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Talycafn Fat Stock Show.

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Talycafn Fat Stock Show. A LARGE ENTRY. Talycafn in itself is but a small and unim- portant place, but the fact that Messrs Robert & Rogers Jones's Mart is .situated at that spot, has made all the difference to the locality. On Tuesday morning, from an early hour, there was considerable life and bustle in the neighbour- hood, and almost every farmer amd sitock-bireedler of note for many miles around was represented in Messrs Rogers Jones's catalogue of the six- teenth Christmas prize show and sale. This firm, who are nothing if not enterprising, had, according to their usual custom, offered cash prizes amounting to £ 3$. There were also other prizes offered by the Palatine Mill Com- pany, and by Messrs J. Bibby & Sons, and al- together an iruterestirug programme of competi- tions was offered. All the various classes were well filled, and in somq cases the judges had the greatest diffi- cult in deciding the awards. There was a heavy list of entries, comprising 165 prime fat cattle, 1,200 ripe wethers, ewes, and lambs, 60 uacon and porket pigs, and a number of fat calves. The jiudges for cattle were Messrs Charles Siawbridge, Wigan, and David Foulkes, Pen- maenmawr. Sheep, Messrs W. O. Williams, Festiniog, and David Foulkes, Penmaenmawr. Their awards in all cases gave the utmost satis- faction. The quality of the exhibits was su- perior to anything seen tor a long time. There was uniformity of quality thronchout, and the butchers who were fortunate enough to secure Christmas beef and mutton at Talycafn will have the very choicest to offer their customers for the festive season. Among the most important buyers were Messrs Jones Bros., High-street, Conway and Deganwy, who secured the champ- ion beast, as well as several other lots. Others were Messrs J. T. Jones and David Owen, Con- way John Jones & Sons, Edward Owen & Sons, Llandudno.; Griffith Jones, William Jones, and G. F. Kerry, Llanrwst; Davies Bros., Colwyn Bay; H. Morris, E. Roberts & Bros., Colwyn Bay; H. & R. Roberts, Trefnant; Sawbridge, Wigan Mrs Jones, Carnarvon; William Pieroe, Penrhynside, David Foulkes, R. Thomas, J. M. Jones, H. R. Williams, R. Lloyd Jones, Pen- mjaenmawr; T. R Williams, Llanfairfechan; William Hughes, David Evans, Hugh Alford, Bangor; Evan Roberts, Mrs Lewis, Trawsfyn- ydd William Evans and David Jones, Llandudr no Junction; Jones & Son, Portdinorwic; A. S. Roberts, W. 0. Williams^ and John Davies, Blaenau Festiniog; William Pierce, Penmach- ro Thomas Rowlands., Maentwrog; John Owen, Gwerclas, and several large buyers from Anglesey. The following is a list of the prize-winners and priaes realised — Class I.-For the two. best butchers' bullocks, three years old and above, the. property of the same owner: i, Mr Hugh Davies, Gorswen, £ 32 and £ 26 15s. 2, Miss Hughes, Talycafn, 1: 28 and £ -r); 3, Mr Elias Hughes, Dolgastell, £ 29 and £27 15s. Class II.—For the two best butchers' bul- locks, two years old and above, the property of the same owner: i, Mr G. O. Jones, Merchlyn, £ 24 1 os. each 2, Mr Richard Jones,, Tai Hir- ion, Pentrav-oelas, 625 15s. and £ 22 15s. 3, Mr J. T. Dawios, Tan'rallt, Llangwstemn, £25 and £ 23 10s. r, Mr Edward Owen, Cefn Gar- laeg, 1;23 5s. each. Class III.