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BUILDING LAND, BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. J. M. Porter & Elcock, Architects, Surveyors, and Valuers, Land and Estate Agents, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. Telephone Xo. 38, Colwyn Bay. Telegrams Plans," Colwyn Bay. CHOICE FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND FOR SALE, suitable for immediate erection of BUNGALOWS, DETACHED a.nd SEMI-DETACHED VILLAS, also sev. eral sites suitable for SHOi' PREMISES. In some cases money advanced on two-thirds value of Land and Buildings. COUNTRY RESIDENCES with from 3 to 60 acres of land to be Sold or Let. Rents ranging from -C40 to £160 per annum. ■ FURNISHED HOUSES for WINTER Months in excellent positions and low rent- als All modern conveniences. Full par- ticulars on application. APARTMENT HOUSES. Colwyn Bay and District. Rents ranging from £$0 to £ 100. Excellent positions, good connections. DEGANWY.—Good Semi-detached House to Ixjt with 2 Sitting and 5 Bedrooms. Usual Domestic Offices. Large Garden. Rent £ 40. Possession February next. Also a House with 2 Sitting and 4 Bedrooms. Rent [,22. LLANDUDNO JUNCTION.—An excel- lent Double-fronted Shop and House over. Also a Lock-up Shop to let on main road. Rents £26 and £ 11 respectively. RHOS-ON-SEA.—Excellent Detached and Semi-detached Villas to Let and for Sale. OLD COLWYN.—A good House to Let in pleasant situation, with open views. Three Sitting and 6 Bedrooms, Bathroom, &c. Rent £ 36. COTTAGE PROPERTY.—Several lots of Cottages for Sale, in good repair and ten- anted. Rents from 3s. 6d. to 7s. per week. For further particulars and orders to view -Ipl>ly as above. Parciau Building Estate, Colwyn Bay. TO be sold on Chief or Freehold, in plots for detached or semi-detached Resi- dences. Splendid views of hills and sea, several with south aspect, and sun during winter. Roads sewered and completed. No charge far making. Gas and Water laid on. Land 'tax redeemed. Money advanced on two-thirds value of Land and Buildings at 4 per cent. if re- quired. No procuration fee. Railway Sta- tions, Post and Telegraph conveniently situ- ated.-Apply Messrs. J. M. Porter & Elcock, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 52 R. E. BIRCH, F.s.i. (Agent to the Cayley Estate), ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR & VALUER Begs to inform his Clients that he has removed from Wynnstay Chambers to OAKLANDS (First Floor), CONWAY RD., COLWYN BAY (Next to Council Offices). NAT. TEL. 55. 85 I. R, MALEK, ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, VALUER, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT, 17, DENBIGH STREET, LLANRWST, and GLAN CONWAY. CONWAY VALLEY AND COAST.— Houses, Furnished and Unfurnished, to be Let or Sold. Sheep and Grazing Farm To Let and for Sale. Bungalows and Build- ing Land for Sale. Those with Houses to Let, apply .is above. Terms reasonable. 76 A. M. Fowler, Junr. (Elected A.M.T.C.E. 1889). ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, VALUER, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT. TEMPORARY OFFICES during course of erection of new Business Premises- COLWYN AVENUE, RHOS-ON-SEA, COLWYN BAY "Telephone Office, No. 222a. Residence, No. 222. Telegrams: Fowler, Architect, Llandrillo-yn-Rhos. BUILDING LAND.- Choicest plots of FREE- HOLD LAND for Sale at RHOS-ON-SEA, PENRHYN BAY, OLD COLWYN, and CRAIG.Y-DON, LLANDUDNO, suitable for the erection of DETACHED AND SEMI-DETACHED VILLAS, BUNGA- LOWS, and BUSINESS PREMISES, ex- ceptionally suitable Plots for HYDROS, BOARDING and APARTMENT HOUSES. Money advanced on two-thirds value of Land and Buildings during erection, and as permanent mortgage. Houses built to suit Leaseholders or Pur- chasers. 58 Musical, &c. Ri £ E MUSICl A new 43. Sacred Song or Piano Piece, free to all sending 2d for postage.—" N. Rutter & Co., Music Pviblishers, Le<;ds. 259a NEW MUSIC. HEINRICH SUCK'S New WTaltz "Nym- phentanz will be the success of the season. Posit free, 1/6. Send P.O. to W. Stratton, Lordswood-road, Harbone, Bir- mingham. HERR HEINRICH SUCK'S BAND is THE BAND for BALLS, Receptions, &c. To Let. I -^pO LEI. — Good Stable at Llandudno JL Junction.—Apply, T. H. Smith, Coed Helyg, Llandudno Junction. X('ELLENT HOUSE A'D SHOP in Queen-street; private entrance to house low rent.-Ha-,Ip-ni, Auct'oneer, Rhyl. 0\m0Dl0US" IC H' K-UI'-SI 1 OP in Market Stieet. Rent only "20. Haslam, Estate Agent, Rhyl. Unfurnished Houses to Let. 0 with (,ardert and TO LET.—Cottage with Garden and Small Field, known as Wern Bach," situated at Eglwys Bach.—Apply Evans, Cae Forys, Eglwys Baoh. 761g RAIG FRYN, DEGANWY.—Two sif- itlng, three bedrooms, bath, etc., large garden. Summer-house and stabling £ 43 clear. a s6;n it SEIl-DETACHED House in Ellesmere- Is road, Colwyn Bay. Rent, £ 60; Ditto House and Stable in Ellesmere-road. Rent, Z70. Two Excellent Semi-detached Houses in Greenfield-road. Rent £ a1- Semi-de- tached House in Hawaiden-road. Rent u.