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LLANDUDNO. THE AUTUMN CONCERTS EXTENSION FUND.—This fund has now been opened, and .several handsome donations have been received or promised. The success of the concerts last October has been a great encouragement for further efforts, and the townspeople are show- ing a praiseworthy spirit towards the enterprise. THE BAPTIST MISSIONARY EXHIBI- TION.—The fizie Baptist Missionary Exhibition held during last week at the) ra.er Pavilion was brought to a close on Saturday evening, and proved a great financial success. It was visited by large inumbe-rs of people of all denomina- tions, and did the Exhibition do no more than promote this feeling cf unity it will have effected a very practical purpose. When the receipts from all sources are gathered in, they will reach about £ 250. THE HOT-TOT FU-ND.-NViith the object 01 augmenting the fund for the provision of hot- pots for the deserving poor at Christmas, a custom which has been in vogue for some years, a variety entertainment was held on Tuesday evening at ,the Pier Theatre of Varieties, and was a great success. A goodly sum will be available for the seasonable and charitable ob- ject for which the entertainment was organised. JUMBLE SALE.—Jumble sales are more than popular with the humbler classes at this period of the year. A very successful one was held on Saiturday at the National School, and was largely attended. A brisk sale and capital bar- giains were the chief features of the event. ST. GEORGE'S LITERARY AND DEBAT- ING -SOCIETY.On Thursday evening a very entertaining address was given, by Mr. Arthur Parton upon The World's Birthday," or Ge- ology compared with the account of creation as given in Genesis." He claimed that the account of the creation given in Genesis must have been. inspired. Speeches were made upon the address by Mr. W. R. Brookes, Mr. Sutton Jones, Mr. G. Evans, the Rector, Dr. Davies, Mr. Barnett, Mr. L. Jones, Mr. Williams, Miss Bamfard, and Mr. Underwood. ST. PAUL'S LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY.—This Society is one of the attrac- tions of the east end of the town, and there is a growing membership. On Tuesday evening a very interesting lantern lecture was given by Mr. H. Thomas to a large and appreciative audience. YULETIDE MARKET AT ST. PAUL'S CHURCH HOUSE.—A novel event in the Craigydon portion of the town was held last night (Wednesday), in St. Paul's Church Room, when a YuilefticLe Market was .held. There was a good attendance at the opening ceremony, wihdch was performed by Mrs. Walton Evans, Colonel Mostyn presiding. The (Christmas uee was the centre of much interest, especially for the juveniles. The sale is to be continued this (Thursday) evening. THE SENSATIONAL ANDRES.—Mr. and Mrs. Victor Andre's visit of entertainment at the Town Hall last week created a sensation n the town, and everyone was loud in praising the mysteriousness of the Dream Visions oa Mrs. Andre. Mr. Andre's charming conversa- tional style added pleasure to the unique per- formances. G.F.S. CONCERT.—An excellent concert in aid of the funds of the Llandudnolodge of the Girls' Friendly Society, an institution that is doing good and quiet work in the town, was held on Monday evening in the Town Hall. There was a good attendance to appreciate the concert, which was nicely arranged by Miss Lilian Wrigtht. Miss Mollie Law, Mr. Ernlyn Davies, Miss Lilian Wright, Miss Myra Wright, and Mr. L. H. Summerfield were the artistes. A bijou orchestra under the conductorship of Miss Wright gave much pleasure. ALDERMAN ROBERT ROBERTS.—Our busy townscpan, Alderman Robert Roberts, Mos- tyn-street, returned on Monday after an absence from the town of a few days. He is a very busy man, and has been attending the gathering of Liberals at Shrewsbury, afterwards proceeding to the Metropolis, where he combined business connected with the forthcoming election and pleasure together. Mr. Roberts has everything of an tip-to-date character appertaininfg to Lib- eral election literature at hand, and even his most rabid political opponents are constrained to admire his consistency, energy, and whole- heartedness in his work. Mr <x>berts is a very valuable asset to the cafuse of Welsh Liberalism and: is straight and honourable as well in a1! his actions appertaining to his political creed. Needless to say, he has hosts of friends. MARK MAS-ONS.