—For the best butchers' bullock, two years and above, the property of a tenant farmer or a farmer dependent on farming: 1, Mr W. Jones, Berthddu. Llanrwst, £ 32 7s 6d 2 and 3. Mr G. O. Jones. Merchlyn, £ 24 5s; r, Mr J. G. Jones, Tan-y-berllan, £ 23 5s. Class IV.—For the best two butchers' bullocks, under two years old, the property of the same owner i, Mr R. E. Birch, Bryn Euryn, Colwyn Bay, Zig 5s and £ l7 5s; 2, Mrs Owen, Glyn Ucha, Ty'n-y-Groes, L 17 5s and Z 16 5s; 3, Mr Owen Jones, Tan Lan, Llanrwst, ^14 10s each. Class V.-For the best butchers' bullock under two years old, the property of a tenant farmer or a farmer dependent on farming: i, Mrs. Jones, Plas Tirion, Llanrwst, £ 19 5s. 2, Mr. Robert Davies, Ty'nygroes, £ 18; 3, Mrs. Owen, Glyn Ucha, £18 16s. Class VI.—For the best two butchers' heifers, two years old and above, the property of the same owner i, Mr. John Williams, Bwlch Mawr, Conway, £ 24 10s. and £19 5s. 2, Mr. William Davies, Baclaw, i,18 5s. and £ ig 5s. 3, Mr. John Roberts, Ty Ucha, Eglwysbach, ^15 ios. and £ 15. Class VII.—For the best butchers' heifer, two years old and above, the property of a tenant farmer or a farmer dependent on farming 1, Mr. John Roberts, Ty Ucha, £22 7s. 6d. 2, Mr. John Jones, Ty'n-y-Coed, L23 15s. 3, R. E. Birch, Bryn Euryn, £ 20 r, Wm. Davies, Baclaw, £ 224 Class VIII. For the two best butcher's heifers under two years old, the property of a tenant farmer or a farmer dependent on farming 1, Lady McLaren, Bodnant Hall, £18 and £ 17 2, Mr. Evan Davies, Henryd, £ 14 17s. 6d. each. Class IX.—For the best butcher's heifer under two years old 1, Mr Robert Davies, Ty'nygroes, £ 18 2, Mr G. O. Jones, Merchlyn, £ 18 2s. 6d.; 3, Mr John Roberts, Ty Ucha', Eglwysbach, £ i<\ ios. Class X.—For the best butchers' cow: i, Mr John Jones, Ty'nycoed, £ 2458.; 2, Mr George Jones, Llanrwst, £ 22 15s.; r, Mr Hugh Roberts, -3 Mochdre, £19 5s. Class XI.-For the best butchers' bull 1, Mr David Morris, Peulwys, £17 15s.; 2, Mr Elias Hughes, Ddolgastell, £ 18 I os.; 3, Mr William Hughes, Ty Isa', Glan Conway, L15 ios. Class XII. "-For the ten best fat Welsh moun- tain wethers: i, Mr W. R. Williams, Plas Isa', 36s. each 2, Mr Elias Davies, Farm Yard, 31s. 6d. each 3, Mr H. Ellis, Tai'rmeibion, 31s. each r, Mr John Williams, Bwlch Mawr. For the ten best Welsh mountain ewes i, Mr H. Ellis, Tai'rmeibion, Bangor, 27s.; 2 and 3, Mr William Davies, Baclaw, 22s. and 2os. 6d.; r, Mr Norton, Penrhiwardwr. For the best two fat pigs of any weight: i, Mr W. H. Jones, Cemaes, £ 7 ios. each 2, Mr Evan Roberts, Dyffryn, £ 6 6s.; 3, Mr David Hughes, Bryn Rhydd, £ 6 6s. For the best four fat porkers, not to exceed 12olbs. live weight i, Col. Paterson, Penmaen- mawr 2, Messrs Wm. Thomas and Son, Peny- ffordd. Special Prizes by the Palatine Mill Company :— For the best butcher's bullock or heifer: i, W. Jones, Berth Ddu, £ 32 7s 6d; 2, Miss Hughes, Tal-y-cafn, _"28. For the best butcher's cow i, Mr John Jones, Ty'n-y-coed, Roe Wen, £ 24 5s 2, Mr George Jones, Llanrwst, £22 15s. Special Prizes by Messrs. Bibby & Sons, Liverpool For the best fat heifer 1, Mr John Williams, Bwlch Mawr, £24 JOS 2, Mr Robert Davies, Ty'n-v-Groes, ^18. For the best fat bullock i, Mr, Hugh Davies, Gorswen, Z32; 2, Mr. Elias Hughes, Ddol- gastell, £29. For the best beast in the sale: Mr. Hugh Davies, Gorswen, Z32. The prize to the largest vendor during 1909 was awarded to Mr. Edward Owen, Cefn Garlleg, Glan Conway, and the largest purchaser during the same period to Mr. Joseph T. Jones, Conway.

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