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The Health of Deganwy.

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United Kingdom Commercial, Travellers' Association. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE NORTH WALES BRANCH. The annual meeting of the North Wales Branch of the U.K.C.T.A., was held at the Im- perial Hotel, Colwyn Bay, on Saturday evening. The Chairman of the Branch, Mr Charles Pal- mer, occupied the chair, and there was a fair attendance. NEW MEMBERS. The Secretary reported that the following had been elected members of the bran,ch:-Messrs Fred D. Clinker, Peter Jones-Williams, Henry Williams, and Thomas Morgan. THE BRANCH'S FUNDS. Mr D. Martin Smith, treasurer, presented the balance sheet for the year, showing the receipts to be £43 lIS. id., the expenditure ^41 4s. 4d., leaving a balance of £ 2 7s. 7d., which was in the bank. THE SECRETARY'S HONORARIUM. Mr O. W. Roberts referred to the fact that they had voted the sum of £5 as an honorarium to Mr T. G. Humphreys, the General Secretary last year, and he would like to move that the same thing be done again this year. The Treasurer: We have only £ 2 odd in hand. The Secretary I hope you will not do any- thing in the mitter at this stage. The matter then dropped. THE SECRETARY'S REPORT. The Secretary reported a further increase in membership. Last year, the paid-up member- ship was 56, this year it s'tood at 72. Twenty- nine new members had been elected during the year, but they had lost six members by resigna- tions, transfers, &c., and seven had proved themselves defaulters. The net increase was 1 therefore only 16. They had, to face a constant leakage every year, and it was a matter of regret tha,t they were losing men from their ranks by their own sheer negligence in paying up their subscriptions. One of the objects for which thev were formed was for the alleviation of distress amongst those of their members who were unfortunate enough to require such help. The year was specially marked by the visit of the North West District Federation. The dele- gates present were entertained in quite a royal fashion 15Y their President (Mr Tom Lawrence), and departed singing the praises of the branch and its generous .President. They were greatly indebted to Mr Lawrence, not only for his gen- erosity, but also for the great interest he had taken in this branch, and also for his presence at their social functions. At the close of that, ,their fourth year, their position was stronger than ever, and it was now no. longer a Colwyn Bay branch, but was representative of the whole of North Wales. The objects which its found- ers had in view were. now actually within reach of attainment, and a membership of 100 strong would, he trusted, be realised during the com- ing year. He particularly thanked their Chap- man, whose genial manner and kindly help had at all times been appreciated, and he was also greatly indebted to their Assistant Secretary (Mr T. D. Davies), and the Social Secretary (Mr H. V. Doughty-Davies). (Applause.) Reports were also presented by the Social Sec- retary and the Benefit Society Secretary. THE CHAIRMAN'S VALEDICTION. Mr Palmer said that they had had a very good time during the year, and he was pleased to say that he had received every support from the offi- cers, and he had been most ably supported by his friend Mr Tom Lawrence, their esteemed president, and they were, he was sure, very in- debted to him for coming there that evening. (Applause.) He thought they ought to congra- tulate themselves upon the Secretary's report, which showed that the branch was increasing satisfactorily in membership. (Applause.) He hoped his successor in the chair would have t, good a time as he had had. (Applause.) Mr D. H. Williams (Bangor) moved a vote of thanks to the Chairman and the officers for their services during the year. Mr T. G. Williams seconded, and Mr O. W. Roberts supported, and it was carried. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. Upon the proposal of the Chairman, seconded by Mr O. W. Roberts, Mr Tom Lawrence was unanimously re-elected president, followed by a hearty round of cheering sustained for some time. Mr Lawrence said it was. a great pleasure for him to. be re-elected president. He would en- deavour to do his duty. It was nice to think that he had given them satisfaction, and if, at any time, he could be of further service to the branch he would be only too willing to do it. He hoped to do more than in the past. He thanked them for the honour done him. (Loud applause.) Mr T. H. Morgan was re-elected hon. solicitor. Mr E. G. Evans, Rhyl, was elected chairman, and Mr J. W. Roberts, Rhyl, vice-chairman. Mr r. W. Tunna was elected treasurer Mr T. G. Humphreys re-elected hon. general secretary; Mr J. D. Davies, assistant secretary; auditors, Messrs W. D. Williams, Bangor, and R. Martin Smith, Llysfaen; trustees to the benevolent fund, the Chairman and ex-Chairman; social secretary, Mr D. Gwesyn Price. A strong executive committee was also formed. PROPOSAL TO CHANGE HEAD- QUARTERS. Mr O. W. Roberts inov,ed-" That the busi- ness meetings of this branch shall, in future, be held at the Hotel Metropole." He argued that they were under some difficulties as to holding their social functions upon licensed preAiises. The motion elicited a heated debate, and upon being put to the ballot there were twelve votes for and an eqtual number against the motion. The Chairman gave his casting vote agapnst the motion.

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