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Weekly Rest Day for the Police.I


Weekly Rest Day for the Police. WHAT IS BEING DONE IN NORTH WALES? Taffy writes as follows ini that capably- conducced journal, The Police, Review and Parade Gossip The police in North Wales are very interested in the efforts that are being made by yourself, through your valuable paper and otherwise, to obtain a Weekly Rest Day for the police. The matter has been taken up in a good many cities and towns up to the present time, and we think there is every prospect of it coming to pass. But up to the present very little has been said about the matter in North Wales, We trust that the county police will be deemed worthy of the consideration of one day's rest in seven. The polios in the towns of North, Wales are mostly under the direction, of our respective County Councils, and in the majority of cases work twelve hours a day,, Sunday included. One would think, in a country like this, bristling with religious bodies of all kinds, that it would not be necessary to draw the attention of the ministers of religion and others to the fact that a policeman has a right to claim the privilege of attending a place of worship on Sunday. But I am sorry to say that the majority of ministers in our midst seem, to for,get: the fact. No doubt it will be said that a country policeman has pleray of time in which to attend a place of worship on Sundays. It may be the case some- times. They also seem to think that the 14 (laygl annual leave which we get is ample for our needs. I hope abler pens, than mine will be taken up in North Walles to bring the matter before the eyes of those Who can make the lot of a policeman happier. We trust that your good work will be rewarded with the success it deserves, and we hope that while you are doing your good work in England you will not fotget the policeman in Wales.

Bettws-y-Coed District Council

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