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WEEK BY WEEK. Mr. Justice Banks has marked his promo- tion to the bench by presenting a reading- room to Soughton, in his native county of Flint. The family seat is Soughton Hall, purchased by the judge's ancestor, the Right Rev. John Wynne, bishop successively of St. Asaph and of Bath and Wells. Mr. Benjamin R. Jones, who has just been appointed judge of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, is a thorough Welshman, and, although Ameri- can born, can speak Welsh fluently. He is the third son of the late John C. Jones, formerly a lead miner at Goginan, North Cardiganshire, who emigrated to America in 1864. In September last Judge Jones paid a flying visit to England, France and Ger- many, and spent a few days at Aberystwyth, where he was the guest of his uncle, Mr. Thomas Jones, Llanbadarn. Is there any bird that is a slave to narcotics? This remarkable question is asked by a Manxman, who has noted a num- of poppy-heads broken into and plundered of their seeds, apparently by members of the feathered tribe. The Canadian Pacific Railway have issued a guide-book to emigrants in the Welsh language, entitled Canada i'r Cymry "— Canada for the Welsh." This is a larger outlook than even the supposed cry of Wales for the Welsh." When he was in America the other day Father Bernard Vaughan—who comes of good old Welsh stock—visited the Iroquois Indian Reservation, and was received into the tribe by the chief and christened Rawenenhawi," which means Word-of- God-carrier. MARRIAGE A LA YANK. (An American woman has-been granted a divorce rOJl1 her husband, a W elshman, on the ground that he refused to allow her to .place her cold feet in the small of his back at night). America is freedom's home Admitted 'tis, of course In nothing is that freedom more Apparent than divorce. A Welshman clapped the closure on When wifie had recourse Unto his back to warm her feet- Which action spelt divorce. Great country! where the mare is proved To be the better horse, And plants her toes in hubby's spine— Or sues him for divorce. We Britons can't be used as stoves, Nor driven thereto by force. But, ah, we're only children in The ethics of divorce. (In the Western Mail "). IDRIS. Not knowing that there is no q in the Welsh language, this week's "M.A.P." gives the heading of Llw Pilchyqunll to the following note:—"Mr. Orsmby-Gore, M.P., the Conservative member for Denbigh, says that if landlords have to pay any more taxes to a Radical Government, he for one will not hesitate to use the sword of his ancestor, Sir Hugh Owen. This threat is all the more serious because the gentleman who makes it is heir to Harlech Castle, while Mr. Lloyd George is Constable of Carnarvon Castle hard by. Imagine the scene—Mr. Lloyd I George crying out, as at the City Temple, for Blooms, not Blood," while the Men of Harlech, led by Mr. Ormsby-Gore, reply, Gore for George." It will end, the writer I fears, in a bye-election. w A newly-made magistrate was gravely ab- sorbed in a formidable document. Raising his keen eyes, he said to the man who stood patiently awaiting the award of justice, Officer, what is this man charged with?" Bigotry, your worship. Fie 's got three wives." Th new justice rested his elbows on the desk and placed his finger tips to- gether. Officer," he said, somewhat stern- ly, what is the use of .all this education, all these evening schools, all the technical classes, an' what not? Please, remember in any future like case, that a man who has married three wives has not committed bigotry, but trigonometry. Proceed."


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Poor Law Reform.

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