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WELSH AMATEUR CUP. LLANDUDNO AMATEURS v. LLANRWST. CORMORANTS WIN AFTER EXTRA TIME. TIHE ROOSTERS' PLUCKY FIGHT. (BY VIGILANT.") The thought reader, Mrs Victor Andre, who was appearing at the Town, Hall during the previous week, predicted that Llandudno Ama- teurs would win their cup-tie with Llanrwst after extra time. And it was so on Saturday. Fair prophetess How the gods around the Llanrwst goal blessed your name. It was a great struggle. The elements for once were fairly kind, and there was a good attendance to greet the combatants on the third occasion. The three tests have been full of grit and determina- tion. BROOKSEY OPENS THE SCORE WITH A GEM! Llandudno were lucky in drawing at home a fortnight previous, for the Roosters were smart- er on that occasion. Then Llandudno weH. smarter at Llanrwst, and were unlucky in not beating them, whilst the game on Saturday was a rattler, taking it altogether. At one time, Llandudno were leading early by two goals tio nil, and it seemed as though the prospects of a draw once again, was out of the question. The opening score was accomplished by Brookes- Evans, who netted as pretty a shot as one could wish to see. It quite charmed the onlookers. It was simply delightful, and even puzzled the clever Gillett, who was powerless to prevent Brookes from registering his point. The man- ner in which Brookes puzzled several players and then feinted to pass to Johnnie Williams, and shouting strong and high, was a pleasure to behold. BOB DAVIES PUTS ON No. 2. Then ere long Bob Davies had increased the Cormorants' lead with a beauty. It was a grounder, and Gillett did not seem to make much attempt to check its flight into the net. Then J. H. Jones was penalised for fouling within the penalty area—although many were of opinion that the offence was committed out of the area. Referee Richards, assured me that the offence was commenced within, the area, and completed out of it. At any rate, Archie Car- tec defeated Stallard with a." swift shot. Penal- ties are, at the best of times, miserable things, and there were two in the game, one effective and the other non-effective. The score gave much encouragement to the Roosters, who bucked up well. The game was a very strong one, and full of vigour, if lacking in the best of movements. The Roosters were playing a bust- ling game, with long passing, which was nearer cup-tie form than the finnicking methods that Llandudno sometimes adopted. However, Llan. dudno was playing a good game, and there were some wood and some bad movements by the for- wards. Half-time arrived with the score Llandudno, 2; Lllanrwst, I. Coffee having been partaken of, a re-start was made, and the first things of importance were the fine saves by the respective custodians. One by Stallard was simply marvellous, for be seemed to do the apparently impossible. Run- ning out to a ball which was coming at a terrific pace with a Rooster behind it, Stallard managed to, get in front of the sphere and charged the shot down. Had he failed, a score would have been, certain. BOB DAVIES HEADS No. 3. After some clever movements on the left, Bob Davies managed to get his head to the balT. and placed it an inch or two just inside the net, with Gillett full length on the floor. I have seldom seen a neater header. This success greatly pleased the spectators, and Bob Davies was warmly shak,en by the hand. Hardly had the enthusiasm died away, than Llanrwst had netted the ball. I was at the other end, and don't know how it was scored, but it sufficed. And what was more sensational still was that LLANRWST DRAW LEVEL. lor the third time. There was consternation in the Llandudno camp, and as the light was none too good, the idea of extra time was not very encouraging. And so the game went along, with neither side being able to gain the lead. LLANDUDNO WIN PER JOHNNIE WILLIAMS. Amidst much enthusiasm, the sides changed ends, and agreed to play ten minutes each way. Llandudno got going well, and ere Ion;?, Gillett had been beaten to. the world with a shot from Johnnie Williams' toe. The excitement was great., and Johnnie Williams knew only too well that he had a right hand It was a strangely gotten goal, but quite worthy of the occasion. Llanrwst failed to score, and Llandudno, after thjree struggles, qualified themselves to meet Conway on Saturday at Llandudno. Final: Llandudno-, 4; Llanrwst, 3. NOTES. I have written pretty freely on the match played a fortnight ago, and I am glad that the tips I gave the Llandudno players have had scome effect. The teams were the same as on the two previous occasions, with the exception that Willie Wynne was unable to. appear as back, and Jack Lunt was requisitioned. A very regrettable incident oceunred during the second half of the game. Arthur Richards, I understand, offended Jack Lunt, and it is said kicked him deliberately in the hip. Lunt says he heard some threatening remarks made as Richards came towards him. Lunt, after being kicked, lost his temper, and struck Arthur Richards a blow that floored him. As soon as I the deed was done, Lunt was sorry, and did not need being pressed to leave the fielid. Llandud- no were the;reiore playin? with ten men for the .most part of the game, and the victory is all the more creditable. At the same time, I think it would have benefitted the Rocsteirs had Lunt been there, for the one back game complietely disorganised the Roosters' movements. I must congratulate Mr R. D. Richards, Chair- man of the North Wales Coast Football League, upon his excellent refeiree,ing on the two occa- sion. Strange to say, Lunt was the first man for Mr Richards to turn off the field, and it is the first time for Lunt to be ordered off after sixteen years' play. J. H. Jones missed a pen- alty for Llandudno, but; All's well that ends well "—for Llandudno. 8:MIC-o-


The North Wales Football Association.