-Alfred G. Pugh, Chartered Account- ant, Wynnstay Chambers, Colwyn Bay. 748 nn SEVERAL desirable Houses to let. Two S Shops, main road,—one Colwyn Bay, one Old Colwyn, to Let.-Particulars from Johnston, Auctioneer, Sea View-crescent, Colwvn Bay. 417 EGANWY.—Charming detached Gentle- man's Residence, in well laid-out grounds of about half an acre, 3 reception, 6 bedrooms, and dressing room, bathroom, &c. Rent, I-So per annum on lease.—Apply, R. Arthur Jones, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, Conway, N.W. 47 LA N FAIRFECHAN.—Attractive New House (red tile roof) in Park Crescent, 2 reception, 4 bedrooms and attic, bathroom and usual offices. Rent, £28 per annum, or for sale at reasonable price.—Apply, R. Arthur Jones, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, Con way, N. W. 4 7 ENMAENMAWR. -1'omforcible de- tached House in privately situated Jr tached House in privately situated grounds, 3 reception, S bedrooms, bathroom, &c Moderate Rent.—Apply, R. Arthur )ones, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, Con- way, N.W. 47 L1. NA'DCDNO J CM "HON*.—Well ar- ranged House in own well laid-out grounds, 3 reception, 6 bedrooms, bath, &c., orchard and good kitchen garden. Rent, ^40.—Apply, R. Arthur Jones, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, Conway, N.W. 47 ^MFO R T A BITE Unf urni shed F1 ats to let immediately.—G. Perkins & Co., Auctioneers, Colwyn Bay. 715 Offices, &c., to Let. TO LET, in Station-road, Colwyn Bay, J. Rooms suitable for Offices. For terms, apply A.B.C., Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. To be Let or Sold. OL~WYN.—W Y\NAVE N U FT — Newly C erected and well built Villa Fine Vestibule, Spacious Hall, Two Entertaining and Five Bedrooms, Bathroom and w.c., separate all modern offices.—Also Semi- detached Houses to Let and for Sale.— Apply, H. O. Hughes, Westwood, Colwyn. S77a DWYGYFYLCHI.—House and Shop to let at moderate rent, or owner would sell at reasonable price.—Apply, R. Arthur Jones, Auctioneer, Conway. 47-41 Farms to Let. HIW FARM HO"LJSFr to let,-Garden and Buildings.—Further particulars, apply Thomas Jones, Maenybardd, Roe Wen, Tal-y-cafn.. 572a 1118 EGLWYSBACTI.— To Let, Ffrith. Lon Farm. 35 acres, situated beside main road from Llanrwst to Eglwysbach. Pos- session November 30th, 1910. Apply Davies, Bath, Talycafn. ARISH^F^lTnWsT^=To be Let" on 30th November next, Gwninger and Taiynyfoel Farms (cxcept the Dwelling- house, Garden, and appurtenances known as Belmont "), containing 83a. ir. 36p., or thereabouts; also the grazing in the Gwninger and Taiynyfoel Plantations, com- prising about 129 acres.—For particulars, apply to Messrs. Griffith and Allard, Solici- tors, Llanrwst. 68qtc Land for Sale. EAR CON'WAY.-Charming site of N about six acres suitable for private residence, bungalow, fruit or poultry farm- ing. Price, ^450.—Apply, R. Arthur Jones, Auctioneer, Conway. -_u_- 47-41 AND IN C'01,WYN BAY (Duiidonald- LAND IN COLWYN BAY (Dundonald- road) for Sale for erection of small houses or villas.—James F. Taylor, Solicitor, 71, Lord-street, Liverpool. 574a d9 Properties for Sale. TOKOUAY.—For immediate Sale by Mort- ee ow i. gagees at very low price, charmingly situated Freehold Residence (4 Reception, 9 Bed and Dressing Rooms), Stabling for 3 in- expensive grounds of I} acres south aspect.— W. G. Allen & Co., Auctioneers, Torquay. 50601 I DETACHED House in Grosvenor-road.— Alfred G. Pugh, Chartered Account- ant, Wynnstay Chambers, Colwyn Bay. 740111 I fRMINGHAM.Four well-built Leasehold Weekly Properties, producing after all payments, including collecting, f241 14s. Price, _fi,8oo. Pay 13 per cent. Rents collected, remitted monthly, quarterly.— !att, 136, High-street, Bordesley, Bir- mingham. LLYSFAEN, near Colwyn Bay.—Free- hold Cottages and Land for Sale. Cheap. Pant-y-Carw. Two dwelling- houses (always tenanted), with about 3 acres of building land. Excellent position. Channing environment. Grand panoramic views.—Apply Mr. W. D. Jones, Auctioneer, Old Bank, Holyhead. Mortgages. M aRfGAGt:s.-Ada-nces on Freehold m or Leasehold Properties on advan- tageous terms.—Apply, Mr. Ilindley, Solic- tor, Llandudno. _397a -M-ORtlX(:[I:J,OOO to be let out iVi on Mortgage on Freehold Properties, from 4 per cent. interest.—Apply, Cardsby Ilaslam, Town Hall, Rhyl. Horses, Carriages, &c., for Sale. -OR SALE —New Rubber Tyre Governess Car and Second Hand Gig, Dogcart, two Light Lorries, H()rebreaker's Cart, two Phaetons, Rubber Tyred landati, Victoria and Brougham Business and Pleasure Floats a speciality; Handcarts 2nd Wheel- barrows and 'Bus Top. Cash or easy terms. —Francis and Sons, Coachbuilders, Colwyn Bay. 112. 43 VESICO-SUDORIFIC (flying horse trade- V mark).—A powerful penetrating re- medy for Lame Horses, Weak Joints, Sprained Sinews, Diseased Bone, Puffy Swellings. Needs no special attention. Pots 2S. 6d. or :;s. PEDICURA cures Thrush, Bilttle Hoof, Greasy Heels, Itchy Mane, Tail or Legs, Mangy Skin in all ani- mals. Tins, 2S. fid. from GREGORY & CO., Temple, Bristol, or through your Chemist. 