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NODION Llywarch Hen.

------.-Nodion Ned Llwyd.

Colofn yr Awen.


Great Orme's Head Tragedy.


Great Orme's Head Tragedy. NURSEMAID'S FATAL FALL. PRECIPITATED 150 FEET. HOW THE ACCIDENT HAPPENED. SUGGESTED WARNING TO VISITORS. Great Orme, the famous landmark on the North Wales coast, was on Friday morning the scene of a tragic ocouirence, as a result of which a young woman of 23, named Annie Plant, and who .vas engaged as a nursemaid by Dr. Melland, of the Bowers, Altrincham, Cheshire, was killed, and one ot the two of the doctor's children, who were in her charge, \vas seriously injured by falling a considerable distance down the cliff. The two children were aged eight and four years respectively. On Wednesday of last week Mrs. Melland, the mother, took the little ones, accompanied by the unfortunate I nurse, to Llandudno, where she stayed with her sister, Mis. Weils, who resides at Glan- fryn, Abbey-road. Taking advantage of the fine morning on Friday the mother instruct- ) ed Miss Plant to take the children for a stroll. They left the house about ten o'clock, and went in the direction of Great Orme's Head. That seems to have been the last seen of them. They appear, however, to have en- deavoured to climb the precipice, the young ladv carrying the youngest child in her arms. The next news concerning them was that a terrible tragedy had occurred, when a little girl gave the a.! arm to the Llandudno police that a young lady bad fallen down the Great Orme and was lying on the Marine Drive. To expedite their getting to the scene the police engaged a cab, and on arrival found that the story was only too true, and the nurse and younger child were lying close together on the promenade Medical aid was immediately sought, and Dr. Nicol, of Llan- dudno, who quickly reached the spot, pro- nounced life extinct in the case of the nurse, who had been dashed against the rocks, sus- taining allocking injuiies, including a dis- located neck, broken arm, and broken leg, and her features were almost unrecognisable. The younger child had a miraculous escape — from death. Evidently the nurse in the course of her terrible fall maintained a firm hold of her oharge, and thus protected it from serious injury. No limbs were broken, and although it sustained two nasty scalp wounds there is every probability that it will recover. Fortunately the elder child stayed at the top of the rock and remained safe. She returned down the mountain herself by the proper route. Miss Plant must have fallen a dis- tance of between 100 and i.So feet to the steep grassy slope down which she rolled. Her body was subsequently removed to the Llandudno mortuary to await the inquest. Subsequently Sergeant Richaids ascended the grassy slope to the point where the maid and little girl struck after tumbling down the cliff, and there found both their hats and other aiticles. It appears that Charles Moss, a boatman, who was in his boat on the north side of the pier, saw the accident. He rowed ashore, ran up the drive, picked up the little one, and was carrying it to the doctor when the police arnved in the cab. Miss Plant was also a native of Altrincham, Cheshire, and it is stated that he.- brother resides at Colwvn Bay. EVIDENCE AT THE INQUEST. A WOMAN'S CALLOUSNESS. Mr. J. Pentir Williams, Bangor, the Coroner for the district, presided at the in- quest at the Town Hall, on Saturday. Dr. Brian Melland, of the Bower, Ashley- road, Altrincham, stated that the deceased woman was nurse-holuseunaid in his employ. She was about twenty-five years of age, and had been in his service about a month. She was a verv nice girl, but rather thoughtless. Norah Melland, the seven year old daughter of the previous witness, who answered the coroner's questions very clear- ly and intelligently, said she spent some time with the nurse and her younger sister, Sylvia, on the top of the Ormc. They first went through the toilgate and walked along the drive. Then they climbed up from the drive to the top. They were on a steep grassy slope wdien the nurse slipped and rolled down. Sylvia, who had hold of her hand, also fell. The witness cried out, and crept upwards until she reached a level place, where she waited. In reiply to the Coroner, the little girl said she did not hear her mother tell the nurse she was not to climb into any dangerous places.


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Great Orme's Head Tragedy.