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Conway Corporation.


Conway Corporation. THE NEW MAYOR AND DEPUTY MAYOR. QUESTION OF A ROYAL RESIDENCE. The annual meeting of the Conway Cor poration was held yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, in the Council Chamber, when the retiring Mayor (Councillor John Willians'. presided. There were also present Aldermen Netherwood, Edward Roberts, Councillors A. J. Oldman, J. E. Conway Jones, J. W. Hughes, Dr. M. J. Morgan, Robert Jones, John Jones, and Henry Jones. Apologies for non-attendance were received from Dr. R. Arthur-Prichard, Councillor James Porter, and Dr. W. Carter. The offcials present were the Town Clerk (Mr. T. E. Parry), the Borough Surveyor (Mr. F. A. Delamotte), the Borough Ac- countant (Mr. Hugh Parry), the Rate Collec- tor (Mr. T. M. Jones), the Gas Manager (Mr. H. Dixon), and the Librarian and Town Hall Keeper (Mr. John Hughes). ELECTION OF MAYOR. The first business of the meeting was that of the election of Mayor for the ensuing year. Dr. Morgan said that he had the name of a gentleman who had served the Council well for the past six years at least, namely, Councillor Henry Jones, Deganwy. Mr. Jones had been Chairman of one of the Stand ing Committees to his (the speaker's) know- ledge. He had also displayed a great deal of tact -.tnd business knowledge during the years he had been on the Council, and he (the speaker) felt sure that he would prove a popular and democratic Mayor. (Hear, hear.) Mr. Conway Jones seconded, and referred to the business abilities of Mr. Henry Jones, and remarked that he had proved himself to be a worthy man in other circles than those of the Council. Mr. Jones had an excel- lent knowledge of muuicipal work, and his natural temperament would stand him in good stead whe'i he occupied the chair. They were all looking forward to an eventful year, owing to what was going to take place in Carnarvon—(hear, hear),—and he felt sure that their Mayor would take his part with the necessary tact and dignity, when the occa- sion arose. (Hear, hear.) The speaker proceeded to refer to the fact that the King and Queen had visited Conway at the time that Dr. Morgan was Mayor, and said that Queen Mary had now mentioned that Conway Castle might prssibly be one 81 the Castles which she might entertain a'' a [nval residence. He trusted that their Mavor, when at Carnarvon, would make use of the opportunity to try and get a word with one ot the Lords-in-WTaiting, with a view to getting the King and Queen to come to Con- way again, so that they might see the old Roval Borough a Royal Borough indeed. (Applause.) -L'.LL .L. Alderman iNetnerwcoci supported tue elec- tion of Alr. Jones as Mayor, and pointed ant that the latter had been a practical man on the Council. Mr. Jones was a man from the ranlcs. but he believed that he would uphold the dignity of the office, the same as some of the Labour Members of Parliament upheld the dignity of that body. It was well-known that some of the Labour Members of the House of Commons were as welcome in the King's audience chamber as any Mem- ber of Parliament. (Hear, hear.) He (the speaker) also believed that Mr. Jones would prove an impartial Mavor, and would use the office for no political purposes, but that every man who had a mind ct his own wcukl have fair play. (Applause.) In Mr. (ones they had a man whose moral character was periect., and against whom no man in the Borough could raise a finger. Councillor Robert Jones said that the elevation of Mr. Henry lones to the Mayoral chair that dav was a triumph for the demo- cracy of that Borough, and proved that any working man of the Borough had the door open to work himself up to a similar position. (Hear, hear.) The matter was put to the vote, and was carried unanimously with the exception of one member, Mr. John Jones, refraining from voting. Mr. Henry Jones was then robed, and the chain of office placed round his neck by the retiring Mayor (Mr. John WilliamsN, amidst the applause of the members of the Council, and also of a large number of the general public who had been admitted. Councillor John Williams, the retiring Mayor, said I congratulate you, Mr. Jones, and wi;h you a very happy year." Councillor Henry Jones responded suitably, thanking them all for the honour they had conferred upon him. He said that he had always done his best, and had always re- ceived the greatest courtesy from every member of the Council. He could not under- stand, himself, what politics had to do with Municipal