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Nodion Llywarch HenI


.....--._.-Congl yr Awen.

..--. Trefriw Council School.


Trefriw Council School. The following is the report made by H.M. Inspector:— Mixed department: This school ooultinues to do very creditable work. The headmaster's own class (Standards III. and IV.) is taught with thoroughness and intelligence in all sub- jects. A great improvemenit has been effected in the teaching of English., by paying special attention to conversational lessons in every cLass. The reading of Standards IV. and V. is particularly good. A proper arno-unt of time is given to silent reading in the first class., and the children are encouraged to reproduce on paper in their own words, the substance of the pas- sage read. The history and arithmetic sylla- buses of this class will be considerably improved by the adoption of the suggestions discussed with the assistant master on the) day of inspec- tion. Some lessons on Citizenship should be given to the older children,. Drill is rather backward but this is probably due to the fact that a new oourse of physical exercises has re- centily been introduced. The children are clean and well behaved, and the general tone of the school is highly satisfactory. This school is one in which cottage gardening mdiglhit be mioisit usefully added to the curriculum." Infants' division: This division is plea,s. antly and well taught. All the lessonis are give i in a bright and cheerful manner, and are m every way well adapted to meet the needs of young children. Kindergarten exercises and giames are good features of the work. Addi- tional hat pegs should be provided for the in- fants in the large cloakroom used by the gMs."

IFred W. Jones.

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Mr. William Jones' Campaign.


Nodion Llywarch HenI