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—^rrtc WRTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS." THIS ISSUE of the North Wales Weekly- News marks an interesting and important event in. the progressive history of our journal —its permanent enlargement from 72 to 84 columns, make no apology for calling ;at,tention to the event, because we know that a very large Timber of people in North Wales are as pissed as we are ourselves with the evidence affords of increasing :1 ing popularity and st-abiliv The history of this popularity and st-abiliv The history of this journal goes back to thx^jay of small things in North Wales. It was the beginning a small four-page paper beag the quaint title of "What News," which was brought out by Messrs. R. E. Jones and Bros. during the first County Council Elections in Colwyn Bay and Conway. This small venture met with such instant success that the proprietors felt justified in establishing a larger and more ambitious paper to serve a wider constitu- ency, and started the "Weekty News," which made uninterrupted progress until it attained a high pinnacle of success. The journal went on increasing in size, and for some time past it has been published in thirteen separate editions under the title of the North Wales Weekly News." Having regard to the record of steady pro- gress made in the face of many difficulties, the present is an occasion upon which those associated with the control and production of the North Wales Weekly News may reasonably congratulate themselves. For it is an occasion which gives not only proof of past success but promise of future advance- ment. The Weekly News has gone ahead, is going ahead, and will continue to go ahead. It has grown in circulation and in influence with the years, and its future is bright and encouraging. Looking back over the record of the days that are gone, we are struck with the high regard in which the expressions of opinion voiced in our columns have always been held by the con- stituency in which it circulated. That con- stituency, if narrow at first, has broadened out to an extraordinary extent, until now in all parts of North Wales the name of this paper is a household word. From the very outset of its career, the paper has wielded a great influence 1 nd commanded general re- spect, and the influence and respect are hap- pily on the increase. The enormous growth of the circulation is also another matter for con- gratulation. Commencing with a sale of a few hundred copies, the growth has been steady and constant, until by to-day we have the premier paper on the North Wales Coast. The old style of setting the type by hand has long since given place to .the up-to-date- method of compiling the columns by machinery. No newspaper with a wide cir- culation like our own, reporting the news of a large district, and having a highly satis- factory circulation, can for a moment con- template the old ways of type-setting or printing, and the North Wales Weekly News has moved with the times and along- side its own success. From time to time the machinery has been replaced in order to meet the growing demands, and it is a matter of satisfaction to ourselves that even at this moment, after all the enterprising expenditure, the whole resources of our up- to-date plant are severely taxed :n the pub- lishing of the paper. The columns of the Weekly News have always been freely opened to the public for the expression of the opinions oi all sorts and conditions of men and women. We believe thoroughly in the freedom of the Press, and while exercis- ing it to the full ourselves, we have never denied it to those who have had something to say that was worth saying, whether we have agreed with the writer or not. We have at all times identified ourselves ab- solutely with the interests of the ever-widen- ing community to which this paper has appealed, and that shall continue to be our a.im and purpose. We look with every con- fidence to the future. We shall continue to stand fearlessly for the progressive principles which we hold dear and which we know aie cherished by the great bulk of the population of North Wales. We have to thank our thousands of readers for their sympathy and support in the past, and to bespeak for the Weekly News the contiued help of all who desire the successful application of right principles in the conduct of local and Imperial affairs. WTe are making new friends every week, but in this respect we want more, and if, on our part, we give of our best to the spread of Liberal principles, the advancement of social reforms, and the furtherance of all questions relating to the good of the community, we may legitimate- ly ask for the support of every inhabitant of North WTales interested in the great warfare between reaction and progress. A large number of congratulations have already reached us, and we desire to thank the writers, representative as they are of all "lasses, for their good wishes and words of kindly encouragement.

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