work. They were placed there as servants of the ratepayers, and had only to consider what would be for the betterment of the Borough. (Hear, hear.) Referring to the work of the past year, he said they regretted that there had been no Territorials camping on the Morfa that year, and it be- hoved them one and all to do their level best to bring the military back. (Applause.) The new Mayor proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the ex-Mayor for his services to the Borough during the past year, and Coun- cillor A. J. Oldman seconded, referring to the democratic ways which had always char acterised Mr. John Williams. The ex-Mayor responded, and read a brief account cf the work which had been done during the pa-t year. ALDERMEN. Before the election of two Aldermen for the ensuing year, Mr. Robett Jones explained that there was a good deal of strong feeling in the town with regard to one ot the Alder- men about to be elected, and added that the Alderman in question had promised him (the speaker) his support in the Housing and Improvements Committee, and had also said that he (the Alderman) was in favour of having the Territorials encampments on the Morfa. The Alderman referred to had also promised to use his influence with several of the officers of the Military Authorities whom he knew, with a view to inducing them to return to Conway. (Hear, hear.) Mr. John Williams, ex-Mayor, said that he wanted to ask one question on behalf of the ratepayers-Were Dr. Morgan and Alderman Netherwood the two gentlemen who were about to be elected ? The Mayor That is so. Mr. John Williams Then I want to say a word or two Mr. J. W. Hughes I think yon are out of order, sir The Ex-Mayor No, I am not. I believe I have been ruled in order before you, Mr. Hughes. Mr. J. W. Hughes I will not be ruled by the ex-Mayor. It is absurd that he should be allowed to go on. The Mayor I am very sorry, Mr. Williams, but you are out of order, as the question before us now is the election of Aldermen. Dr. M. J. Morgan and Alderman Nether- wood were forthwith elected as Aldermen for the ensuing six years. Dr. Morgan and Alderman Netherwood returned thanks for their election. COMMITTEES. The various Committees were elected. THE TERRITORIAL QUESTION. Councillor Robert Jenes moved that some restriction be placed upon the Camp Com- mittee, in order that they might not be al- lowed to do things on their own responsibility. The Mayor pointed out that everything done by the Camp Committee was confirmed afterwards by the Council. It was decided, on the motion of Mr. John Jones, seconded by Mr. Conway Jones, that outsiders should be made co-opted members of the Camp Committee, and Messrs. J. P. Griffiths (Regent House), Owen Evans (Paris House), and Llewelyn Jones (chemist) were elected. Mr. Robert Jones then moved that the same deputation as had been previously appointed should go to Chester at the end of November to interview the Military Auth- orities with regard to the Territorial question, namely, the Mayor, ex-Mayor, Alderman Dr. Morgan, and the Borough Accountant. Mr. A. J. Oldman said that the Borough Surveyor ought to be with the deputation. Mr. F. A. Delamotte (Borough Surveyor) Mr. Mayor, may I reply to the veiled attack which is being made upon me Several Councillors No. I protest The Mayor ruled Mr. Delamotte out of order. Mr. Robert Jones explained that the rea- son for sending the Borough Accountant was that he could explain the amount of expendi- ture which had been incurred on the Morfa. It had been admitted on the platfprm at the Town Hall that there were no restrictions on the Morta, and that the camps could be placed anywhere. Councillor Oldman: No Councillor said that Mr. Robert Jones repeated that the ad- mission had been made by a Councillor. He also added that they ought to give the depu- tation authority to reduce the charges for the Morfa. It was finally decided that the Borough Stirvevor and also Dr. R. Arthur-Prichard (on the suggestion of Mr. Conway Jones) be included in the deputation. DEPUTY MAYOR. The Mayor appointed Mr. J. W. Hughes. the Liberal candidate who headed the poll at the last Municipal election, as his Deputy. The new Mayor, Mr. Henry Jones. is the manager of the Deeanwy Branch of Messrs Joseph & Ge'rec P-irr, merchants, Liverpool, and he is also a County Coun- cillor. He was last elected to the Corporation in place oi the late Mr. A G. Rogers. Dcganwy, being returned unopposed. Mr. Jones is exceedingly popular.

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