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CONWAY. A GOOD PLACE FOR BOOTS.-For the best and cheapest of all classes of boots and shoes, go to Joseph Jones, Compton House, Castle-street, Conway. Best shop for repairs. Agent for K Boots and other best Brands. JOHN M'GILP, practical watchmaker and jeweller. Watches, clocks, jewellery. spectacles, and silver-plate repaired. Address High-street, Conway. 1573 G. D. WYNNE, 12, Wind-street, Conway, practical chimney sweep. All orders promptly attended to. 1808 LICENSING.—At Conway Police Court, on Monday, the application of the proprietor of the Oakwood Park Hotel for an extension of his licence on the occasion of a subscription dance on Friday next was granted until 2.30 a.m. The licence of the Albion Hotel was transferred from the late Mr. Foulkes to his widow. THE DRINK.—Robert Wrench, Watkin- street, who made his eleventh appearance be- fore the Conway magistrates on Monday, was ordered to pay 5s. and costs for drunkenness in Uppergate-street on the 7th November. For be- ing drunk and disorderly on the 15th November, William Jones, Berry-street, was fined 2S. 6d. and costs, and Thomas Owen, Old Toll House, who made his, sixteenth appearance, pleaded that it was rum that had affected him when he was charged with a similar offence. He was made to pay a fine of 5s. and costs. For being drunk in charge of a horse and trap, James Evans, Towyn, was fined 5s. and costs. FATHER AND SON IN TROUBLE.—Ait the Police Court on Monday Hugh Watkin Owen, Brynhyfryd-terrace, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the 20th November in Castle-street. Defendant pleaded not guilty.— P.C. Owen and P.C. Davies gave evidence, and in reply to the defendant denied that they ill- used him when he was taken to. the police sta- tion. The defendant made a long statement, in which he stated that he simply asked P.C. Owen why he was following his father about when he had had a glass or two. A fine of 5 s. and costs was imposed.—Defendant's father, Hugh Owen, was charged with' a similar offence on the HIth November in Berry-street. P.C. Owen proved finding the defendant fighting and using filthy language. He was sent home, but later on wit- ness saw him coming from the railway station, and he commenced cursing witness. Defendant wanted to know why the man he was fighting with was not brought up, and the witness re- plied that the other man was sober, and de- fendant was the aggressor. Owen also made a long statement, in the course of which he made a charge against P.C. Owen that he was taking advantage.—The Deputy Chief Constable said there were 20 convictions against this defendajDt in different parts of Anglesey and Carnarvon- shire, and during his 18 months' stay at Con- way he had been before the magistrates six times. There was a great deal of trouble with him.—The magistrates imposed a fine of 2os. and costs. A PUBLIC HOUSE SCENE.—At the Police Court on Monday Griffith Roberts, a hawker living in Pool-lane, was charged with refusing to quit the Liverpool Arms, and he was further charged with doing damage to the amount of 4s. in the public-house. Mr. Chamberlain anoeared for the defendant. George Hitchin, the licensee of the house, said that the defendant was re- fused drink when. he entered the house, and he was asked to leave, but refused, and witness had to put him. out. Shortly afterwards he returned and struck a blow at the barman, but missed, and he then picked up all the glasses he could find on the bar counter and threw at witness and the barman. Witness took him out of the house, and with the assistance of the barman took him up the street and handed him to Sergt. Evans. This officer also gave evidence that Roberts was struggling violently with the two men.—Mr. Chamberlain here admitted that de- fendant was drunk and refused to quit. De- fendant was called, and he said he returned to Conway from. Llandudno about 7 p.m. He had three glasses of beer at the George and Dragon, and! was then told that he had had enough, and he went out. Seeing the door of the Liverpool Arms open he went in a got a glass of beer from the barman. Whilst in conversation with a woman, Hitchin came in. and ordered him out. Defendant said something in reply, and Hitchin then pushed him against the c-ouniter and knocked him about, drawing blood. In his temper, he returned and broke the glasses, and it was in consequence of their treatment of him that he lost his temper. The defendant was fined ios. and costs on each charge, and was was ordered to pay the amount of the damage. THE MAYOR.—His Worship the Mayor (Councillor John Williams, J.P.), who has been indisposed, is now convalescent, and took his seat on the Conway Bench of magistrates on Monday for the first time. CORPORATION FIRE BRIGADE.OrdleTs for week ending December 20th Station- duty, Firemen D. W. Jones and William Parry, Pro- bationers T. E. Jones and Owen Owens; officer on duty, Lieutenant Owen Williams.—F. A. DELAMOTTEE, Chief Officer. THE OLD COLLEGE, which was recently purchased by the Congregationalists of the town for the purpose of the erection of a new chapel, has recently been under the observations of ex- perts, with the view of demolishing the present building. FUNERAL.—The funeral of Mrs Joseph Daiv- ies, Nant Gardens, took place on Saturday after- noon in the St. A¡gnes' Cemetery, the Rev. J. Luther Thomas being the officiating minister. The cortege started from the residence of de- ceased's brother-in-law in Uppergate-street, with whom she stayed some time during her ill- ness. Great sympathy is felt for Mr Joseph Davies (the widower), Miss Maggie Davies (daughter), and Mr David Davies (son) in the'r sad bereavement. A TRIP TO THE CANARY ISLANDS.