28a E. Goodman-Jones, ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, HOUSE & ESTATE AGENT, TOWN HALL, OONWAY. GISTER OF LAND, FURNISHED AND UN- r 1Vn FuWISHED HOUSES AND ALL CLASSES OF PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET IN THE DISTRICTS OF CONWAY, LLANDUDNO JUNCTION, DEGANWY, CONWAY VALLEY, PENMAENMAWR, AND SURROUNDING DISTRICTS. 148 Apartments to Let. PENZaNi^E.—Close sea, gardens; Board- JL residence or Apartments; moderate.— E. F., ir, Morrab Place. 595ml OWORTABLE APARTMEXTS for Business Gentlemen (permanent). Central position Terms moderate.—Apply, Box 752, Weekly Ncivs Office, Colwyn Bay. Hp OR QUAY.—Apartments or Board Resi- X dence, private house, high s Ituatien, good cooking and attendance. A comfort- able winter home.—Miss Herridge, Kenfield, Hr. Welleslev-road, Torquay, Devon. OS 1END.—Large Furnished Room, with balcony, to "Let, close to Kursaal.—• Write, English Inquiry Bureau and Indian Tea Rooms, 103, Boulevard-road, Van Iseghem. CONIlxTiri'AIiLE APARTMENTS, near Station.—Ty Newydd, Church-street, Conway. 28 TN TENDING visitors to North Wales invariably send for a copy of The Weekly News in order to obtain the names of those having Furnished Houses or Apartments to let. Therefore unless you advertise yours, you do not stand anything like. the same chance as those who do. Send your order at once. 16 words 3 times is. 24 words 3 times ;or is. 6d.—Address, Weekly Ncivs Office, Colwyn Bay or Conway. Apartments Wanted. OVELY IXANGOLLKN. -TAW m search of an ideal spot at which to spend a restful, recuperative holiday should consider the claims of the Lovely Vale of Llangollen. The Sketch describes the dis- trict as a scenic fairyland ot verdure and foliage and the late much-travelled Duke of Westminster spoke of its unrivalled scenery and "pure air." Golf, Angling, Boating, are amongst numerous attractions offered to visitors. To secne Apartments advertise in The Llangollen Advertiser. 25 words, qd.—Proprietor H. Jones. Boarding Establishments. MANCHESTER.— in DINE 1 at LORD'S RESTAURANT, Thomas-street. Shudehill. Best and cheap- est. Trv it. Estab. 1S53. Farm and Garden. C'OWLINE quickly cures Cows' sore teats and swollen udders. No remedy like it. Send is. for large tin.—Shawyer, Chemist, Swindon, Wilts. Of all chemists. 5^7a j31 WANTED, large and small quantities of Hay and Straw, Carrots, and Swedes also Potatoes and other Farm Produce. State prices.—G. H. Webster. Office and Warehouse: St. Andrew's-stre^t, Gallowgate, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Telephone 2800 Cen- tral Telegrams, Straw," Newcastle-on- Tyne. 585a GROUND Lime for Agricultural Pur- poses.—Breedon Lime has been used by agriculturists for centuries, and can now be obtained in bags, ground into flour, at 12s. ton (4 ton lots and upwards), f.o.r. Worthington Station, M.R. Bags, is. id. each, allowed is. when returned. Now is the time to apply it for wheat, rough pas- tures, seeds, and all autumn crops.—Apply, L G Shields, Isley Walton, Derby. 560a GARTON'S New Breed Red King Seed Wheat, once grown, 45s. for 36 stones, including sacks.-I-. Garforth, Drighlington. 535^ PEND\ FFRYN GARDENS.—For Cab- bage, Cauliflower, and other Plants; Cut Flowers, Fruit, and Vegetables; Wreaths Bouquets, 1-c. Trade supplied.— Peter Wright, Pendyffryn, Penmaenmawr.[184 ON SALE, neautifal J'caoocks.- Apply, Bryniach, Eyarth, near Ruthin. BULBS. BULBS.—500 Guaranteed t'low- ering Hyacinths, Tulips, &c., 4/- 300, 2/6; 150, 1/6. 500 (Specially Selected), 5/ 300, 3/3 150, 2/ Sample 70, post free, 1/ —Garden Supply Co., 3ig, Plough-road, Rotherhithe, London. 543d-2 ILL IONS DFTLANTS: July_sK>wm m Early Enfield, Ellam's Early, Early Market, Wheeler's Imperial, 3s. 1,000.— Arthur Puffin, Putton, Beds. 502a ALBERTS BASIC SLAG.—For prices, A apply to VV Ellis & ('c., Merchants, Abergele. 57 F* LOWER POTS, 192 for 7s. 6d. (crate re- F turnable). 12 8in., 20 bin., 5° 51I1., 60 4in., 50 3in. Special quotations for Quanti- ties Send for catalogue, free.— Herberts Park Pottery, Darlaston, Staffs. LOO KTSTRIN tTNET'TTNa FOR Poultry enclosing, waterproof, iin. mesh. 30 yds. by 1 yd is. 4d. 30 yds. by 2 yds., 2s. hd. 30 yds. by 3 yds., 3s. 3d. this is sent carriage paid.-H. Robinson, Wish Ward-street, Rye, S,lssex. ALVANIZED "FENCING WIRE^ In |-c\vt. bundles, from 6 to 14 w.g., per- feet new v/ire but shorter lengths than usual, 8s. per cwt Galvanised Biirbed Wire, slightly soiled, in 84 lb. bundles, 336 yds., 9s. per bundle.—N.W. Dept., BUTLER, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. AI.YAXI/.EI) ROOFING SHEETS" Special job lot light sheets, 21 inches wide, to cover 18 inches, 5ft. 7^d. 6ft. gd. cach; all new, sound and free frcin holes, but slightly soiled.—N.W Dept BUTLER, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Estab. 