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National Union of Teachers.

A Hardened Criminal at Colwyn…


A Hardened Criminal at Colwyn Bay. FRAUDULENTLY COLLECTING FOR THE WHITEHAVEN FUND. John Parry, an ex-soldier, aged 46 years, who bore a military appearance in the dock, was charged before Mr. J. W. Lumley and the Rev. Thomas Parry, at a Special Police Court, on Monday morning, at Colwyn Bay, with fraud- ulently obtaining alms for a charity on the previous Saturday. The accused is a brick- layer by trade, and is a native of Penycae, near Ruabon. Superintendent Beresford stated that the charge against the man was obtaining subscrip- tions from gentlemen in the district by fraud- ulent means. The accused had been seen in the district for some days. He had' promised to turn over a new leaf, but he was not making much effort to do so. P.C. Holgate stated that from information received he kept a look-out for the prisoner, and at 12 p.m. on Saturday he saw him in Col- wyn. Witness asked him where he was going, and he replied that he was looking for lodgings. The prisoner seemed to answer the description given, and witness asked him to accompany him to the police station. Witness asked prisoner where he was the previous day, and he replied that he was in Llandudno. Witness searched the prisoner and found the book produced. Prisoner had been seen in Dol. wen on Friday afternoon. Witness examined the book and noticed the signatures of Mr. Andrew Hunter, who was head gardener at Coed Coch, and who had given 2s., and that of Mr. Peter Hughes, farmer, of Llety Du, Dolweu, for 6d. Witness said he would detain him for obtaining money under false pretences. Prisoner replied, Quite right. I might have done something worse." Mr. Andrew Hunter said that the prisoner came to him with a book and stated that he was collecting for the Council of Penmaenmawr for the Wbitehaven Relief Fund, and witness gave prisoner 2s. The Chairman (to witness) Did you read what was in the book? Witness replied that he did not. The Chairman stated that there was what purported to be a doctor's certificate in the front of the book, stating that John Parry, of ib, Cross-street, Rhymney, was suffering from debility, &c. Witness stated he had not observed that cer- tificate. Mr. Peter Hughes, farmer, of Llety Du, Dol- wen, said he had nothing to say, only that he gave the prisoner sixpence in response to his appeal. Superintendent Beresford read a long list of previous convictions dating back as far as 188.2, and it appears that the prisoner had served many years in penal servitude, twice for five years, twice for three years, and numerous other terms of a shorter duration. The Chairman (to prisoner) Have you heard this list? Prisoner: Yes. The Chairman: Is it true? Prisoner Yes. After a consultation with Mr. Amphlett, Clerk to the Justices, the Chairman, addressing the prisoner, said:—We feel that we are deal- ing with a very bad criminal, and we are only sorry you are not charged here under a differ- ent Act. Had it been so, you would have been sent to the Assizes. It is a very mean action you have done. It is no use lecturing a man like you. We give you the full penalty, that of going to prison for three months with hard labour. Should you appear here again, you will be treated in a very different manner. We feel that the penalty you are now receiving is not sufficient.


English Sacrificed to Welsh.


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