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Jack's Fortune

Carnarvonshire Police News.

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Conway Board of Guardians.


Conway Rural District Council.

LIandudno Baker's Failure.


LIandudno Baker's Failure. OFFICIAL SARCASM. Before Mr. Registrar Glynne Jones, at the Bankruptcy Court, on Thursday, the Assist, ant Official Receiver, Mr. Tobias, examined Thomas Meredith, baker and grocer, Artro Villa, Trinity-street, Llandudno. He reo turned his gross liabilities as t6s. 4d., the deficiency being £159 is. 7d. He ascribed his msohency to bad debts, giving credit, loss on goods." The Official Receiver reported that the debtor, who was 53 years of age, had carried on business at the New Bakery for thirteen years and before that for about six years at Bodafon-road at Llandudno. He stated that he had no capital when he started in busi. ness, but 1,"10 borrowed from an uncle, and since repaid, and £15 got from his wife, still said to be due. The debtor was the owner of the leasehold bakehouse, which he pur- chased in 1901 for £490 and mortgaged then for The sum now due on the mort- gage vas scheduled at £495 9s. iod., the value of the property being estimated at £4°0, leaving £95 9s. iod. unsecured. There was no stock in ths shop at the date of the receiving order. The wife had been tenant of Artro Villa for nine months, and the debtor before that time. The wife claimed all the furniture and effects there on the ground that she bought them from her own savings and earnings, the earnings being for lodging-house keeping. The debtor had kept no cashbook or proper books, and ad- mitted knowledege of insolvency twelve months ago or a little more. Questioned by Mr. Tobias, the debtor said that his wife made £104 out of the house last year, compared with £97 for the previous year. The Assistant Official Receiver: How much a week did you allow your wife — Northing in money Your are unique. You ought to be set on a pinnacle by yourself. On the application of Mr. Tobias, who reo marked that the case was a most extraordin- ary one, the examination was closed.

Chancellor and Meeting at…

Welsh Intermediate Schoosl.

. .._.-Sir John Prichard Jones.

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¡The Cost of Living