1828. ALVAMZED BARB W1 RE, English make, new, but slightly soiled, 841b. bundles, 336yd os. per bundle.— N.W. Dept., BUTLER, Bell Works, Wolver- hampton Established 1S28. GALVANIZED Corrugated Sheets, special, salvage, new sheets, soiled by sea water. 5ft., is. 6ft., is. 3d. 7ft., IS. 6d. Sft., I s. Sd. N.W. Dept., BUTLER, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Established 1828. UIIY be bothered with keeping Ferrets when for is. (P.O. preferred) Game- keeper of 41 years' experience will send whole of following REAL, genuine Recipes? -Drawin,g and catching Rats in enormous quantities, alive or dead Destroying Moles by Millions Bolting Rats or Rabbits from th,ei,r holes; Drawing (lame any distance; compelling Rabbits to lay out for covert shooting Forcing Hens to Lay (best on earth) Curing Skins Secret Fishing Oils Trapping Rabbits, Hares, Foxes, &c., alive; Very Valuable Dog Fancier's Secret Posi- tive Cu:e for Gapes in Pheasants and Poultry Thousands of testimonials. N. 95. —THOMSON, Frederic Place, Wevmouth. 568a Domestic Servants. WANTED. AN I LD.-)trong Girl, about 18, who W can milk.—Apply Mrs. Chenhall, Bod- faen, Llanddulas. 592a WANTED, Good General, apply, Mrs. Mather, Roseneaih, Shavington Avenue, Chester. £ 14 to £16. WANTED.—Good General for small W pri.av.te family.—Apply Xo. 736, Weekly ATews Office, Colwyn Bay. n4 ANTED.-General Servant for Farm- Vy house over 20; able to milk.—Ap- ply Mrs. Tweddle, Coed Mawr, Dolwydd- elen. 762g WANTED, respectable, useful help (not under 19), for Minister's house.—Ap- ply, Mrs. Jones, Stoneleigh, Dee Banks, Chester. 584ms WAN » ED, GENE < AL SERVANT (strong and experienced), to take position as Kitchenmaid and < eneraf Maid age 18 to 24 wages £ 18 to £ 22 Cookhousekeeper and house- maid kept abstainers. Give lull particulars.— Mrs. J. D. Williams, Langley House, Urmston, Manchester. A 581 ppstiiii lit. | OUR SMALL | I ADVERTISEMENTS I I I I I GIVE s BIG | Si RESULTS! | — 1 w< k Twelve Words, 6d. || fe Three Insertions, 1/ jl 0 0 2'III_jlll Situations Vacant. A Sure Living can easily be made Selling Remnants, Calicoes, Blouse Lengths, Prints, Flannelettes, Curtains, &c., &c. Sample parcets, 5s., 10s. and 20S. Value guaranteed. List Free.—F. Crossley and Co., 75 and 77, Lever treet, Piccadilly, Manchester. Sord16 1 AAA HOUS E-TO-HOUSE CAN I VASSERS: the best id. lines ever offered- sure living.—Apply at once, B. S. Co., Cheapside, off King-street, Manchester. 573a ni8 REQUIRED AT ONCE, by an old estab- lished London firm, a sole agent to re- present them.—Address, London Supply Co., 109, Victoria-st!eet, Westminster, S.W. 565a n4 WANTED immediately, a strong, healthy, Welsh-speaking Woman to train as Cottage Nurse. Training free em- ployment permanent.—Apply, Miss Broad- wood, Dennison House, Victoria, London. 564a. NIl WANTED at once, experienced Junior Clerk. State age, and references.— Mr. F. A. Dew, The Property Mart, Colwyn Bay. A Sure Living can easily be made Selling Remnants, Calicoes, Blouse Lengths, Prints, I" lanelett-es, Curtains, &c., &c. Sample parcels 5s., 10S., and 2os. Val ie guaranteed. List fTee.-F. Crossley and Co., ï 5 and 77, Iever-street, PiccidPlv, Manchester. 541a OCEAN LINERS.—Stewards, Steward- esses, Cooks, etc., wanting berths, write, Nautical Agency, 16, Caledonian- street, Liverpool. 407 AGENTS Wanted. Private greetn.g cards. Absolutely best series pub- lished. Write at once for book.—Wilkinson & Coy., 24a, Bank-street, Accrington. [474a L2 weekly eariied easy and legilim-ate. Let me start you. Send is. and stamped address.—Jaques, 66, Rendell-road, Leicester. 470a WANTED, a dozen boys to sell Rhyl Weekly News. Call g.30 this Friday morning at Kin.mel-street Offices, Rhyl. 20/- PER WEEK! When Out of Work. j Are you so sure of your job ? Write us and we will send you per return our Prospectus which tells how you can be sure of 208. per week when out of work. I it clearly explains how you can secure a regular set- tlement for three months during unemployment. Write NOW enclosing addressed envelope. Don't wait till you are out of work it s too late then. Think what it means to be out of work with per- haps wife and children to keep ted. Is it not worth a small sacrifice now to know that in the time of need they are provided for for three months, during which time you can look around and secure work ? The Insurance gives you heart to look for work, and cheerfulness is half the battle when you apply for a situation and co npete with others. ou can be cheerful when you know that "All's Well" at Home. Be sure and ask for Prospectus N.W. The Rampart Unemployment and General Insurance Co., Ltd., 255-260. BIRKBECK BANK CHAMBERS, I HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. W.C. Good Chance for LIVE Agents. Our Agency will put More Money in Your Pocket NOW. Tours. ,lFuUk to the Holy Land Egypt, and the i. Mediterranean, including Jerusalem, Nazareth. Damascus, Cairo, Pyramids, Con- stantinople, Athens, &c. Private Parties at half usual charges. For illustrated handbook write the Secretary-Rev. J. W. Miller, B.A., Woodland Avenue, Leicester. 