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--__---_---North Wales Football.




AMATEUR CUP. LLANRWST v. LLANDUDNO AMATEUR. HONOURS EVEN FOR THE SECOND TIME. (BY INIGO.") Llandudno, journeyed to Llanrwst on Thurs- day, where for the second time they tried con- clusions with the Roosters for honours for the Amateur Cup. Both teams relied upon the same 'men as did duty at Llandudno the previous week, and lined out in the following order, in charge of Referee Slater, in a deluge of rain:- Llanrwst: Goal, Gillett; backs, A. Cart^ and W. Trevor Jones halves, Humphrey Ro- berts, R. b. iRichards, and France Williams; forwards, Chisholm, Howell Roberts, Cleeve, A. Richards, and Dennis Jones. Llandudno: Goal, Stallard; backs, J. H. Jones and W. Wynne; halves, J. Brown, T. Johnson, and (Harold Pearson forwards, W. A. Williams, Brookes-Evans, Johnny Williams, Bob Davies, and Jim Williams. Linesmen: Mr. J. Jenkins and Mr. David Owen. From the 'kick off Llandudno- at once broke away on (the left. Brookes-Evans and Jimmy Williams got well down the field, but were pulled up by Carter in the nick of time, and the ball was sent well luip the field, where Johnny Williams became possessed and started on his own, until an argument with R. D. Richards ended in Robert Davey getting the best of him. Yet .another rush by the visiting forwards, and Trevor was brought to ground by the swift centre-forward. Jim Williams shot into. Gillett's hands, who cleared. Play was transferred to the other end of the field, where Chisholtm forced a corner, and the game grew fast and furious. The Cormorants were going at a ter- rific pace. Trevor was obliged to kick out to save disaster, and from the throw in W. A. Williams sent behind. A foul against the Roosters gave the Cormorants a free kick, which John Henry Jones placed safely in the net. This was after a few minutes' play. The visitors kept up the pressure, and Brookes-Evans and Jim Williams both made attempts, their shots going wide of the mark. This was fol- lowed by a smart run by the Roosters' left wing, which compelled Jones to kick out.. The pres- sure was but temporary, and the Cormorants again pressed, Jim Williams sending in a good centre, which Carter cleared. The same player was sucoessful1 in dfealing with a visit by Johnny Williams a moment later. Play settled down in midifield until the visitors broke away, and Gil- lett ran out to, save. A corner followed', but no advantage was gained. The home- left wing was again conspicuous, and got well up, R. D. Richards .making the final shot a few feet wide of the mark. A move by the home forwards- Cleeve, Chisholm, and Howell Roberts—saw them get well up, when they were abruptly pulled up by Harold Pearson. This was quiokily followed by a sharp visit by the Cormorants' right wing, W. A. Williams -placing his com- rade offside. Dennis Jones took up the runn- ing, and in a twinkling tested- Stallard with a rasping shot, which he cleared, whilst Bob Da vies sent over the bar at the other end. W. A. Williams and Bob Davies made a desperate effort to get within shooting distance, a foul spoiling the move. After a short spell of press- ing by the home forwards the play again re- turned to the vicinity of Gillett, "where Bob Davies and Willie Arthur got close in but the Rooster was not asleep, and effected a fine save. The home left wing again got possession. Arthur Richards got well up the field, but hugged the ball rather too long, J. H. Jones kicking out of play. From the throw in Johnny Williams and Brookes-Evans dashed up the field, where, from a foul, the Roosters were given a free kick. R- D. Richards took the kick and equalised. The play continued fast, both, ends being visited in quick succession, and the defence hard pressed. The score at half time was Llanrwst, i Llandudno, 1. From the restart the Cormorants were (the first to attack. Gillett effected a fine save, and the Roosters replied 011 the left, where Arthur Richards banged against the side of the net. The Roosters kept up a pressure with consider- able determination, Pearson having to kick out of play. Richards on another visit sent across the goalmouth, where Stallard cleared.. Carter essayed a long drive, which Stallard handlLed out of dianger. The visitors now had a look in, and a rush by the forwards wrought matters near to the Roosters' goal, where the ball slipped through Gillett's hands but assistance was near, and disaster was averted. The game had now slowed down considerably. A run up to fieJld by the Cormorants say Johnny Williams and Brookes-Evans going the length of the pitch, and from a free kick Gillett cleared finely- Final: y Llanrwst, i Llandudno, 1.


---e8lllC"""" SCHOOLBOY MATCH.

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