-The installation meeting of St. David's Mark Lodge, No. 38, held at the Masonic Lodjge, Llandudno, took place last week, when Brother William Price was installed as W.M., and appointed the following as his officers for the ensfuing year:—Brother T. O. Morgan, S.W. Brother A. Rhydwen Jones;, J.W. Brother Walter A. Jones, M.O. Brother S. Chantrey, S.O. Brother A. J. Oldman, J.O. Brother G. L. Woodley, treasurer; Brother H. E. Bonmalie, Reg. of M. Brother J. Burwell, organist; Brother Ivor Ll. Morgan, S.D. BTother A. Hewitt, J.D. Brother W. Ellis Jones, Director of Ceremonies; Brother H. C. Armstrong, I.G. Brother C. Felix, S.S. Brother Hugh Parry, J.S. Brother Thomas Ellis, tyler. The in-stalling masters were Brother F. D. Chantrey (the retiring W.M.), Brother G. L. Woodley (Deputy Prov. Grand Master), and Brothers J. T. Morgan and W. Ellis Jones. The brethren afterwards attended a banquet at the Imperial Hotel. THE RICHARD CONWAY MEMORIAL.—A movement is on foot to establish a memorial to the late Mr. Richard Conway, C.C., who was for a considerable period, over half a century, one of the pioneers of Llandudno as a health resort. Mr Conway was close upon completing thirty-five years' service as people's warden of the parish when he died, and it was intended to celebrate the event in a worthy manner had Mr. Conway lived to complete that period. A meeting was held in the St. George's Church Room on. Friday evening, presided over by the Rector (the Rev. Ll. R. Hughes), and amongst those present were Dr. Dalton, J.P., the Rector's warden, and Mr. Nathan, Jones, the people's warden. The members of the Executive Com- mittee for the furtherance of the memorial are Messrs. Edwin Turner, Housby, J. Adey Wells, J.P., Gardiner (National and Provincial Bank), C. Bowdage, and W. Ellis Jones. Mr W. Ellis Jones is the hon. secretary, and Mr. Gardiner treasurer. It was decided to issue a circular 01 appeal for funds and to open accounts in all the banks in the town. As at present arranged, a brass memorial tablet will be placed in St. George's -Church, and other things, should the funds allow, will be undertaken to perpetuate the memory of one who spent 55 years of an active life in the interests of the town of his adoption. PERSONAL.—Much regret was occasioned in the district by the tidings of the death, at the ripe age of 82 years, of Miss Sarah Dawson, sister of Mrs. Mary Dawson, Tower View, which occurred at her residentoe, 2, Guilford Lawn, Dover, on November 25th. The late Miss Daw- son, although residing in Dover, did not limit her benefar-tioigs to that district, but was ever ready to support any movement that appealed to her. (She was a liberal subscriber to the Railway Mission Room at Llandudno Junction, which on Sundays was put at the disposal of the English Presbyterians, who ultimately built a church of their own. She at one time sub- scribed to the Congo Institute (now the African Institute), at Colwyn Bay, and was very gener- ous in sending parcels of tea, sugar, &c., for the old women, and sweets for the children at the Conway workhouse, and needless to say the recipients appreciated the gifts all the more be- cause of their having been sent from such a long distance away. Many charitable institu- tions will miss hear kindly aid. The interment took place on St. Andrew's Day in the family grave in Highgate Cemetery, London, where her parents and younger sister had been laid to rest long years before, the officiating clergy be- ing the Revs. J. A. Armstrong and Clarence Gill. The chief mourners were Mr J. Roger Dawson (nephew), Mr. T. B. Bishop (nep hew-in-law), Dr. Maxwell, Mr H. W. Mowle, and Mr H. V. Headerley. There were also at the graveside Miss S. Powell (cousin), Mrs. Elizabeth Berry (niece), Mrs. Berry (junior), Mrs. Annie Butler and Miss Rhind. The undertaking arrangements were efficiently carried out by Messrs. Flashman and Co., at Dover, and by Mr. F. Butler, Chel- sea, in London, the latter's firm having under- taken the Dawson interments in Highgate Ceme- tery since 1855. DEATH OF MR. SAMUEL HEWITT.-After a very short illness, the death took place, at his residence, yesterday (Wednesday), of Mr Samuel Hewitt, of the Pier Hotel, Church- walks, at the age of 65 years. Mr Hewitt was one of Llandudno's oldest tradesmen, and was highly respected. Mr Arthur Hewitt, architect, of this town, is his eldest son. WELSH WESLEYAN TEA AND CON- CERT.