590a di6 Shopping by Post. BOO 1 S, Boots, Boots.— If you want a Pair send us your address, and we will send you particulars how fo get a pair for 6d.— Nelson & Co., 29, George-street, Pontypool. 598 ni r SOLDIERS' HEAVY GREATCOATS, s 6s. 6d., etc. price list free.—Hart and Son, 56, Wellington-street, Woolwich. Es- tablised 100 years. 563. D2 r ARMOLJTH BLOATERS and Kip: pers, in prime condition, is. 6d. and 2S. 6d. a box, carriage paid on receipt of cash,-BUTLER'S CURING WORKS, St. Nicholas-road, Great Yarmouth. a57gd9 N EVER be disappointed. Order early. Now ready, choice selection of Private Greeting Cards from 2s. per dozen. Write or call to-day and see samples. Books sent out to any address on application by 'phone or pc,A,-card -R. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News Office, 8, Station-road, Colwyn Bay. Knitting WOOLS for all purposes. All qualities and shades. Samples free. Orders for 2/6 carriage free.—Tonks's Noted Wool Warehouse, Ashted Row, Bir- mingham. 713 FARMERS1 SUITS, world renowned amongst agriculturalists, to measure, for 22S. 6d., 31s., 35s. Hard wearers and splendid fitting. Waterproofs, 23s. 6d., 27s. 6d., best value. Thousands testimon- ials.—All particulars and easy measure lorms (iree), Holmes and Son, Farmers' Tailors, Buxston, Derbyshire. 520a FISII. — ust. Cod, Ling, Haddocks, F Plaice, or Headless Fryers, ios. Salt Cod, 2'S. stone; 400 Fresh Herrings, I2S,; Finneys, Kippers, Bloaters, 2S. box; bass Selected Fish. 2s.-T.acy and Sen, Grimsby Dks. 448a 1125 5/11 POSTMEN'S BOOIS (SbWN). CARRIAGE paid average wear 12 months; thousands of testimonials; lists free; P.O. 5s. iid. Box Calf Furlough and Uniform Boots, 7s. nd.—W. BULL & CO., 215, Battersea, Park-road, London. q rag HAWKERS and MARINE STORES, etc.—Woolens, 3s. 9d. per score unripped cloth, is. id. whites, is. rough rags, 4d. tailors' cuttings, 3s. 4d. to 5s.—'Horwich, Albert Mills, Downe-street, Liverpool. 476d9 RMY BLUCin^^S^—4/500 Pairs Sewn A Bluchers, best leather, any size, post free for 5s. 6d.—II. J. Gasson, Government Contractor, Rye CIGARETTES (Finest Brands), post free; cost of sending order refunded. Write for Price I.ist and particulars.—A. Beres- ford, Cigarette Specialist," 20, Bridport- place, London. ATER PROOF CAPES, large size," W suitable for cyclists or men exposed to the wet, 3s. 6d. each large Police Oilskin Capes, lined with serge, 3s. 6d 4s. 6d., 5s. each; extra large Blue Cloth Police Capes, 5s. 6d. and 6s. 6d. Rubber Motor Jackets, splendid line, 73. 6d. Oilskin Overall Leg- gings, 2S. 6d. pair; cheaper kinds kept; either above carriage paid.—H. J. Gasson, Government Contractor, Rye. Pair3 Splendid Dark Blue 20,000 or Grey Cloth Trousers, no common rubbish; as worn by the Metro- politan Police any size, Post Fref., 3s. 6d. pair; selected 4s. 6d. a pair cheaper kinds kept.—H. J. Gasson, Government Con- tractor, Rye. ILITARY KNEE BOOTS, smart ap- iVi pearance, 7s. 6d. pair, Naval Knee Boats, very strong, 5s. 6d. per pair. Bluchers, 5s. 6d. per pair. Any size. Car- riage paid. Cash xeturned if not approved o,f.-Fi. J. GASSON, Government Con- tractor, Rye. ATERPROOFHCOVEKS; same mater- W ial and pliable as railway sheets; 12ft. by gft., 12s. 15ft. by 9ft., 15s. and so on to any size at is. per square yard with lashes. Suoerior stout, rot-proof Green Canvas, is. 6d. sqaure yard, with lashes.— II J. GASSON, Government Contractor, Rye Miscellaneous Wants. MOLE SKINS WANTED, any quanti- ties, all the year round, by the largest Cash Buyers in England, Augustus C. Edwards & Sons, Furriers, Hereford, who pay full value and send money same day as Skins are received 576a ni8 CASH for Ladies' Hair Combings.—Send Dickner & Co., 7, Ball-street, Ken- sington, W. HAIR COMBINGS bought, 6d. oz. fjL given; cash by return.—Send to Dickner & Co 7, Ball-street, Kensington, London, W. Bankers National Provincial. 35.3a MOLESKINS Bought, any quantity; highest prices paid, no sorting. Also wanted Cat, Squirrel, Fox, Rat and Rabbit Skins, Dude, Goose and Game Feathers. Prompt payments. Hignett, Oak-street, Oswestry. 516a UR X IT LRE^Mr. S J ohnston, Auc- F tioneer, invites entries for his period- ical sales. Whole or part contents of house received.—Address, Sea View Crescent, Col- wyn Bay. 848 Matrimony. t<r I 1 HE Matrimonial Mirror."—The very X best introductory medium for all classes desiring matrimony; in sealed en- velope, 6d.—Millard, 4, Colston-street, Bristol. MATRIMONY.—AH requiring genuine iVi instructions, write, enclosing stamp- ed addressed envelope, Mrs. Mansfield,. 73, Maryland-road, Maida-vale, London, W. M ATRIMONIAL t 1V1 success; conducted on strictly honourable principles; no extravagant in- troductory fees sixpence, post free sealed envelope —Editor, 18, Hogarth-road, Earl's Court, London. n_ Photography. S E OU R PL AT E~S .Hal f PI ates r 1 [4 7 u Quarter Plates, 7M. dozen P.O.P. or Gaslight Postcards, 100 1/412 Mounts, Backgrounds, &c. samples and catalogues free.