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LLANDUDNO JUNCTION. EVENING SCHOOLS.—The County Educa- tion Authority have decided to apply to the Board of Education for the recognition of the evening classes at Llandudno. Junction, with Miss E. Lloyd as cookery mistress, and Mr Wil- liam Williams as master of woodwork. THE INFANTS' SCHOOL.—His Majesty's Inspector reported as follows on the infants' schools This is an exceptionally well-taught school. The instruction is given in the true Kindergarten spirit, and the natural activities of the children are skilfully directed towards secur- ing intelligent and successful work. Lessons arc well graded, and thoughtfully prepared, and all subjects are appropriately inter-connected. The interest of the children is well maintained, they sing sweetly, recite poetry exceptiorialty well, listen eagerly to fairy tales, and talk freely to their teachers." A UNITED WELSH LITERARY SOCIETY. —A movement is on foot-in the Junction to form a representative Welsh Literary Society of the various denominations. Mr. D. Lloyd Morris, headmaster at the Council Schools, is working hard towards that end. A meeting was held last night (Wednesday) in the Council Schools to make arrangements for the session, and a good programme is anticipated. RATEPAYERS' ASSOCIATION.—At the weekly meeting of this Association, held on Monday evening, Mr. George Edwards presided. over a good attendance of members. It was re- ported that Mr. William Jones, M.P., had been been interviewed on the subject of having local telegrams delivered from the Junction Post- office instead of the Conway office, and that Mr. Jones had promised to. do his best to, push the matter forward when supplied with the necessary particulars from the Association. The Secretary was instructed to. forward the particu- lar to Mr. Jones at the House of Commons. A sub-committee was appointed to. make the neces- sary arrangements for the formal opening of the new Assembly Room now in course of erection by Mr. John Hughes at Ty'nyfron. LIKE A HOTTENTOT VILI,AGE.Such, were the remarks of a gentleman in commercial world as being applicable to the main road leading from the railway station past Penrhos- terrace. The place is in a deplorable condition owing to. breaking up the road for gas pipes, the heavy rains, and the constant need of scrap- ing them. Now that the rates are so abnor- mally high, it is only reasonable that those who contribute so much towards the administration should have cleaner roads to work upon. instead of being ankle deep in mud. A BRAVE BOY.—The inhabitants of this place were glad to find that young Stanley Davies had been rewarded by the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals for his courage 'in. saving has father's horse from a burning stable, particulars of which, appeared in our last issue. The Rector of Llandudno (the Rev. Ll. R. Hughes) mentioned at the presenta- tion that another boy was seen doing a similar I act upon that occasion. The boy's name is Edward Owen, son of Mr. Owen, Railway-ter- race, and we understand particulars of his action are. being sent to headquarters MINISTER AND THE PRESS.—The Rev. J. Luther Thomas, pastor of the Broad-street Con- gregational Church, on Sunday evening, during his sermon, bemoaned the fact that the Press of to-day was largely responsible for much of the present condition of the people, inasmuch as so little space was given to those matters which elevate and ennoble life, whilst fifteen and six- teen columns, can be found relating to sport of the day. I TURNING ON THE GAS.-Much interest was centred in the even of turning on the gas in this place on Monday evening. The first light was seen at Mr. H. W. Hughes' Stanley Stores. Mr. Hushes was pleased to think that he was the first to strike a match to introduce the new boon so long wanted in the parish. MEETING OF N.W.C. FOOTBALL AS- SOCIATION.—To-day (Thursday), at half-past five, at the Station Hotel, a meeting of'the above Association will be held to hear a protest from Holyhead against Pwllheli, and to make the draws for the third round of the Amateur and Junior Coast Cups. SYMPATHY.—His many friends in the neigh- bourhood will sympathise wit a the postmaster, Mr. Thomas Jones, in. the loss he has sustained by the death of a near relative. SERVICE OF SONG-On Tuesday evening at the English Presbyterian Church, a service of song under the auspices of the Christian Endeavour Society was given entitled, Ptiprim's Progress." The artistes were Miss Dollv Powell, Angorfa; the Misses A. and H. Jones, Chester House; Mrs Griffiths, Ronald Road. Mr Osborne, Stanley Oak-terrace, kindly lent the lantern,' and Mr Powell manipulated it. Mr W. Davies, Arosfa, making an effective reader. There was a good attendance of adults and children. MOCK ELECTION.—At the Pensarn Debating Society on Friday, a mock election was held"' which created endless amusement. The Rev Henry Jones presided, and the candidates for two Parliamentary vacancies were Mr John Hughes, Broad-street (Conservative); Mr Crifllth Williams' Hill View-terrace (Socialist): Mr D. J. Hughes, I Arfryn (Liberal); and Mr W. Parry EHniont (Labour). Air H. W. Hughes, Stanley Stores, acted as Returning Officer.








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