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k ih I R'ts Wonoerful Drawing 111 ill ill ifWForaff&sesofSfMfpoisoijiqg, EIH /HI Willows,Abscesse$rWoui}ds,Cuts, f§jj|L II [ Sums, ScdldslBoi/s,&c.&c.wliereVer |1S^V |'| J PrismasmalterispresentMAHAS&Z | ||g X A.-bm Ag cmF)AmWfISCTr. Tv, or from Lhe Proprie THEMARABAZ ov C, REDDITC THE NEW POULTICE OINTMENT. THERE are many ointment-like preparations placed before the public which are all guaranteed to heal, and heal quickly, but there is a danger in most of these, in that whilst they heal the outer skin, they do not draw away the bad matter underneath, so that whilst to all intents and purposes a cure has been effected in a few days a further eruption might take place and blood poisoning result. It has proved no easy matter to secure such a preparation as is desired. that is to say, one that will draw out the bad matter in the part affected and heal quickly and permanently at the same time. Marabaz is the name of the preparation referred to, and it is pleasing to think that at last a recipe for this preparation has been divulged, so that the public may obtain any supplies of this wonderful Poultice Ointment that they desire. There is no question that in this wonderful preparation now placed before the public there is a safe and reliable method of dealing with all cases of accident likely to result in blood poisoning, abscesses, and such like. A CURATIVE OINTMENT OF THREEFOLD POWER. Marabaz placed upon cuts, scalds, boils, wounds, abscesses, whitlow, or any festering skin trouble will. firstly, draw all poisoning matter away, cleanse the wound thoroughly, and eventually heal it perfectly. Wherever poisonous or foreign matter is present, in whatever form or however virulent, Marabaz will draw it out, leaving the flesh as clear and healthy as before. Marabaz will be found invaluable in all cases where splinters and broken needles have entered the skin deeply, for its application draws the foreign matter right away without any pain and without any possibility of festering. Read what others say: T, ,.r "Sirs,—I have much pleasure in recommand- 4 'S.rs,-It gives me gre^ pleasure to testify as jnfr • Marabaz.' I have used it for various cases. to the wonderful cure of Marabaz to my wife s ;f Whitlows, Boils, Poisoned Fingers, and c s finger It was caused by a burn in the h' l;ke and ;n no has ;t been a Burns first place, and took bad ways. After Whitlows. failure. I sincerlv hope that I may and trying many remedies without relief, she b fa. t obta;n ;t whJever required. Scalds, tried Marabaz, which soon effected a j haye sent it to friends in various parts of complete cure. I should like to men- England. and aiways with most favourable re- tion a neighbour s case also. A child was badly v p p » scalded down the face and chest, and it was sults.-Yours truly, E.P. thought she would be disfigured for life Jf h d hat wm nQt hea, if 'Marabaz however, was used and made a troubled with any skin disease that proves un- wonderfu cure leaving no mark whatever.- amenable to ordinary treatment you are strongly ours tru'y> SM' advised to obtain a supply of Marabaz." OBTAINABLE AT Mr. J. L. Hunt, Conway-road, Colwytl Bay. Mr. W. Lloyd, 12, Lammas-Street, Carmarthen. Messrs T W AHamson Station-rd do Mr- W" Jones- Dru& Hall, Penygroes. Messrs. J. w. Adamson, station ra, ao. Mf F j Roberts 2 Well-street, Ruthin. Messrs. Rouw & Son, Ruthin, North Wales. Mr. R. R. Jones, Chemist, Amlwch. Mr. H. Payne, 16, Broad-street, Welshpool. Messrs. Hamilton & Jones, Market-place, Bangor. Mr. W. H. Parry, 24, High-street, Blaenau Festiniog. Messrs. Francis & Co., Wrexham. Mr. G. H. Lawrence, 20, High-street, Rhyl. Mr. Hugh Davies, Machynlleth. Mr. W. A. Roberts, 31, Mostyn-street, Llandudno. Mr. Evan Jones, The Emporium, Cemmaes, Mon. Mr. A. E. Slinn, Apothecanes Hall, Flint. Mr. R. F. Davies, County Medical Hall, Denbigh. AT 1/14 & 29 PER TIN. I And the "MARABAZ" CO., REDDITCH. WRITE FOR FREE BOOKLET. led it Curkeps, Geese, J. T. JONES invite the special attention of his numerous Customers to his XMAS MEAT DISPLAY. HIS EXCELLENT STOCK INCLUDES:— CATTLE. 1 Bullock, bought from Mr. Hugh Davies, Gorswen. 1st Prize Talycafn Xmas Show. 1 Heifer, 1st Prize Talycafn Xmas Show, bought from Mr. John Williams, Bwlch Mawr. 2 Prize Beasts, fed by Mr. John Jones, Ty'nycoed, Roewen. 1 Butcher's Bullock, 2nd Prize Talycafn Xmas Show, bought from Mrs. Owen, Glyn Ucha'. 1 Heifer, fed by Mr. William Davies, Baclaw. 1 Fat Bullock, fed by Mr. W. F. Jones, Bod Idda, Conway. 2 Fat Beasts, fed by Mr. T. G. Jones, Tan-y-Berllan. 2 Fat Heifers, fed by Mr. G. O. Jones, Merchlyn, Conway. 1 Fat Heifer, fed by Mr. S. Edwards. Tyddyn Bach, Tynygroes, 1 Fat Bullock, fed by Mr. Hugh Williams, Llwydfaen. PIGS. 4 Fat Porkers, 2nd Prize at Talycafn, > fed by Messrs. W. Thomas & Son, Penyffordd. 4 Fat Porkers, fed by Mr. Wm. Jones, Bryn Tudur, Conway. 3 Fat Porkers, fed by Mr. Sam Edwards, Tyddyn Bach, Tynygroes. 3 Fat Porkers, fed by Mr. O. Hughes, Gwern Felin, Talybont. SHEEP. Pen 1st Prize Sheep at Menai Bridge Smithfield, fed by Mr. Winter, University College, Bangor. AO Prime Fed Yearling Wethers, fed by the best known Breeders in the Principality. 3 Lambs, 3 months old. Large Number of Home-fed Turkeys and Geese. NOTE THE ADDRESS- d. T. JONES, MEAT PURVEYOR, ? 1848 Eagle's Bdgs., Castle St., Conway.


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