—Works, July-road, Liverpool, E. 217 ^rds ^or Sale. CANARIES for Breeding and Song, best, CANARIES for Breeding and Song, best, cheapest in the world; also Parrots, &c. list free.—W. Rudd, Bird Specialist. Norwich. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. ADVERTISEMENTS of Persons Wanted, Situations Wanted, Furnished Houses and Apartments Wanted A and To Let, and Articles Wanted and for Sale, are inserted in the North Wales TVeekly News series of 13 separate Newspapers at the following- Rates, when prepaid — 1 3 and 6 insertions. s. d. s. d. s. d. 12 Words 0 6 1 0 1 9 24 „ IO 20 3 6 36 „ 16 30 5 6 48 2 0 4 0 6 6 Orders may either be sent to the Advertising Manager, Weekly News Offices, Conway, and at the Weekly News Offices, 8, Station Road, Colwyn Bay The Library, Llanrwst Norbury House, Prestatyn and Gladstone Buildings, Kinmel Street, Rhyl. Customers may write their advertisements on the accompanying form or on a separate sheet of paper. ¡ -I_ m »■■■ ■■r;r,.n Please insert the above Advertisement for times, for which I enclose value Name h'00'- Address.. Miscellaneous Sales. FOR SALE.—Billiard Table, Mahogany Frame, good condition, 5ft 3m. by 34m. Also Ivory Balis, Cues, and iviarker. Will be sold cheap.-EvaDs, Glynarfon, Llandudno Junction. ^594 nil ✓ Q 10s.—Russian Wolf Hearthrug, 6ft. ^3 J 'ong; handsome wolfskin, with head, eyes, and tail complete: mounted on black Siberian fur almost new; sacrifice, 27/6.— 7, Brictrdale-road, Mosley Hill, Liverpool. 593n25 I^UKS! FURS.—Lady will sell beautiful A £ 5 5s- £ et Black Bear Open Muff and long Princess Stole; latest Paris fashion new this season accept 37/6.-67, Crawford- avenue, Sefton Park, Liverpool. 5931125 Il AWKERS~AN D EAN C Y DEALERS7 ARfllTCIAL 1'LOWERS, Grasses, Xrnas Cards, Mottoes, Coloured Tis- sues best value in the trade.—Ewart, 185, Kingsland-road, London. 575a nr8 PRETTY WINDOWS made with Staino- j. glass Decoration. Cheap, permanent. Stamp for patterns, -C;uest's Wholesale, ■ Depot 6, King's Norton. 526n25 PROTECTION.-Bad money instantly JL detected bv using Oarr's Lightning Coin Testing Pencil, is. post free—Wm. Carr, 47, Hatton Garden, London. EDDING GIET.—Ladyoffers mag- vV rnficent 7 Guinea Service, Ai quality plate (stamped), comprising Six each Table, Dessert Spoons and Forks, Tea and Egg Spoons 1.36 pieces), unsoiled. Ac, cept 25s. Approval willingly arranged.— W rite 532a, Weekly News Office, Con- way. FOR SALE, Clayton X' Shuttleworth Threshing Machine, in good working order; also Straw Trusser, both excellent condition.—'Lloyd, Antelope, Rhydymwyn. 527a 5/Q—500 pairs Men's Genuine Army I v Bluchers, double-stitched waist; outlast two ordinary pairs. Any size, car- riage paid. Gents' Balmoral Boots, 8s.— Irwin, Boot Contractor, 21, Percy-road, Watford. T." A. FOLEY, Bourne, Lines., has foi Sale, among others, the following: Pair 12 h-p. Fowler's S.C. Ploughing En- gines with 9-11 Tine Cultivator, 5-Furrow Plough, and Van on Springs and Water Cart, for cash or part exchange 7 h.p. Bur- rell Compound on Springs, a General Pur- pose Engine; 8 h.-p McLaren Compound, on Springs, Copper Firebox, Canopy for Threshing or flalilizi-, 8 h.p Wallis Excel- lent Thre.ih.ing Engine on Springs, with ex- tra Tank 6 h.-p. Foden Compound, on Springs, Double Crank, New Box and gen- erally repaired; Aveling and Porter com- bined Traction and Roller. Several others. Send for list. Two New Foster Thrashers on Iron wheels, fitted with Ring Oilers, only shop soiled, and will be sold cheap sev- eral good Second-hand Threshers, by best makers; Traction Wagons, Elevators, Gas and Oil Engines. Telegrams—Foley, Bourne :Phone—No. 4 P.O. T" An. L,. Uuicle to b-tock Exchange. # (39th Edition. I Stock Exchange opera- tions thoroughly explained, also Call Options. How to open an account with limited risk. How to avoid Broker's Commissions. Con- tains highest and lowest Sales for last 15 years. Grartis from Publishers, Farrow Gra- ham & Co. (Successors to Freeborn Franklin & Co., Established 1899), 35, Bank-street, Mian Chester. RABBIT Nets, Fish Nets, Cricket, Lawn JL\. Tennis Nets, Traps, every description catalogues stamp-Young (N.W.W.T.), Net Works, Crewkerne, Somerset. 438n25 SAFES and Iron Doors, Fire and Thief Resisting, 150 from 45s., carriage paid. Cash, Deed, and steel Jewel Boxes. Steel end index dI awer,. Lists Free..Cooper, Safe Works, 50 and 52, Columbia-road, Shoreditch, London, E. WALLPAPERS, from ilci. per roll. W Any quantity, large or small, at Wholesale Prices Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls all classes. Write for patterns, stat- ing class required.—The Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd. (Dept. 281), Camipfield-avenue, Manchester. 25a RING UP 31 Colwyn Pay re Stationery, Printing, Account Books, &c. Yoitr orders and enquiries shall receive our im- mediate attention.