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CURRENT TOPICS. The Future of Llysfaen. A VERY STRONG CASE has been made for the absorption, of the Carnavonshire parish of Llys- faen by Denbighshire, and as far as can be ascertained the majority of the inhabitants would welcome the change. Whether Llysfaen, if that change were brought about, should re- main a rural parish or be added' to the urban district of Colwyn Bay and Colwyn remains to be seen but as far as the tradespeople in the lower part of the district are concerned, such an alteration in the system of local government is mucl1 to be desired. It would mean a con- siderable loss of revenue to the Conway Rural District Council, but, on the other hand, it would also result in a considerable reduction of expenditure, and would probably, amongst other things, obviate the now pressing necessity for engaging a second sanitary inspector. Whether the parish remains in Carnarvonshire or is transferred to' Denbighshire, the movement in favour of separate urban powers is dead,. y Conway Guardians. MR. H. R. WILLIAMS, the Local Government Board Inspector for Wales, visited the Conway Board of Guardians on Friday and paid them a splendid compliment. IHe had no fault to find with their work no criticism to off-er in any department; was interested in and pleased with the cottage ihomfes; and had praise for the classification of indoor paupers, and the reduc- tion in. the cost of outdoor relief. Mr. Williams spoke in favour of a scheme proposed by Mr. William Davies for the classification of out- door paupers and we feel sure that when the plan is put into force it will have the dual effect of decreasing the cost of outdoor pauper- ism and securing that only the really deserving shall have relief. Drastic measures must be taken with the won't works and the work- shy," who are at present able to take advantage of our otherwise excellent Poor Law system. Delightful Deganwy. WE HAVE much pleasure in inviting special attention to our full report of J public meeting held at Deganwy, because the speeches are well worth reading and are of much more than local interest. In a recent action at the Liverpool Assizes certain statements were made which must have a prejudicial effect upon Deganwy as a health and pleasure, resort, and this meeting was called by the local Ratepayers^ Association to dissipate the erroneous and harmful rumouis which had got into currency. as a report of the trial. Not only did the speakers justify Deganwy's spLendid. repntaltilon for sanitation and healthfulness, but some, of them, including eminent medical gentlemen, were able to point to their own long experience of the locality as proof positive of the benefits derived from resi- dence in the place. The residents of Deganwy must follow up this meeting with an advertis- ing campaign which shall convince the visiting public of the salubrity and natural charms of this delightful little beauty-spot on the famous Welsh Rhine."





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