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LLANDUDNO. GUARDIAN SOCIETY.—Some 150 guests at- tended the annual dinner at the Imperial Hotel, on Friday night, of the Guardian Society for the Protection of Trade. Dr. T. L. Kenrick Dav- ies presided. Mr Chinnech, of London, who had taken the place of Mr W. H. Lever, M.P., as the guest of the evening, propoised The Town and Trade of Llandudna," and to this Mr Alec Hughes responded. Mr Hughes said that in August and September the number of visitors at Llandudno was by far the greatest ever known. The autumn concerts were undoubtedly a great boon to, the town. (Applause.) Mr E. W. Johnson, in responding to the toast of the visitors, said that Llandudno was made for the visitors and the first consideration always should be to meet the visitors' requirements. THE REV. TOM DAiVIES.- The -astor of the D-egainiw y street Welsh Congregationa1 Church has accepted a call to Llandyssul, Car- diganshire, for which place he will leave in March after several years' service in Llandud- no. SERIOUS ILLNESS OF MR. T. P. DAVIES. —We much regret to learn that the genial pro- prietor of the palatial hotel, St. George, lies seriously ill at the hotel. Mr Davies is so popu- lar with the townspeople that one and all hope he will be able to tide through his serious in- disposition. APPOINTMENT.—Mr W. D. Longshaw has been officially appointed deputy cfcrk of the Urban District Council. BEACH CHAIRS.—The Urban Council have granted a further lease of the right to let chairs on the beach to, the Town Improvement As-socda- ticjji for a period of three years. RESIGNATION.—At the Urban Council meeting on Wednesday, Mr Tyleccte, the assist- ant electrical engtimeer, tendered his resigna- tion, he having obtained another appodnitmiemt. The Council decided to accept the resignation, and further adopted the principle of two, assist- ants of equal grade. DISORDERLY YOUTHS.—Several com- plaints have been made of the disorderly con, duct of youths in the shelters and on the Pro- menade at night, and the Council have taken the matter up by calling the attention of the police, and asking tlhem to take steps to prevent such conduct. NEW PROPERTY.—At the Urban Council meeting yesterday (Wednesday) the following plans were approved: —Shop and alteration, Madoc House, Lloyd-street, for Mrs Stanley; two houses, Lloyd-streeit and St. David's-road, for Mr Thomas Edwards.; addition to Roden Villa, Trinity-square, for Mr A. Foulkes; four houses in Carmen Sylva-road, for Mr A. Hill; a residence in Roumairaia-crescent, submitted by Mr T. B. Farrington; additions, York Villa, Craigydon, for Mr Norrie; alterations, Ms- gwym and Craigydon Boarding House, for the Misses Middleton and Huston. THE UNEMPLOYED.—At a sub-committee of the District Council the Surveyor submitted seventy-one names of unemployed, and he said that siince the 15th November, forty-eight of these had been provided with work. The Ctoum- cil are doing all in their power to provide the unemployed with work during the winter months. The Finance Committee of the Coun- cil recommended that, wherever possible, in- stead of engaging the regular staff on overtime work, fresh men from the unemployed ranks should be engaged, preference being given to married men with families. THE BOUNDARIES.—At the Council meet- inig, the Clerk submitted the case which he hao put before counsel in relation to the overlapping boundaries of the Borough of Cbnway and the urban district of Llandudno-, at West Llandud- no, and it was decided that in view of the opin- ion expressed by counsel, they do not take any further action at present, with a view to the adjustment of the boundaries, but that with re- gard to the drainage of the houses erected by Mr Parr, into the sewers of the Llandudno Council, they instructed the Surveyor to report fully to the Works Committee, with, a view to an agreement being entered into between Mr Parr and the Council. THE HAPPY VALLEY.—A committee of the Council have visited the Happy Valley, and they have decided to remove the Jubilee oak tree planted in the centre of the Valley, to a more sheltered spot. They allso gave instruc- tion,s for backs to be fixed; on all the seats in the Valley which are at present without; and further, to fix steps to give entrance to, the plot of land south of the VaMey, at a point opposite the top entrance to the Valley. Instructions were also given for the planting of shrubs, and the laying out of flower beds. In reply to a letter sent by Mr Arthur R. Hughes, Ty Aildro, Hill-terrace, with reference to children, playing on the flat portion over the Fach Reservoir, ad- joining the Valley, it was decided to instruct the Inspector not to interfere with or prevent the children playing on this plot of ground. WOiMEN'S TONTINE SOCIETY.—The large room at the rear of the Mostyn-street Cocoa House, was filled with women on Tuesday even- ing, who had come to hear Mr Tohn Roberts, Bryn Celyn, explain the necessary preliminaries and mode of establishing a Women's Tontlin-e Society upon a similar basis to that of the Gog- arth Friendly Society. SYMPATHY.—Much sympathy is felt for Mr Cureton, Clifton-road, whose wife died sudden- ly last, week, leaving eight children, to mourn her loss. REHOBOTH LITERARY SOCIETY.