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The Health of Deganwy.

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.c- An Ointment of Three-fold Power. A box of Marabaz is just like a doctor in the house. It is a handy and reliable remedy for any one of the numerous accidents which may and do happen in any household, and which unattended, might lead to lockjaw. Marabaz is prepared from a recipe that has been in the possession, of a well-known family for seventy-five years Wonderful cases- of cures are reported. Marabaz heals cuts, fle3h wounds, &c., quickly and per- manently, and is an absolute safeguard against blood poisoning. It will cure when all else fails. Obtainable in tin boxes at is. I d. and 2s. gd., from all chemists, or direct from the Marabaz Company, Redditch. The History of Marabaz," with remarkable testimonial free on application.

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