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Chester Historical Pageant.


Chester Historical Pageant. EPISODE V. The fifth episode is the visit to Cheateir of the first Royal Earl of the city, Prince Edward, aJfiterwards Edward I., who is accompanied by his bride, Princess Eleanor, A.D. 1256. Chester is proud of the long line of princes who have held the earldom, and rightly so, for the title has been carried by many Kings of England. King Edward VII. was Earl of.Chester for about sixty years, and the present Earl is the Prince of Wales, patron of the Pageant, who it is hoped will be induced to visit Chester next July. The concourse, which we see assembling to greet the Prince and Princess, is composed of high Church and civic dignitaries, and mingling in the throng are rude Welsh tribesmen and representatives of the general populace of Chester. A group of Welsh knights arrives, headed by Prince Llewelyn., grandson of the great Llewelyn. The enmity of the Welsh to- wards the Normans is revealed at the outset, and the spectator is allowed to watch the. signs of the coming storm of Welsh rebellion, to which portents the ruling race mostly is blind. Prince Edward and Princess Eleanor arrive, I the one attended by a splendid retinue of English nobles, the Princess followed by a train of richly dressed ladies. The Prince, whose title of Earl of Chester had been bestowed only recently, was quite a youth at the time, but was so tall that few of his people reached his shoulders." The enthusiasm of the English rises to great heights, but the Welsh maintain an ominous silence, until Llywelyn, fearful lest the aloofness of his countrymen should be noticed, leads the cheers. Llywelyn crowns his duplicity by swear- ing fealty to the King of, England and to the Prince. Edward accepts his protestations of loyalty, calls him cousin, allows him the honour of riding beside the Princess, and invites the Welsh nobles to join in his train. Forward to the banquet," he concludes, and let the word be England and Wales, nay, England and vmiru, agai-nst the world." A NVeLIima-n re- marked See how these fat-witted English churls 11 are smiling. For the present, let them smile." Three months after this incident Llywelyn rebelled, and for many years kept'-up an in- cessant warfare. He gained three victories over the army of Edward I. (the Prince in the epis- ode), but was killed at Porth Orewyn, near Builth, A.D. 1282. On the whole, the fifth episode promises to be one off the most brilliant of the series.

.....6-"'.--. Mr. Lloyd George.