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Nodion Llywarch HenI


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..--. Trefriw Council School.

IFred W. Jones.


Fred W. Jones. CAPTAIN OF THE LLANDUDNO COR- INTHIANS WEDNESDAY FOOTBALL CLUB. This veteran player first played with the Llan- dudno Gloddacth Roversi, anid afterwards joined the renowned Llandudo Swifts. He afterwards migrated to the following English cluibs Hard- wick, Srrall Heath, Burslem, Lincoln City and Reading, ultimately returning to the LlamJdudl110 Swifts. He was International for Wales versus Scotland in 1893, and ohosein for trial matches, and he also won his cap far Coast' inter-oounity matches. He is the proud possessor of innum- erable gold medals and. other prizes in connec- tion with football, swimming, and running, and held rhe junior swimming championship at Llandudno in 1884. He is the esteemed and valued Hon. Secretary of the North Wales Wednesday League, of which Colonel Mellor, of Abergele, is President. Fred," as he is still called by even the ris- ing generation, stands over six feet in height, and is a back of splendid abilities. Never has he been known to wilfully foul an opponent. And ambitious little players scarcely fear to go against him, although, at the same time, they get to know that the leviathan almost invariably comes off best. Fred is a cool player, has splen- did resource, and is a marvel with head work. His innate love of the game has caused him to be still playing, and he appears, like the pro- verbial brook, to go on for ever." Youing players will do well to copy Fred's clean meth- ods, and to play the game always in its best sense, whealier winning or losing. I wish Fred many more years' enjoyment in the football arena. « VIGILANT."

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Mr. William Jones' Campaign.


Nodion Llywarch HenI