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Penmachno Christmas Eisteddfod.

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Penmachno Christmas Eisteddfod. The annual Eisteddofd known as Llenydd- iaeth Ysgrythyrol Penmachno was held on Cihrif^nas Day at the Public Hall, and turned out a complete success. The Presidents thiis year were: Afternoon, meeting, Mr. Davia Hughes, Rhydymeirch. Evening meeting, Rev. T. J. James, Penmachno. The meet- ings were conducted by Mr. R. E. Thomas, Trefxiiw. The musical adjudicator was Mr. J. T. Rees, Mots. Bac., Abexystwv/th, and Mr. W. Morgan Jones, Orsranisit, Rhydtymeirch. acted as accompanist, while the duties oil noetical adjudi- catior were performed by Rev. R. Silyn Robexits, M.A., Blaen-au Festiniog. The literary adjudi- cators, wear a Rev. R. Silyn Roberts, M.A., T. J. Jameis., and W. Lloyd Davies, Penmachno; T. i 0. Jones, Mold; Mr. T. 0. Jones. Council School, and Miss L. K. Evans, Bradford House. Adjudieatoxs for recitations, Rev. D. E. Roberts (Myfyr Machno), North, r. and J. Riohards, Graianfryn. The Secretaxy this, year was Mr. G. S. Jones Ddlol Cwm, and Mr. W. E. Williams acted as Treasurer. AFTERNOON MEETING. The meeting wasi opened with a hymn-tune after which the President, Mr. D. Hughes, de- livered a short address. LIST OF AWARDS. r\ l<eciting Hymn 40a (.under 5 years ox age) 1, Kate Davies, Salem; 2, M. K. Roberts, Salem 3, G. Thomas, Salem. Hymn 346 (under 8 years of age) i, Maggie Roberts, Sailiem 2, Annie M. James, Salem; 3, E. T .Roberts and Idwal, DaJvies (equal). Reciting, Salmi lxv. (under 10 years, of age) M. A. Owen, Salem 2, Maggie Roberts, Salem 3, N. Roberts, Salem, and Annie Hughes, Rhyd- y-meirch (equal). IH, Chapter v. (under 13 years ol age) i, E. S. Roberts, Sale.m 2, Nellie Roberts, Salem, and M. L. Evans, Salem.; 3, M. A. Owen,, Salem. Dictation for Children under 13 years: i, Annie Roberts, Cyfyng; 2, Dilys Owen, Salem. Solo, for boys under 13 years: i, Edward Lloyd, Salem 2, Johnny Evans,, Salem 3, D. Em'lyn Davies, Siloh. ISol-ol for girls under 13 years: i, M. J. Petih- grew, Siale-m 2, Maggie Evans, Llanrwst; Aliice Lloyd, Rhydymeirch L. Lloyd Jones, Salem. RelCilting vvrdau, olaf lesu Grist," chapter xi. (under 18 j^ears of age) 1, Johnny E,vans, Salem 2, Dilys Owen, .Salem 3, T. O. Thomas. Rhiydymeirch. Duett for children under 16 years of age i, M. A. Owen and Annie Hughes; 2, L. Lloyd Jones and Kate M. Jones. Essay (under 18 years) History of the Church according to the Acts i, Thos. O. Thomas, Rhydymeirch 2, J. Lloyd, Salem. Juvenile choirs (under 16 years of age), Mae pobpeth yn dda (Joseph Parry). 4 choirs com- peted i, Salem, No. 3 (D. W. Evans) 2, Salem, No. 2 (Oswald Evans). Pianoforte Solo Miss; Jennie Williams, Gliias- fryn, near Cor wen.. Translation, from Welsh to English: W. Griffith Evans, Salem.. Solo, "Bryniau Aur fy Ngwlad: i, Wm. Thomias, Pemmachno; 2, David Jones, Rhyd-y- Meirch. Essay, Bre-nhiniaeth Bahilon" (under 25 years of age1) i, Miss H. E.. Jones, Salem 2, T. O. Thomas, Rhydymeirch. Recitation (under 16 years of age), Cling close to the rook, Johnnie": i, Jane E. Roberts, Blaeniaiu Festiniog; 2, N,elillie Roberts, Salem; Wimiam Williams. Juvenile choirs (under 18 years of age), "Medd- yliau am y nefoedd Penmachno. Juvenile choir (Mr. D. John Owen). EVENING MEETING. The evening meeting was opened, with the hymn tuine Marchog lesu yn llwydddianitts, • and was presided over by Rev. T. I. James. LIST OF AWARDS. Contralto Solo, Omid oes Balm yn Gilead Mrs. J. W. Jones, Rhydymeirch. Translation, from English into Welsih Mr. E. Lloyd Williams. Duett, Tenor and, Bass. Dysgwch oil yr hen gianiadlau D. 0. Jones and rhcs. Roberts, p Penaiiachno1. Four Stanzas in. memory of Miss L. V. Wil- liams, Groieisffordd: Ap 1-iuwco Cemaes, Anglesea." Soprano Solo, Gwlad y Bryniau Llinos Else, Bettwsycoed. Englyn Pur o. galon T. Flerbert Flughes (Eryl Menai), Llanrwst. Tenor Solo, "Mercih y Seer D. O. Jones, Penimachno.. Essay, "Cyfrifoldelb mam gydag addysg gref- yddol: Miss L. K. Evans, Penmachno.. Quartett, "Y Deigryn" R. D. Evans and Party Cwan. iRecitation, Yr amheuwr yn y glyn (Oiv.er 18 )rears.); i, Thos. Hughes, Ysbytty Ifan; 2, W. Thomas, Penmachno, Duett, Soprano and Alto-, Mae'r byd yn llawn 01 ganu i, Llinos Else 3in,dl Mrs. J. W. Jones; 2, Anni.e Evans, and K. M. Jones, Party of tweilve voices, Pan ddywedem ru ,e" Nos da." Threel parties cointeated, and after a keen contest the Salem party, under the leader- ship of Mr. Thos. Roberts!, Penm-acbno, were awarded the prize. Bass Solo, Bydd godieuni yn yr hwyr: Mr. Thomas Roberts, Penmachno-, Best poem, not exceeding ioo lines, Y ShJec- ina Dewi Mai o Feirion, Blaenau Festiniog. Chief Choral Competition, "I'r Gwynfyd draw Rhydymeirch ^noral Union (R. R. Jones). Chief Essay, Cadwraeth y Sabbath, yn ol dysigeidiaeith le.su Grist" Miss L. K. Evans-, Penmachno. Male Voice Competition, Gosteg For After a good' coimfpeitition the Penmachno. Male Voice Choir (D. O. Tones) was declared first, and the Dol Gynwal Male Voice Choir (T. Roberts) second.


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