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Princely Gift to Bangor College.


Princely Gift to Bangor College. GENEROSITY OF MR. PRITCHARD-JONES. A London writer in Saturday's Manchester Guardian savs Mr. Lloyd George is in the happy position of being able, without further recourse to Treasury grants, to announce to the Building Committee of the University College of North Wales, Ban- gor, a princely donation which will enable them at once to proceed with the building of the great hall of the College. Some twelve months ago, when the University of Wales conferred upon the Chancellor of the Exchequer the degree of D.C.L., Mr. Lloyd George made a strong appeal to Welshmen to second the etforts of the Gov- ernment on behalf of the collegiate institutions of Wales. He has now induced Mr. J. Prichard-Jones, of London and Newborough, to offer to the college authorities a contribution which will place them in a position to complete the great hall forthwith. The estimated cost of the hall is between Z17,000 and £ 18,000, and between £ 2,000 and ^3,000 will be saved if the I work is undertaken while the present contract is running. A sum, therefore, of 1"15,000 or there- abouts. is required. Mr. Prichard-Jones has al- ready subscribed £3,000 to the building fund, and he now offers to contribute a further sum of £ 12,000 so as to cover, the cost of the great hall. Mr. Lloyd George and Mr. Herbert Lewis (who was associated with him in the matter) are to be heartily congratulated on the extremely pleasant announcement they are thus able to make. TERMS OF MR. PRICHARD-JONES'S GIFT. Mr. Prichard-Jones's handsome contribution to the building fund of the. University Col-Lege of North Wales, Bangor, was communicated by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to Sir Harry Reichel, the Principal of the College, in the following terms — Dear Sir Harry Reichel,—You may remember that on the occasion when I had the honour of receiving the degree of D.C.L. from the Uni- versity of Wales, held at Bangor, I made an appeal to our countrymen to second the efforts of the Government on behalf of the great col- legiate institutions of Wales. It is a great pleasure to me now to be able to announce that I have received a communication from Mr. J. Prichard-Jones, in which he states that he has decided to offer to the College authorities, through myself, a contribution of C12,000, pay- able in such instalments as may be decided upon. He wishes this sum, together with the £ 3,000 which he has already subscribed, to be devoted to the construction of the great hall which is contemplated in the final scheme for the University College at Bangor, and he hopes that it may be possible to arrange for the hall to be called the Prichard-Jones Hall." Mr. Prichard-Jones tells me that he believes that £ 15,000 is the sum estimated to cover the total cost of the erection of the hall, but I understand that if a further small call should be made upon his generosity it is not unlikely that he would be able and willing to meet it. I know you will be glad to receive this good news, and I I am sure you will join with me in the high ap- preciation which I feel for the munificent liber- ality which Mr. Prichard-Jones has always shown in the cause of Welsh education.—Yours &c., D. LLOYD GEORGE.

Conway Servant Girl in Trouble.