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Llandudno Urban District Council.


Llandudno Urban District Council. The monthly meeting of the Urban District Council was held at Llandudno last night (Wednesday). Mr. James McMaster presided, and the other members present were Messrs. R. Roberts. W. H. Jones, T. O. Thomas, T. W. Griffith, James Marks, E. E. Bone, Hugh Ed- wards, Pierce Jones, William Thomas, David Davies, T. Smith, George Woodyatt, F. J. Sar- son, W. O. Williams, and S. Chantrey; with the Clerk (Mr. A. Comolly), the Engineer and Surveyor (Mr. E. P. Stephenson), and the other officials. CHURCHILL'S MINSTRELS. The Byelaws Committee reported on the letter received from Mr. W. J. Churchill, in which he expressed his willingness to start his perform- ance at Easter and continue to the end of Octo- ber,provided he be permitted to perform in the Valley three nights a week, and the Committee recommended to agree to the proposal, subject to Mr. Churchill p,a-i- an additional rent of £125 per annum. Mr. William Thomas now moved that the minute be deleted, and Mr. James Marks seconded. The Clerk also read a petition from boatmen disagreeing with the recommendation. The amendment of Mr. Thomas was carried. THE FINANCIAL POSITION. Mr. J. O. Thomas said that arising out of the auditor's report, he had prepared some interest- ing figures which showed what a healthy posi- tion .some of the undertakings were in. it would be seen that additional loans had been raised during the year, amounting to nearly 10,000, but owing to the Council having paid a sum of over £ 11,000 towards repayment of principal monies borrowed, the loan debt at the end of the financial year was less by nearly £ 1 It was also important to notice the financial position of the gas and electricity undertakings. The net surplus of the gas concern was ZI,932, of which -f 038 was applied towards the rates and Z5cO placed to the reserve fund. With re- gard to the water and gas reserve fund, it might be pointed out that the reserve fund had now reached the limit of £ s^°°° required to be set aside under the Local Government Act of 1876. The net surplus in the electric light under- taking was ^1,189, of which ^95° was devoted to the rates, and £ 200 to the reserve fund. The electric light reserve fund at the end of the 31st March was ^3,442 He thought the Council could be congratulated upon being in such a satisfactory position when they came to consider the position of some neighbouring towns. CONGRATULATING A COUNCILLOR. Mr. James Marks referred to the elevation of their fellow Councillor, Mr. T. W. Griffith, to the Mages.terial Bench, and congratulated both him and the Council upon the honour which had been conferred unon them. He begged to propose a vote of congratulation to Mr. Griffith. Mr. E. E. Bone said that as a man politically opposed to Mr. Griffith he wished to second the proposition. He referred to the high character and fairmindedness of Mr. Griffith in all ques- tions that came before him. He felt that Mr. Griffith would do credit to the Bench as he had done credit to the Council. The proposition was carried amidst cheers, and Mr. T. W. Griffith briefly returned thanks.

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