nor those who preferred a var- iety entertainment should be disappointed, my Directors decided that one part of the programme should be a concert and the other part variety. Needless to say, this was carried out at a very heavy cost, and, unfortunately, at a very serious loss to the Company. My Directors, having met the wishes ex- pressed by their patrons in every way, and the support being so disappointing, have reluctantly and regretfully decided to com- mence the concerts next year in the last week of July, and continue them to the middle or end of September. This decision has not been come to hastily—it is* based on the experience of the past 10 years. Two years ago my Directors, in a circular, point- ed out that unless a considerably larger number of season tickets were taken up by the residents than there had been in the past, they could not run the concerts from Easter. Relying on the promises made to take up season tickets, the concerts were given from Easter as usual, and the sup- port was most disappointing. I am sorry to have troubled you with this long explanation to transmit to the peti- tioners, but my Directors feel that they ought to know how difficult it is to win universal satisfaction." In the course of her remarks Madame Ri- viere pointed out that it was essential for the progress and reputation of Colwyn Bay that high-class orchestral and vocal con- certs should be the principal entertainment feature of the (town. Colwyn Bay must have a grand orchestra that would compare favourably with that of other seaside re- sorts. It was the duty, and to the personal advantage, of every resident, rich or poor, to support music with its elevating influ- ence. What was the use of advertising the town and proclaiming its beauties and its climate if there was not a supply of music such as they could be proud of. The pro- vision of such music would be a boon to the visitors, would .induce them to prolong their slay and to come more frequently, and thus would bring prosperity and the right class of people. It was unfortunately the case, as there was only too good reason for saying, that amongst artistes and visitors Colwyn Bay was gaining the reputation of being a non-musical town." This was a state of affairs which must be altered in the town's own irrterest, and it could be done. She was empowered to state that if liberal support was given by the taking of advance season tickets the Directors would do all that was possible for the carrying out of the scheme to a successful issue, and would open the concert season on the Thursday before Easter. She would herself have much pleasure in superintending the concert arrangements if that was agreeable to the townspeople. It was important that a decision should be reached quickly, be- cause if first-class artistes were going to be engaged it was essential that not a moment of time should be lost. Regarding the prices charged for season tickets, she point- ed out that a lounge ticket worked out at about three halfpence per concert, which was certainly not an unreasonable demand upon the resources of sthe inhabitants of such a wealthy town. A discussion followed, and certain de- cisions arrived at. It was decided, for ex- ample, that the Directors be asked to raise the prices of a certain number of lounge tickets to £ 2 2s., which, should earih be transferable to members of the holder's family or own visiting friends. The ordin- ary lounge tickets at 25s. each should not be (transferable. There should be second seat tickets at 25s., transferable under the same conditions as the first seat tickets at £ 2 2s. As a condition of taking advance season tickets on these terms it was stipul- lated that the concerts should be started on the Thursday before Easter. Names of ladies prepared to purchase sea- son tickets were then taken, with the result that the promises amounted to upwards of £ 30. This is in addition to the promises representing £ 70 previously obtained by Miss Lloyd. It will be seen that the ladies of the town have done their full share towards the suc- cess of next year's musical season, and now 1t?ams *or the gentlemen to do theirs bv exhibiting the same public spirit. 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