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. The New " Whiteleys." I


The New Whiteleys." When in 1863 William Whiteley first com- menced business with two assistants in a tiny shop in Bayswater, there were many prophets who announced the certain failure of his enterprise. Many of those prophets have lived to see their predictions falsified, j The genius of the founder, the sterling integrity of hij transactions, and his deter. minaJtion to put the interests of 'he public -first, led to a success which even the founder of the house of Whiteley can hardly have foreseen, and. which changed Bayswater— hitherto unpromising from the retainer-* T- of view-into one of the greatest shopping b ZZ centres of London. The growth from that tiny seed has been so great tnat to-day the buildings of the firm cover more than four acres and the employees number between five and six thousand. With the laying of the foundation stone of the new Whiteleys by ihe Mayor of Padding- tor on October 28th, the seal has been set upon this almost incredible story of modern business development, and when in some twelve months' time the work is completed it will represent an enormous palace of com- merce without parallel anywhere. One of the many interesting and valuable features of the new Whiteley s will be the Information Bureau, which will be prepared to give the right answer to any question con- nected with social life-all particulars about every holiday reso-i-t-,tll about the last new book or piny—the quickest train to Man- Chester and the best hotel in Liverpool— where to go for golf, fishing, or tennis—what to see in London and how to see it best- where to send a son or a daughter to school —in fact, any one of the hundreds of ques- tions which are continually cropping up in daily life. Whiteleys are the Universal Providers. Not only can they provide anything from a footstool to a houseful of furniture-from an ice to a public banquet; but they perform, and perform thoroughly, many out-of-the- way and unexpected services. They will make all arrangements for coming-of-age Ptijn.r.i'in.3, "from pTrrvnTin^ ttfir innclieon to furnishing the rpeeches; they will find the best school for a. boy, meet him in London, show him the sights and see him to his destination; they will provide an interesting itinerary for a tcur and oversee all its de- tail they will supply a valet, a waiter, an entertainer, or an amusing guest for a dinner Party in a word, they supply every want that cap. possibly ans,e To sum up As a building, the new Whiteleys will be beaWlfnl, artistic, and opulent as a .social rend^v0US it wi]! a perfect organisation, a horfs q{ iUXUIy able to e'eter foi every demand m^ upon it; as a store it will be the treaST e.^ou,se Qf Britain, to which every custom\ whatever the length of his or her purse, c^y aQ wjth the length of his or her purse, c 110 with the absolutely assurance of finding t what is wanted, at ths lowest price at can possibly be sold.

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