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ABERGELE. A FLOURISHING TONTINE.—During the past three years, owing to, the energies of Mr R. Pickup (president), Mr Edward Williams, J.P. (chairman), and Mr Arthur P. Leigh, the inde- fatigable secretary, the Abergele Tontine Society is in a very flourishing condition.. The (membership has now reached the grand total of 227, and a divide of £ 1 per head will shortly be distributed, thereby bringing with it the pro- spects of a happy Yuletide during the present quiet state of things. It is expected that there will be another substantial increase of members during the coming year, and there is no doubt but that the society is a great boan, to the work- ing man. Forty pounds has been spent in sick pay, and' two widows have received funeral al- lowances. The society encourages thrift, and it is worked by the officials on an. able and economical basis. The genial; and obliging sec- retary, Mr Arthur Leigh, is heart and soul in his work, and to him is a great measure of the signal success due. C0NCERT.—A grand concert, promoted by the Urban District Council for the purpose of raising funds to spend on advertising Abergele and Pemsarn as holiday resorts, was held at the Church House on Thursday evening, when the. cantata Rhoda (the Gipsy Girl's mission of Love) was performed by the Abergele Cho-.T. Among those present were Councillors Edward Williams (chairman), J. Hannah, G. Perkins, W. H. Jones (jeweller), W. H. Jones (plumber), W. J. Evans, Mr E. A. Crabbe (clerk), and Mr M. R. Jones (surveyor), Rev. and Mrs T. Jones (Vicarage), Rev. D. R. Griffiths (Curate), Mrs and Miss Radcliffe, Mrs P. Jones (Llys Onen), Mrs Unsworth, Mr and Mrs J. Williams (Harp Hotel), Miss Cartwright, Miss Hamnalh (Pen- siarn), Mrs E. Lewis (Gwindy), Mrs Chambers, Misses Metcalfe, Miss G. Hannah (Caeirns- more), Mrs W. H. Jones (Glen Luce), Mrs Lewis (Tawelfa), Miss T. Tones (Eir- ianfa), Mrs W. H. Jones fPenybont), Dr. andi Mrs. Price, Misses Jones (Tan'rallt Farm), Mrs C. W. Biishnell, Mrs and Misses Carrington (Cambrian Hotel), Mr C. and Miss Blodtweo Roberts (Manchester House), Mrs and Miss. Williams (Morannedd), Mrs Chesters, &c., &c. An excellent programme was sustained by Mr James Hughes, Miss Katie Jones, Mr. and Mrs. R. Roberts, Miss Nancy Jones (Hendre Ucha'), Miss B. Tones, and the choir. On the motion of Mr E. Williams, Chairman of the Council, seconded by Mr G. Perkins, the Vicar of Abergele (Rev. T. Jones, M.A.) was accorded a hearty vote of thanks for presiding over the meeting, as well as for the gratuitous use Off the Church House also, the choir and all those who had contributed towards the success of the concert. I understand that the proceeds were about £10. TEMPERANCE. The Abergele Women's TmP,Iran,r-, Association held a well-attendled meeting at the Wesleyan schoolroom on Wed- nesday evening, presided over by Lady Roberts, who also spoke. Other speakers were Mrs Vaughan Davies, Carnarvon, and Mrs. Morgan) Davies, Abergele. YOUNG HELPERS' LEAGUE.—Lady Ro- berts, Bryngwenallt, presided over an interesting function held by the Abergc-le branch of the Young Helpers' League (in connection with Dr. Barnardo's Homes), at the Girls' Guild Room, Ship Cafe, on Wednesday evening of last week. Sir Herbert Roberts also graced the meeting with his presence. After partaking of a splen- did tea, a miscellaneous programme was gone through, those takizng part being Doris Mill- ward, Marjcxrie Unsworth, Gwennie Owain- Jones, Edina. Bushnell, Irene Hughes, Enid Evans, Dorothy and Eva Carrington, Zilpah Williams, Norman Davies, Trevor Jones, David Roberts, Trevor Roberts, Jeaff Evans, Maldwyn Davies, Idwal Davies, and Jimmie Unsworth. Among those who. assisted at the tea tables were Lady Roberts, Miss Jones fEirianfa), Misses Millward (Castle-place), Mrs Richardson-Jones, Mrs Radcliffe, Mrs Jones (Vicarage), Nurse Jones, Miss Foulkes, Misses Metcalfe, and Miss H. Pier son. The accompanist's were Miss Rogers, Miss B. Roberts, and Misses Jones (Metropole). Sir Herbert Roberts, in moving a vote of thanks to the little children, said that they had done their parts splendidly. He wislied them all to remean(ber that what they had done was a labour of love towards other little children less fortunate than themselves-those little waifs and strays who were maintained bv that glorious institution,s-Dr. Barnardo's Homes. (Applause). Dr. Richardson-Jones, in second- ing the motion, which was carried unanimously, said that he had always received financial help an appealing to Sir Herbert's generosity. The vote of thanks was acknowledged by Master Jtimmie Unsworth.-SEARCHLIGIIT.