—R. E. Tones and Bros., 8, Station-road. T-RACTIOJ\ ENGIf Road Loco- JL motives, Portable Engines, Steam Tractors, Traction Wagons, Threshing Machines, Road Rollers, &c., for sale second- hand. All boilers passed for insurance. Full list free. Special terms arranged. Portables, Rollers, Wagons, &c., for hire New Thresh- ing Belts from 50s. Good, modern Traction Engine" wanted.—Henry Lewis & Sons, Engineers, Reading. 125a GAS COKE, House Coals, Cobbles, Nuts, Slack, &c. Prices quoted for truck loads to any Station.-Ellis & Co., Aber- gele. 81 IF you possess anything for which you have no further use, why not sell it and have the moiiy to pur oh ise it, meshing you require? To find a customer, try an ad- vertisement in the "Weekly New.i." it) words 3 times, is 24 words 3 times, lB. fid. UNS, GUNS, GUNS. Gradual pay- J ments. Thoroughly sound, reliable work. Hard close shooting. Send for latest illustrated catalogue. Lowest prices.— Thos. Wild, Gun Works, Birmingham. inferested in housebuilding should send six stamps for a copy of this work.—The Build- ing and Estates Development Co., Limited, Bi istol. G'™A L VANIS ED C O RR (JGA 7 ED SHEETS, all warranted sound, 27m. wide; 5ft. is., fit*, is. 3d., 7ft. is. 6d., 8ft. is. od., 9ft. 2s., loft. 2S. 4d. each. A few light Salvage Sheets, sound, but soiled by sea water, 5ft. iod., 6ft. is. eaoh; ridging 3d. per foot spouting 3!d. per foot.—N.W. Dept. Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 339a GALVANISED FENCING WIRE; English inaL1, new. but shorter lengths than usual, jll-cwt. bundles of any thick- ness, 43. per bundle.—N.W. Dept., BjUTLER, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Miscellaneous. F'REE Chocolate for Christmas; enclose penny stamp for particulars.—British Coupon Co., 28, College-road, Saltley, Bir- mingham. 595" 11 Maw VELLOOs" V ALU E in b R INGE iVi. NETS. Sample packet of 3 sent on receipt of 8 stamps; state colour.—Adnitts, Haberdashers, Northampton. 5qrn2^ L REE to everyone sendinglSta7nped Ad: P dressed large Envelope, GENUINE GIFT. Department S., Jarmadani & Co, 88, Friar- ga te, Pres ton -P sqfinn I^RENCH learnt in 24 lessons TBooks and 1 Instructions 3s. 4d.—Tildesley, U.K.C., Lavender Hill, London. S97n2 5 LADY, High-class Confectioner (medalistj will forward Book, over 100 recipes with instructions P.O. is. 6d.—u Confec- tioners," 23, Betley-street, Piatt Bridge. 582 n 18 WOOD TURNINGS—All kinds^done on the shortest notice. — R. H. Jones, 20, Buftitetron-road. Rhyl. 146g Cards, Billheads, Men 10 s. Post I Cards, Envelope^ 3S M I)000, 5s. fid. 5,000 Handibills, 8s. Samples free. —Egerton, Printer, Bradford-street, Bir- ming-ham. 569.0.24 BLUSHING cured i IMIEDIILELY Doctox's famous recipe, is. PO, Testimon- B famous recipe, is. P O. Testimon- ials daily.—H. Stevens (Dept. 6), 71, Back Piccadilly, Manchester HANDBILLS, 5in. by ?jin. for 7S. 1d., Business Cards, Post Cards, Envelopes and Ta-gs smartly printed, 250, 2/3; 500, 3/9; 1000, 5/6. Other printing equally cheap.—A. J. Johnson, Express Printing Works, Kerr-strect, Northampton. 521a Money. b-yf,i to A 5')T) "on' o WiN PROMISSORY NOTE to all Classes. Transactions arranged by POST. Moderate interest.-k. MORGAN, 53, Old London-road Hastings. 588i 3 1 Cattle &c., for Sale. C'ALVES from deep-milking Cheshire Shorthorn Cows.—Bulls, 30s., Heiifers, 35s. upwards. Cash with order.—Frank Dobie, Littleton, Chester. 583dg Eggs, Poultry, &c. UTILITY Brand, Poultry Food, great egg producers. Unique iit price and purpose. Before buying send fur lists, Feed Dept., Argyle Mills; Liverpool Estab. 1868 4goa EGGS, Poultry, Rabbi-ts and Butter i_L Wanted; will take Regular Supplies; prompt payments.—Universal Stores, 270, Wheeler-street, Birmingham. State Quanti- ties. CHICKENS. — Finest Laying Strains, laying now, 3s each; two months old, 1 os., three months old, 14s dozen; live delivery anywhere. Varney, Stratford, Fsex. 350a FOWL CORN, 7s. od., 10s. 6d., 12S. 6d., JL 2401b. Pig Food, 7s. 6d. Poultry Meal, 8s., ios., 2oolb. all sacks included; carriage paid for is. per sack extra (up to 40 miles Liverpool).—Roche ..nd Co., 15, Goree Piazzas, Liverpool 103a I)OLTI.TRY RU-NS I", I" p Yotjiz I WARM.—Good strong rot-proof Can- vas sheltering, with eyelets, 2ft. wide, 4d. 3ft. wide, 5d. 4ft. wide, 6d. per yard run strong rot-proof i-inch mesh Netting, 30 square yards, is. List and Samples free.— H. J. GASSON, Government Contractor, Rye. Motor Cars for Sale. 1 "I O Humber Motor Car (ofij in perfect | going order. Cape Cart hood, Stepney wheel and usual accessories and spares. Price £ t^o.— Francis Nunn, Colwyn Bay. Cycle Accessories, &c. 1 Dl-K 1 AKli\Li sALt. — lyie^ Covers, 3s 3^- J *'r Tubes, 2s. 3d. Guaranteed. Prams. T\res, Frames, Capes, Wheels, &c. Guaranteed new goods. Sale list fiee.-W. A. Gorton. Manufacturer. Wolverhampton. 599a PUNCTURES impossible ivith "Airgrip. JL Cycle size, P.O. fid.