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OLD COLWYN. CONCERT AND CANTATA.—Yesterday (Wednesday) evening the cantata, Children of Heaven (Dr. Dan. Prothero), was given at Hebron C.M. Chapel by the Hebron Children's Choir, conducted by Mr. G. E. Jones. The Rev. Lewis Williams, pastor, was conductor of the evening's proceedings, Mr Evan Owen, Colwyn Bay, being in the chair. The artistes at the concert were Miss Gertrude Hoskins, Miss Let- tie Bennett, Miss Amy Williams, Miss May Jones, Miss Katie Parry, Mr. G. W. Rogers, Mr. Gwilym Jones, Master Willy Parry, Master Charlie Williams, and Master D. John Moss. The accompanist was Miss Maud Williams. The proceeds were in aid of the chapel funds. CHURCH SERVICES.—On Sunday the ser. vices at St. John's Church were taken by the Rev. J. Pritohard, Colwyn Bay, owing to the indisposition of the Vicar, who for the past few days has been unable to take any active part in Church work. MOTHERS' MEETING.—Owing to the large numbers which attend the weekly mothers' meetings, the Tower, which had been kindly lent for that purpose by the Rev. and Mrs. Ll. A. Richards, is no longer spacious enough, and the meetings will in future be held in the As- sembly Room. The work has reached such proportions that Mrs. Richards and Miss Pen- dlebury felt they were not able to cope with it alone, and in consequence Mrs. White, Oak- lands, is kindly assisting them. On Thursday afternoon Mrs. White attended for the first time. The meetings are a great help to the women of the parish, who are allowed to bring their youngest child, and Mrs. C. O'Connell, Brynymaen, nas sent a number of toys for the children to amuse themselves, the gift being much appreciated. CANTA T A.-The practices of the St. John's augmented choir, which will give the cantata "From Olivet 10 Calvary on Good Friday evening are being very well attended. Mr. Morris, F.R.C.O., organist and choir master of St. John's, will conduct, and the choir will be sunrvorted by a large orchestra of local amateur musicians. SOCIAL GATHERING.—A most enjoyable reunion of the members of St. Catherine's Church was held in the Assembly Roam yester- day (Wednesday) evening. The arrangements were in the hands of Mrs. Sanderson and Mrs. Hannah, wives of the Churchwardens, assisted by Mrs. Daniel Owen, Mrs. Frank Booth, Mrs. E. Edward Roberts, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Hughes, Pentrith; Mrs. Win. Parry and Mrs. Edward jo-.ies v ho earned them out to the satisfac- tion of all. Tea was served at six o'clock to a gathering which numbered some hundred and fifty, after which a concert and competi- tive meeting was held. Songs were given by Mr. E. Edward Roberts, Miss M. Sanderson, Miss Ethel Sanderson, the Rev. Llewelyn Richards, Miss Maggie Jones, and Mr. W. O. Roberts. The competitions included a whistling solo, for a prize presented by Mr. E. Edward Roberts. Penillion-singing, impromptu Welsh speech, comic song, prize presented by Mrs. Sanderson celebrities, prize preesnted by Mrs. Hannah; and gentlemen's competition, prize presented by Mrs. E. Edward Roberts. The Rev. LI. A. Richards presided over the proceedings in the much regretted absence of the Vicar. The social entertainment was followed by a dance, for which Mrs. Lilwell, who was also the ac- companist for the concert, played with her usual ability. COLF CLUB.-The committee of the Colwyn Golf Club have engaged a professional and green keepeT in the person of Paxton, of the Leeds Golf Club. Paxton comes with excellent testi- monials,. and more than once has plaved in matches against J. H. Taylor. He will occuny the spacious club house now in course of erection on the links, which will be completed in May. The course is undergoing a series of im- provements, and by Easter will undoubtedly be the finest 9 hole course in North Wales.