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NODION Llywarch Hen.

------.-Nodion Ned Llwyd.

Colofn yr Awen.


Great Orme's Head Tragedy.


Summer School of Temperance.

Welsh Crusade Against Consumption.


Welsh Crusade Against Consumption. NATIONAL SUNDAY COLLECTION. At a recent meeting of the Executive Com- mittee of the Welsh King Edward Memorial it was agreed to invite the churches of Walec to unite in a national Sunday collection in aid of the Memorial Fund. This suggestion has met with widespread support. The Calvinistic Methodist Associations of North and South Wrales, which met recently, passed unanimous resolutions in favour of devoting special collections on Christmas Sunday to the Fund. The Welsh Bishops and the leaders of the Free Churches in Wales are considering this proposal, and will pro- bably unite in an appeal to their congrega- tions to join in the crusade. Already, quite spontaneously, collections have been taken up in several churches. All such collections which reach the Hon. Treasurer will be dulv credited to the respective denominations when the result of the National Sunday Col- lection is published early in the new year. The following public meetings have been already arranged on behalf of the fund :— November 7th; meeting of Liverpool Welsh- men, summoned by the Lord Mayor, to be held at Liverpool. Speakers Mr. David j Davies, M.P., Dr. Nathan Raw, and others. November 7th, Newport, meeting summoned by the Mayor. November 12th, Mont- gomery county meeting, stiininone(I by Sir W. Williams Wynn, to be held at Welshpool. Speakers Dr. Arthur Latham, of London, and others. November 14th, Denbigh coun- ty meeting, summoned by Colonel Cornwallis- West, to be held at the County Hall, Denbigh. November 19th, Carnarvon county meeting, summoned by Mr. J. E. Greaves, to be held at Carnarvon. November 24th, Swansea, summoned by the Mayor. Speakers Lady Aberdeen and others.

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Llandudno Charity Association.

Llandudno Field Club.

Yspytty Ifan Sheep Dog Trials.

Great Orme's Head Tragedy.