— There was a record attendance at the weeikly meeting of the Carmel literary society on Mon- day night, presided over by Mr Owen Ervans. The evening was devoted to addresses by Messrs John, Roberts, Emu Restaurant, and Elias Jones, Post Office, on A Trip to the Canary Islands." The addresses were most interesting and instructive, and were supplemented by other visitors to the Canary Islands, who included Dr. W. Morgan and Mr William Edwards. A cord- ial vote of thanks was given the gentlemen, at the close, on the motion of the Rev. William Jones, Ardwyn. MR. URE AT CONWAY.—On Saturday night a deputation of the Liberal Association, headed by Dr. M. J. Morgan and Mr J.. P. Griffiths, awaited the London mail at Conway Station, end met Mr Alexander Ure, K.C., M.P., Lord Advocate of Scotland, who was returning from an enthusiastic meeting which he had held at Pwllheli that day. The deputation were oordi- ally received by the Minister, and although with only a minute or two to spare, ne explained that the cause of his non-appearance at the meeting which he had arranged to hold at Conway was due entirely to a three hours' block on the line, but he would promise to pay us a visit, although he could give no definite date without consulting the Chairman of his Association in Edinburgh. He was given a hearty send oil by a few of the stalwart Liberals who had gleaned that he was passing through. CHRISTMAS MEAT.—The local butchers w,ere very busy on Tuesday purchasing Christ' mas fat istook at the Talycafn Christmas sale. Messrs Jones Bros., High-street, were fortunate in securing, amount others, the champion beast, and Messrs Joseph T. Jones, Castle-street, and David Owen, Bangor-road, were also large pur- chasers of some excellent beasts. Mr Joseph T. Jones was awarded the auctioneer's prize for being the largest purchaser of stock at the Mart during the past year. TONTINE SOCIETY.—The Conway Tontine Society has had a most successful year, and the dividend, which will be paid each member on the ZIISIt inst., amounts to _r,, 2s. 8d., less 26. for I reserve fund. During the year ^76 has been paid out in sick payment. The new year com- mences on Saturday next, and intending new members should submit their names to the sec- retary (Captain John Jones) before that day. .MISBEHAVIOUR.—For misbehaving herself as an inmate of the Workhouse., a young woman, 25 years of age, named Margaret Ellen Hughes, was sent to prison for seven days by Mr Owen Rowland yesterday (Wednesday). TARIFF REFORM.L.ast (Wednesday) even- iing a debate an Tariff Reform w;as opened in the Conservative Club by Mr R. O. Pritchard, the local Conservative agent. A discussion fol- lowed in which several members took part. MR. LLOYD GEORGE.—Very few of the burgesses of Conway were aware that their dis- tinguished member of the Government was passing through the ancient town on Saturday afternoon on his way to his home at Criccieth, where he intended spending a few days' rest. Several members of the Liberal Association, however, were fortunate in meeting the right train, which stopped at Conway at 3.29. The Chancellor, who wore a cheery smile, and upon seeing his supporters, came to the window 01 his carriage, and was given a hearty reception. He at once asked the gentlemen in Welsh 11 they were ready for the battle, and when re- plied that they were quite ready, if he would promise them a little assistance, he laughingly replied I am afraid you will have to fight the battle without me this time. I am obliged to go and preach unto the Gentiles." The train afterwards steamed off, and the .gallant Chancel- lor was lustily cheered by a fairlv large crowd who had gathered around the carriage door. GRAND CONCERT.—In the face of terrible weather which prevailed on I nursday night, the Town Hall was packed on the occasion of a grand concert given by the Royal Moelwyn Male Voice Choir, of which Mr Cadwaladr Roberts, J.P., is the veteran conductor. The choir is travelling about North Wales for the purpose of raising funds in order to proceed on a four months' tour in the United States. Complains w.ere to be heard that the arrangements of the Town Hall wera not what thev should be, and persons with front seat tickets, who naturally expected1 to find a seat just before the concert commenced, were disappointed, and told that all seats had .been taken by the second seat holders. In the absence of the Mayor, who was suffering from indisposition, Mr J. P. Griffiths took the chair, and Bryfdir, Festiniog, was a very capable conductor of the meeting. The choir gave some spirited renderings, the chief of which was the Italian Salad, which fairly brought down the house. Miss Mary King- Sarah also captivated the large audience with her excellent renderings. Other artistes who ac- quitted themselves creditably were Mr J. Coris Jones, Dolgelley; Mr J. E. Williams, and Mr Ted Jones. The penillion sinking by Mr E. Ffesttin Jones, and accompanied on the harp by Miss Jennie Parry (Telynores Lleifiad), was very highly appreciated, and the duett, Tell me, gentle stranger," by Miss King-Sarah and Mr Ffesttin Jones, was vociferously encoried. Miss A. E. Owen-Dajvies. A.R.G.M., was a very efficient accompanist. The concert, on the whole, was one of the rare musical treats to be heard in Conway. During an interval, Mr J. P. Griffiths spoke a few words of encouragement to the choir. FOOTBALL.—On Saturday, Bangor Reserves, who so thoroughly trounced the Gulls on Satur- day last, are due at the Morfa, Conway, when it is hoped that a most interesting' game will be witnessed. The following is the team chosen to represent the Tacl,-dwws:-Goal, Llew Parry: backs, Tom Jones .and" Now Ellis; half- backs, W. Evans, Bob Owen (captain), and Sam Hughes; forwards, T. Craven, D. 0. Davies, JIOe Hughes, J. R.. Jones, and Sam Parry. Re- serves Tommy Morgan Owen, and A. N. Other. The kick off is timed at 2.30 p.m., when Mr A. C. Slater, Llandudno, will be the referee.