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North Wales Coast Football Association. DRAW FOR THE COAST CUPS. A meeting of the Council of the above Associa- tion was held on Thursday evening, at the Sta- tion Hotel, Llandudno Junction, Mr R. John Hughes in the chair. The following representa- tives were presenrt: Messrs Henry Lloyd (Con- way), Percy Weekes (Holyhead), D. John Jones (Pwllheli), T. 0. Morgan (Conway), J. E. Hil- ton (Llandudno), J. D. Owen (Colwyn Bay), J. W. Post (Treasuxer), and Mr J. Ll. Williams, Holywell (Secretary). A HOLYHEAD PROTEST. Considerable time was spent in considering a protest lodged by Holyhead against Pwllheli, not having had their players registered in proper form according to Rule 4. Mr Weekes stated the case at length on behalf of Holyhead, and said that the protest was made in no vindictive manner, but as they in Holyhead had been sticklers for the proper ob- servance of the rules, which he contended should be observed to the letter by other clubs. They were on friendly terms with Pwllheli,, and whatever migiht be the outcome of their protect, he hoped they would be friends still. However, his committee felt that they had a grievance against Pwllheli in that club not having ob- served the rule named regarding the cup-tie played at Pwllheli, when Holyhead were de- feated. He trusted the Association would help Holyhead in. having the rules properly observed. Mr D. John Jones, on behalf of Pwllhelt, said he very much regretted that Pwllheli had been made the subject of a protest. During the tlii,- years in which they had been members of the League there was some protest against them in each year. He could assure the Council that they were under the impression in Pwllheli that they had read the rule aright; and if they had not done M), it was through a misunderstanding of the reading of Rule 4. It was end,ea,voured to popularise the game in Pwllheli, and all the players they had were old players and well known. A list of the players had been sent to the Secretary of the Association, and they had received no intimation from him that such players were ineligible. They were, therefore, surprised to learn that Holyhead had entered a protest when they were so decisively beaten. All the players in the cup-tie were players who played regularly, and had signed on for the club, and there was no question of the bona- fides of those players. If a technical offence had been commiitteed, he hoped the Association would look at it in that light. Mr Battersby supported. the last speaker, and •suggested that there were two interpretations oi Rule 4. Everything was being done by the club to do that which was necessary. The representatives having retired, the Coun- cil considered the matter at length, and came to the conclusion that the Secretary of the Pwllheli club had committeed a technical error in the matter, but as the Secretary of the Association had also inadvertently omitted to return the list of suggested players to Pwllheli, as had been done in other cases, the Council decided that the match hold good, and that the protest fee be returned to Holyhead. DRAW FOR THE CUPS. The draw for the third round of the Senior Coast Cup resulted as follows: — Bangor Reserves v. Rhyl Grange or Denbigh Town referee, Mr .Welch, Crewe. Flint v. Conway; referee, Mr A. C. Slater, Llanidudno. Llandudno Amateurs and Pwllheli byes. To be piayed on, the ground of the first-named club on January 15th. Kick off not later than 2 30 p.m. The draw for the semi-final was as follows:- Llandudno Amateurs v. Pwllheli, at Bangor. Ba.ngor Reserves or Rhyl Grange or Denbigh v. Flint or Conway, at Llandudno. The ties to be played on February 5th and 191th, according to arrangement. Kick off not later than 2.30 p.m. The following was the result of the draw for the third round of the Coast Junior Cup:- Llanberis v. Pwllheli; referee, Mr Morgan, Portdinorwic Llandudno Amateurs' Reseives v. Blaenau Festiniog; referee, Mr W. J. Parry, Colwyn Bay. Holyhead v. Menai Bridge, Llechid Swifts, or Bangor Druids; referee, Mr R. Her see, Llandudno. Rhyl Grange v. Bagillt; referee, Mr J. Wil. liams, Denbigh. To be played on the ground of the first-named club on New Year's Day, kick off not later than 2.30 p.m. PROPOSED NORTH AND SOUTH WALES MATCHES. The delegates, consisting of the Chairman, Mr Post, Mr Willman, and. the Secretary, reported anent their visit to Wrexham respecting the furtherance of establishing North and South Wales matches. The delegates met the South Wales representatives, .and they discussed the various phases of the suggested match or matches, and the South Wales representatives were convinced of the benefits of such matches, not partioularly financially, but fo"- the good of the ("aIDe in Wales generally, and the encurage- ment of young payers within the jurisdiction of the two Association^ Two- modes of arrange- ment for the matches were suggested, 1. That, as an experiment, there should be two matches, home and home, and all ex- penses of the two matches to come out of the two gates, and any surplus to be shared, or any deficit to be made good equally by the two Associations. 2. That we were quite prepared to take our own gate, pay out all expenses of the two teams, keeping all surplus, or paying any de- I ficit (if any), the South Wales Association to do likewv<? With regard to player. we agreed that they should play any players, amateur or profes. sional, bona-fide members of any club affiliated with ;heir Association, our Association,, of course, doing likewise. The South Wales xepresentatives undertook to lay the delegates' suggestions before their col- leagues, and would communicate with them in due course. The Chairman stated that the North Wales delegates had to convince their Southern breth- ren that the North Wales Association was a moxe influential body than was thought in the South., and he hoped that their efforts would ultimately end in a good arrangement being made for attractive matches. A hearty vote of thanks was passed the dele- gates for their labours in the matter.

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