—Smith, 24, Hearne-road. Chiswick, I.ondon. BA NKR U PT STOITk:—Free Whids Bicd., Brakes nd., Covers 2s nd. Complete Cycles, 6-guir.ea, models, £2 (js. bd. Thousands of bargains list free.— Zansic, 13, Filev-ytreet, Sheffield HOW7 to Build a Cycle worth £ 8lor~/3 19s. 6d. We supply all parts. Send for Wholesale Catalogue.—Smarts, Ltd., Cycle Factory, Birmingham. 473a ir)LATED Cycle W heels, fitted Tyres and p lubes and ball free wheel 215. per pair carriage paid.—Smarts, Ltd., Cycle Factory, Birmingham. 473a LATEST Novelty Self-lighting Gas Lamps, give splendid light, 3s. nd. post free.—Smarts, Ltd., Cycle Factory, Birmingham. 473a PUNCTURE Proof Bands for Outer i Covers, 2s. nd pair post free No more punctures iiow-Sinart-,3, Ltd., Cycle Factory, Birmingham. 473a OAA GUARANTEED Roadster Inner Tubes, 2s. 6d. each post free.—Smarts, Ltd., Cycle Factory Birmingham. 473a CYCLE Frames all fitted ready for wheels, 27s. 6d. each carriage paid.— Smarts, Ltd., Cycle Factory, Birmingham. 473a I PLATED Front Cycle Wheels, ■all sizes, 4s. 3d. each.— Smarts, Ltd., Cycle Factory, Birmingham. = 473a CYCLISTS.—Send for our Wholesale Catalogue at once, and buy direct from the factory. Outer Covers, 2S. nd. each Bells, 41d. Carriers, 5^d. Front Brakes, IIll.; Roller Chains, is. nd. Plated Wheels, 8s. nd. pair; Oil Lamps, is.; Plated Gas Lamps, is nd. Saddles, 2s. C)d. Plated Pumps, ion Cumplete Cycles re1.dy for the road from £2 19s. 6d. Carriage paid on all orders over 2s. 6d.— Smarts, Ltd., Cycle Factory, Spiceal-street, Birmingham. 473a Medical. The Medical Home, Colwyn Bay. FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who live in the Home when not at Cases, and are under personal supervision. Patients received. Massage. Nursing Appliances on Hire. For terms and particulars, apply.- Tel. 34 MATRON: MISS ISABEL MATTY. 38 HE W IFE S HANDBOOK and family X Medical Guide," 1910 edition (illus- trated) 80 pages of sterling information for the married; over 1,000,000 copies sold at 6d. each now offered ABSOLUTELY FREE, in sealed envelope; the original genuine edition, copyright largest illus- trated list of surgical and domestic goods published also endowed.—X. W. DORSAN & CO., 57, Robson-road, West Norwood, London. Estaolished 1S47. 203a Medical Remedies. I HAVE N O T HI N GT OS ELL I WAS a martyr to Rheumatism and Gout for years. Having been positively cured by a simple and inexpensive remedy, I will he happy to communicate particulars of same to any sufferer on receipt of an addressed envelope. Apply to J. Daubney, Esq., Spring Cottage, Ran.sdell, Basingstoke 5qnII PERFEC r Remedy for Men; cures in P few hours Santal capsules and stomach medicines useless. Satisfaction guaranteed or money returned. Particulars free.—C. Field, 133, Balmoral-road, Gilling- ham, Kenu 57odi2 KheTTMATISM SPEEDILY CURED;— 1"- Mr. John ElppS, Selby Park, Birming- ham, very strongly recommends Wonderful Rheumatism Cure. FREE information for addressed envelopes. A566 D2 A TTENTION LADIES! P.O. 1/1 se- £ cures Secret worth Pounds. Don't- miss. Hundreds delighted.—Address, H., 22, Kingston-terrace, Coventry-road, Bir- mingham. SURGICAL APPLIANCES, best value. Write for list, mentioning paper.— Wilton's, 30, W ebhs-road, London, S.W. ( HPNQ FREE TRIAL OF AXJ.H O. SPIDER —the in- fallible Corn Remover. Cures Corns, Bunyons, Hoofy-Skin, N\-arts.-Starnpid ad- dressed envelope to The Alcema Drug Co., De.pt. 15, IIarrogate. 418a.ni7 A BOOK of Invaluable information and Recipes for either sex, free; state ag-e.-Iligsoii, Box 81, N. Church-street, Nottingham. A I L Sufferers frcm Tapeworm quickly re- A iieved. Particulars free.—Higson, Box 80, X. Church-street, Nottingham. 144a act in LADfI:s=rYl-nîprõ\:ed -re.medis- act -Tn a few hours, when all else fails. Sur- prisingly effective. Success guaranteed. Send stamped envelope for free sample.—Ad- dress, Nurse Hammond, 21, Ingledene, Bos- combe-road, Southend, Essex. 1093- IMP O RT ANT TO MOTHERs^E^ry 1 Mother who values the health and cleanliness of her child should use Harri- son's Reliable Nursery Pomade. One applica- A and vermin, beautifies and strengthens the hair. In tins, 4^d. and od., Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chumsts. Agent for Llandudno, J. Winter; Deganwy, H. Rogers Jones; Col- wyn Bay, J. W. Adamson; Penmaenmawr, T. J. Conway, Llewelyn Jones; Lianiairfeciian, WT. G. Roberts. All Chem. i sts. 82a A A PAGE ^K>0K ABOUT HEf5S AND HOW TO USE THEM. Post free. Send for one.—Trimnell, The Herbal- ist, 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff. Estab- lished 1879. HEUMATLS-M7 Gout, Lumbago,~Scj atica, Neuralgia, Bronchitis, "Asthma rieurisy, Sore Throat, Earache, Tc^thachc,' Nerve Troubles, Sprains, Cramps, &c frc Instantly Rehoved, Speedily cured by using PEARSE'S LINIMENT Non-Poisonous. No Rubbing required. Price lid, 2/9, and 4/6 per bottle, at all chemists and stores.—Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers The C.C. LINIMENT CO., 115, Poiter-street, Hull.