—At Monday's meeting the chair was occupied by the pastor, the Rev. H. C. Lewis, B.A., B.Y? A very interesting paper upon Oliver Crom- well was given by Mr Arthur R. Williams. LIBERAL ASSOCIATION.—One of the most enthusiastic meetings held in connection with the Liberals of Llandudno, took place on Mon- day afternoon, at the club's headquarters, when the political situation was reviewed. SERIOUS ILLNESS OF PROiFESSOD COD- MAN.—We regret to learn that Mr Richard Codman lies seriously ill at the Cottage Hospi- tal. The veteran entertainer, who has given such joy to numberless thousands of children during his life at Llandudno, is 79 years of age. WESLEY GUILD.—The Literary section of the Wesley Guild held a meeting on Monday evening in St. John's schoolroom. The meeting took the form of a Magazine night." The Rev. T. E. Ham undertook the duties of editor, and read out the various contributions, com- menting as he went along. All the contribu- tions were annonymous. The subjects treated were A shop assistant's hardships," SbouM bachelors be taxed?" and Eccentricities of Fashion." The following members spoke:- Messrs John Rowlands, E. Davies, W. Thomas, and Luther MuddL VERY ATTRACTIVE.—Have you ever seen a white elephant? If not, come to Llanduduo and see W. S. Williams & Son's Zoo at The Pioneer, and you will be delighted with the cet- lection of choice and seasonable presents. Smart cream Jap silk tailor-madfe shirts from 12s. lId.; cream Delaine andl cashmere em- broidered ditto' from 2s. i id. lace blouses from ss. nd. children's novelties in pinafores and frocks in cashmere and silk from is. 6d. large selection of white muslin aprons from is. up- wards. SATURDAY'S CUP-TIE.—On Saturday the Llandudno. Amateurs will meet the Conway team on the Council ground in the second round for the Welsh Amateur Cup. ELECTORAL.—Mr Ernest E. Bone, of Llan- dudno, has been appointed the agent to, Mr Arthur Hughes, Conservative candidate for the Arfon division. A GENEROUS GIFT.rhe Vicar of Llan- tfuos has received a promise of a subscription of £ 1,000 for the provision of an organ for St. Paul's Church, Llandudno. ST. GEORGE'S LITERARY SOCIETY.— Readings by members were the items enjoyed at Thursday's meeting. Miss B. Roberts was the win,nier in the guessing of book titles competi- tion. ACTIVITY AT THE POLITICAL CLUBS.— The Liberal and Conservative Clubs, which are next door to each other in Upper Mostyn-street, are at present the scenes of much Dolitical ani- mation in view of the forthcoming General Elec- tion. CONSIDERING THE AGED POOR.—The ladies' executive which is organising the forth- coming treat to the aged poor, is hard at work in preparing for the event, which is one of the most pleasure-giving connected with the good name of Charity. The executive is composed of ladies well-known for their practical views of true Christianity. Miss L. Hindie is the hon. secretary, and will be glad to receive subscrip- tions from the philanthropically-minded people of the town and neighbourhood. ST. PAUL'S LITERARY SOCIETY.-To close the first half of the session, a very enjoy- able entertainment was held on Tuesday even- ing, at the. Craigydon Boarding House. A per- formance of Mrs Barry Tain's play Ware- Why?" was given by the following :—Mr Josepli Winter, Mr C. J. Montgomery, Mr F. Bowyer, Miss J. Currie, Miss Nellie Margetts, and Miss King. THE HOT-POT FUND.—Following the very successful concert held, at the Pier Theatre of Varieties last week, another concert was held last night (Wednesday), when the place was packed to enjoy a rare and excellent pro- gramme. The local Lodges of the R.A.O.B. were present in full regalia, and the event was a splendid financial success. SHILOH TEA AND CONCERT—The annual tea and concert in cormection with the Shiloh C.M. Church were held yesterday (Wednesday), and both events were great successes. Tea was served in the spacious schoolroom, and amongst those present were Mr. William Jones, M.P., who contributed towards the funds. The follow- ing ladies presided at the tea tables:—Mrs. Jones, Bod Diddan Miss Williams, Veronica; Mrs. B. C. Jones, Tegfan Miss M. E. Williams, 6 Chapel-street; Miss Hughes, Norwood House Miss Williams, 46, Mostyn-street; Mrs. Roberts, Uxbridge House; Miss Jennie Williams, 6, George's Crescent; Mrs. W. A. Roberts, 3,1, Mostyn-street; Mrs. Owen Hughes. Llwynedd; Mrs. Owen, Police Station; Mrs. Jones, Thoru Lela; Mrs. Jones, The Manor Mrs. Isaac Jones. Trewenel; Mrs. Edwards, Tudno Villa; Mrs. HOQlSIOil1, 96, Mostyn-street; Mrs. Howel Jones, Rosemeath; Misses Jones, The Lounge; Mrs. Roberts. Holly Bank Mrs. O. W. Roberts, Bod Eifiom Mrs. Samuel Thomas, Welbeck House Mrs. Samuel Roberts, Wood Bank. At the con- cert Mr. Henry Woodall presided, when the fine chapel was filled. The following artistes took paDt :-MisSI Louie James, R.A.M., Miss Cerid- wen Roberts, Miss, Blanche Hooson, Mr. Powell Edwards (pupil of Signor Randegger, and win- ner at National Eisteddfodau, 1908 and 1909), Miss Lilian Wright (violin), Miss Tennie Wil- liams (organist and accompanist), and Mr.. Geo. Edwards, vocal party conductor.



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