—Yesterday (Wednesday) the annual tea and concert in connection with the Welsh Wes- leyans of the new Ebenezer chapel, took place in the Town Hall, and like previous years, were unqualified successes. The Hall presented a most animated appearance. The following were the stall-holders: —Sale of work stall: Mrs W. O. Williams, Mrs T. W. Griffith, Mrs Pierce Jones, Mrs W. R. Roberts, and Mrs S. R. Bart- ley. Refreshment srtall: Mrs Thomas Hughes, Mrs Robert Jones, Miss Thomas, and Miss Powell. Grocery and provision stall: Mr Ro- bert Jones and Mr Lloyd Jones. The following ladies presided and waited at the tea tables: Miss Gladys Williams, Miss Mona Thomas, Miss Annie Jones, Miss Kate Hughes, Miss Maria Hughes, Miss Dora Wiliams, Mrs S. R. Bartley, Miss Janet Roberts, Mrs W. R. Roberts, Miss Fanny Williams, Miss Gracie Hughes, Miss Lizzie Powell, Miss Nellie Davies, Miss Harriet Powell, Miss Annie Jones, Miss Laura Roberts, Mrs Williams (Arfon.ia), Miss S. Williams, Miss S. E. Williams, Miss Jennie Evans, Mrs Barber, Miss M. Hughes, Mrs Lunt, Miss Lunt, Miss S. Ltvnrt, Mrs Tom Hughes, Miss M. A. Hughes, Miss Lizzie Griffiths) Miss Thomas, Mrs Hamp- son, Mrs W. A. Evans, Miss Annie Roberts, and Miss Marie Potts. Mr George Edwards very kindly gave gramaphone selections on his splen- did instrument during the afternoon. The stalls and tables were arranged and under the supervision of Mr Evan Hughes. The ^decora- tions were carried out by Mr S. R. Bartley and Mr Bertie Kidd, and! the following ladies also assisted with the tea —Mrs Henry William-e, Mrs Kidd, Mrs Hughes (Bronte), Mrs Davies, 2, Lansdowre-terraoe Mrs Jones, Ffraid Villa Miss M. Davies, Bryn Goleu and Mrs Owen, Garfield House. The following artistes took part in the .subsequent entertainment:—Miss Gladys Hughes, Llanfairfechan Miss Lily Ro- berts. Sea View Miss Jennie Lunt, Master R. H. Jones, Llandudno Junction. Amusing com- petitions also took place. OBITUARY.—We regret to announce the death, in London, on December 3rd, of Miss Catherine G. Williamson, the youngest daughter of the late Mr Robert WTilliamson, of Newcastle- under-Lyme, and sister-in-law of Colonel S. R. Phiilips, of Llys H-elyg, Llandudno. The funeral toc-k place at Llanrhos Churchyard on Tuesday. SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHOW.—'• No, said the principal of the famous firm of Messrs W. S. Williams & Son to our representative, I am not particularly concerned as to the re- sult of the General Election. The voters may demand Protection but we are not in need of any kind of protection ourselves, because we confidently rely upon the merits of our produc- tions. Weekly News readers are well aware of our reputation in this respect, and to them and all their friends we offer a cordial in- vitation to inspect our special Christmas show of novelties. This will be continued for the next few days, an especially attractive feature .being the articles of evening wear." As all the world and his wife well know, Messrs W. S. Williams & Son are the enterprising proprietors of those exceedingly smart establishment, the Royal Warehouse and The Pioneer, in Mostyn- street. WESLEY GUILD.—On Monday a Christian service meeting was held, under the presidency of the Rev. T. E. Ham. A discussion took place upon Gambling," Mr B. Kent Wheeley pointing out the wrongness of the vice. He dealt with the differences between the legitimate trading and gambling speculations, and the dire effect upon its victims, and said that even in small things gambling was wrong. Mr. Cor- dingley, the Chairman, Mr. J. Rowlands, Mr. Luther Mudd, and Mr. W. ShadlxxM took part in the discussion. A DELIGHTFUL CHILDREN'S ENTER- TAINMENT.—Mr William Williams, of Myrtle House, is never so happy as when he is impart- ing pleasure to young people, and the young folk of the town have an affectionate regard for him. He gave an entertainment on Monday evening to the children of the English Presby- terian Church Band of Hope. The first part consisted of slides, illustrating Sabbath Bells, the second part, By Forest and Desert," illus- tratrirng the travels of Livingstone and Stanley, and the third part consisted of portraits of celebrities. Mr. John Owen, St. Mary's-road, I presided. The meeting was thoroughly enjoyed by the juveniles. THIRD TIME OF ASKING !-On Saturday j afternoon, on the Council Ground, for the third time, Llandudno Amateurs will meet Llanrwst in [ the Welsh Amateur Cuptie. The two previous encounters having ended in a draw of one goal each, it is presumed Saturday's match will be played to a finish. The display of Llandudno at Llanrwst was very encouraging, and the Cor- morants hope on this occasion to put the issue beyond doubt. The Llandudno committee should receive every financial support from their sup- porters on Saturday, as the two previous contests were financial failures owing to the wretched weather. LICENSING.—At the Conway Police Court on Monday the applications of Mr. R. S. Chamber- lain to transfer the licences of the Great Orme Hotel, the Carlton Hotel, and the Snowdon Hotel were granted, the former to J. H. McDonald, the second to Frank Whittaker, and the third to Wrn. Hughes, Leonard Terrace, Llandudno. On the application of Mr. Hallmark, an extension of one hour was granted to the Imperial Hotel licence on the occasion of the annual dinner of the Llan- dudno Guardian Society on Friday next.












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