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NODION Llywarch Hen.

------.-Nodion Ned Llwyd.

Colofn yr Awen.


Great Orme's Head Tragedy.



A Wonderful Light. Speciality: SIMPLICITY Estimates Given A powerful artificial light, The Keynote. For Installations of any safe, odourless and clean at T ■ T, C T r\ number of Lights, from Less than a Quarter the rroiuniuv Cost of any other Artificial ^7 „ °ne uPwards' Lipht. The Result- The Petrol Gillet Light. r GENHRATOR. Our Generator has no Engine or other working parts to get out of order, and requires the minimum of attention. Can be used for LIGHTING, COOKING or HEATING. Agents: D. T. JONES & Co., lbiIKLc^.rDSSIERS' RHYL. DEMONSTRATIONS of the above Light are now being given bv Mr. I,. FELL, at I langefni for this week, and at Holyheaci during the following' week OUlt TERMS .4 GOODS TO rH-E VALUE OP 16 15/ weekl, 1/8 110 3D/.o" 218 115 461. 3/6 920 laf-, 4/- 15/ 4/8 N £50 ,,161/.0 tt tI 8/- M A5TONS MAMGLES rn WICKER CHAIR ■ Any amount pro rata last Itell. 2-4 ROLLERS, BRA$5 B WITH RtVERSIBtt CUSMIOM.B DISCOUNT TERMS. CAPPED. WEIGHT 2^C.WT5 10 P8r C^t' h5etllem0nt within 7 toy3 SMALLER SIZE. I 71 Per cent, for settlement within 8 weeks I ■ from delivery. I I 5 per cent, for settlement within 16 weeks I B from I W I 21 for settlement within 6 months I from delivery- I NETT AFTERWARDS. 'v And 6 per cent. interest on overdue » Ojb V"> E ^C°Unt3 per ccnt. on and^k par on remainder per on deposit and if settled '2 months 01 7, per out wIIo1. It .&tled 1D a II o OD "hol. àaoollU 1.8 It ..t tl8It I II mouths 21 pOP ooot. on who I. accounta if aetUed In 12 moutha tio I)iswant allowed ex..Pt aL Settlement BLA(-K LOUIS CABIIIET 4 Fl WIDE, 7FT WITH 4 A ED SHA 1: ffa OAK J- 2 .17 6 OF 1 .0 E$TIMATES FREE GU ;twit loill m t

Summer School of Temperance.

Welsh Crusade Against Consumption.

[No title]

Llandudno Charity Association.

Llandudno Field Club.

Yspytty Ifan Sheep Dog Trials.

Great Orme's Head Tragedy.