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Nodion Llywarch HenI


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IFred W. Jones.

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An Open Letter to "Hecklers." To THE EDITOR OF THE Weekly News. Sir,—I was present at Sam Thompson's meet- mg in Gkun Conway last Wednesday, who, in the beginning, appealed for a fair hearing foT his side as for his opponents. It was con- cealed by his hearers to, be his due, and pro. mised to be given him. I'm sorry to, have to say this promise was niot kept. This is the more regrettable, because the sub- jects to be decided by the electors in this crisis are ones calling forth the most serious feelings of our character; and when our opponelfllts are speaking before us, and we interject, contra- dict, prevent the conclusion of a sentence, and also of their discourse, they can only be im- pressive with the fact that we are possessed of very shallow mentality, and give full evidence of being bad mannered. We don't, to-day, settle our national policy by knives, pistols, and mur- ders, but have attained to that eminence of manhood where the brain and ueart is the domi- nant power. To be conquerors of these arrogancies, greedi- aess, and hindrances, we must array be- fore one another the overwhelming facts of high character and moral degenacy at present so much in evidence. This only can be done by deep feeling and deep thinking; not by these shallow in/terjections which are no mare worth than were children's pop-guns in civil war. Take this matter to heart, and remember the words of the wise man:—"A little pot soon boils.I am, &c., BROAD ARROW.


Mr. William Jones' Campaign.


Nodion Llywarch HenI