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Colwyn Bay Horticultural Society. A NOVEL AND ATTRACTIVE FEATURE FOR NEXT SHOW. Councillor T. E. Purdy, the capable and en- thusiastic Chairman of the Colwyn Bay and District Horticultural Society, has received a letter fro-n Colonel the Hon. H. Lloyd Mostyn, of Bodysgallen, corisenrt-ing to be a patron of the Colwyn Bay Horticultural Society's show in August. The Society, desirous of encouraging nature study, have decided upon a novel and charming feature this year, a competition open to the pupils of all the schools (including the element- ary) in the urban district. The competition will be divided into six divisions, and already some prizes have been offered by Madame Riviere, Mrs Hammond Mrs Little, and Councillor T. E. Purdy, and'it is probable that others interested will intimate to the Committee their desire to augment the prize fund. The six subjects have been arranged as Mr lows: 1. The best collection of leaves of deciduous trees. The name of the tree from which each leaf was obtained should be given, also its place of growth. 2. The best collection of twigs showing winter buds, each named so that the trees may be identified in winter. 3. The best series of preparations showing the development of any flowering plant from the seed to the fruiting stage, showing dispersal at the seeds. 4. The best account of plant life on Bryn Euryn as contrasted with that of Pwllycrochan Woods, accounting for noticeable characteristic differences. 5. The best bouquet or vase of wild flowers gathered in the district. A key for reference to be sent in with each bouquet. Credit will be given for artistic effect as much as for variety of flowers. 6. The test set of drawings or paintings of six field flower s speciality modified to receive the visits of insects Each drawing should be named and a short note Dointing out the special feature should be added. This year's show will be a two-days' event.

Weekly Rest Day for the Police.I

Bettws-y-Coed District Council

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Wounds that Cause Blood Poisoning.…

Colwyn Bay Liberal Association.

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