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LLANDUDNO JUNCTION. VISITING FORMER HAUNTS.—The Rev. E. Vyrnwy Pierce, for several years pastor of the English Presbyterian Church,, and who now resides at Wrexham, visited this place .for the week end, and preached at his former church on Sunday morning and evening. Mr Pierce is in the best of health, and was gLad to renew his acquaintance with many old friends. THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH TEA AND CONCERT.—As the result of the recent tea and concert held in connection with the Arthur Jones Memorial Church, Broad-street, the net sum of £ g has been handed over to the building fund, which, all things considered, is deemed satisfactory. THE PROPOSED UNITED LITERARY SOCIETY.Ur Henry Nevitt, who is taking a leading part in the formation of a united liter- ary and debating society at this place, has re- ceived about twenty-five names from intended members. Amongst these are some eloquent OTaitors and litterateurs. The prospects of a successful society are promising, and Mr Nevi-tt is to be congratulated upon the response made to his efforts to establish a boon for the parish. INDISPOSITION.—We regret to. learn that Mr H. R. Hughes, contractor, has been in in- different health for some time, and his many friends wish him a speedy recovery. THE GOOD FRIDAY EISTEDDFOD.-Lt has been, after due consideration by the promo- ters of the Good Friday Eisteddfod held in the Broad-street Welsh Congregational church, h. abandon it for next year. It is intended to sub- stitute a tea and concert in its stead. Many will remember with much pleasure the Eiatedo fodau of the past, and those who regret its dis- continuance are -.ot few in number. A FAITHFUL DOG.—County Councillor Hugh Owen has an old and faithful collie. It was a great favourite of Mr Owen's late wife. The poor animal is practically blind and de- crepit, yet it seems to divine its! owner's move- ment, in every way. The faithful dog can be seen awaiting its owner's return to the house by the gate, and there is a touch of pathos m the manner in which it proceeds to the house in a halting manner, and gives murmurs of evident pleasure at the return of his master. SYMPATHY. —At a meeting of the Co-Opera- tive Society held on Tuesday evening, a vote of condolence, upon the loss of his father, was passed with Mr J. Hulse, a prominent member of the Society. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE.—The nine year old son of John Williams, Caradoc-Terrace, Llandudno Junction, only made 56 attendances at school out of I If times it was opened, and the result was that he was summoned before the Conway Magistrates on Monday. Attendance Officer J. R. Jones said that the boy had obtained mastery over his parents A fine of 55. and costs was imposed. LIBERAL ASSOCIATION.-The prospects of a General Election has stirred up the newly-formed Liberal Associatigii into a state of greater activity. There are now hopes entertained that the Liberal Association of the Junction will be an important factor in the furtherance of Liberal principles. A meeting was held on Wednesday evening last at the Horeb Chapel schoolroom, when there was a representative astendance, presided over by Mr. H. W. Hughes, Stanley Stores, who is nothing unless a Liberal to the core. Amongst those present were the Deputy-Mayor of Conway (County Councillor Hugh Owen, lsfryn), the Rev. Henry Jones, &c. Questions concerning the future of the asso- ciation were discussed at length, and Mr. Hughes and Mr. Hugh Jones were unanimously re-elected chairman and secretary respectively. A strong executive committee was formed, and it was decided to appoint six collectors to canvas the district for financial support. Arrangements were also made for the forthcoming visit of Mr. William Jones, iVLP. Much enthusiasm was shown at the meeting, and many new members were enrolled. Applications for membership should be made to Mr. Hugh Jones, Trefriw House. CAROL SINGERS. The local carollers who yearly delight the neighbourhood with the old- time custom have commenced rehearsals, under the conductorship of Mr. Richard Roberts, MTvinley- terrace, and several new and pleasing items will be included in the programme. THE PUBLIC LIGHTING.—At a meeting of the Conway Rural District Council, held on Fri- day at Conway, the question of the public lighting of the place was considered, now that the gas mains have been laid in parts of the Parish of Llangwstenyn. The main street is now lighted by the primitive method of oil, and Mr. Hugh Owen suggested that they try and come to an arrangement with the man who has the contract for lighting to bring his services under the old arrangement to an end. It was deemed a pity to be burning oil when gas was now available. Mr. Raynes thought it would be burning the candle at both ends to have oil and gas. Mr. Levi John, the surveyor, stated that if they used gas they would still have two lamps to light with oil at the Pen- sarn end, because of the gas mains not going so far. The matter was left in the hands of the Clerk to try and come to an arrangement. WELCOME.—The residents are pleased to learn that Mr. Knott and family have taken up their residence at the beautiful mansion, Nant-y-Coed. WOMEN'S TEMPERANCE UNION. The fact that statistics prove that whilst there is a decrease in drunkenness amongst men there is an increase of it amongst women, has stimulated the local branch of the Welsh Women's Temperance Union to greater efforts to stem the evil. The local branch of the Union is being energetically worked, and a meeting will be held to-morrow (Friday) evening at Pensarn C.M. Chapel, when all women are invited to be present.







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