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Deganwy Schoolmaster's Action.

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Rev. Seth Joshua at Colwyn…


Rev. Seth Joshua at Colwyn Bay. THE TOWN IN GREAT SPIRITUAL DANGER." On Monday evening, in the English Presby- terian Church, Colwyn Bay, the Rev. Seth Joshua concluded a week's mission with a lec- ture entitled Wonderful conversions I have witnessed." There was a fair attendance. The proceedings opened with a hymn, which was followed by a passage of Scripture read b- Mr Kettlewell, who occupied the chair. Mr J. W. Adamson led in praver. In the course of his remarks, Mr Joshua re- ferred to the great revival at Neath twenty-five years ago, when over two thousand converts were made. The mission, in which he took part, was conducted throughout an entire win- ter, being held in a huge canvas tent. The pub- licans, irritated at the conversion of numerous Jap-room disciples, did all in their power to wreck the mission,. Open-air meetings were dis- turbed, and the police were prevailed upon to summon the pieachers at these meetings for ob- struction. A well-known local pugilist, nick- named Old Tom Pigeon, who was reputed to be equal to any three policemen, was bribed with several gallons of beer to. go to a tent mission and upset it. His efforts in this direction, however, were a complete failure, for though he went to scoff, he remained to pray, and humbled himself on the penitents' bench. A few months ago. the lecturer went to Neath, ana found J'd Tom was still a respectable member of society. People talked of the number of converts who became backsliders, but many had the credit of being backsliders who had never been front sliders. If a man was really and truly converted there was no danger of his fall- ing away again. The lecturer dealt with an attempt which he characterised as dastardly that had. been made by the Western Mail in the early days of Welsh Sunday closing to rob the nation of that inestimable boon. The news- paper carried on. an arrant campaign in the in- terests of the (brewers and publicans. Upon appeal the Stipendiary of Cardiff ruled that a body of men gathered together in an open place and subscribing for a barrel of beer con- stituterl a club within the meaning of the Act. Accordingly thousands of men would as- semble at the Cardiff Marl pits and there spend Sunday in drinking and eamblmg. This gather- ing was known as the Hotel de Marl, and Mr. Joshua related how, one day, he visited this hotel with a friend, and was jeeringly in- vited to address the meeting. He accepted, the invitation and spoke with such power that the Chairman, enthroned on a beer barrel, burst into tears, and even the most hardened sinners were visibly affected. That was the end of the Hotel de Marl. Many years afterwards at a mass meeting in connection with the Y.M.C.A., held near Poi^piridd, a man asked to be al- lowed to sneak and delivered a striking ad- dress in which he confessed to be the one-time chairman of the notorious Hotel de Marl but he had long since been. converted. The speafoer referred to many other striking cases within his experience, and related how he himself was the only one to realise at the time that Mr. Evan Roberts, the revivalist, was inspired, that •he was^ destined to achieve such renown. In conclusion Mr. Joshua said that in common with other coast towns Colwyn Ray was in great great spiritual danger. The devil poured a ton of nonsense into the place in the season, and it was_ impossible to counteract in the winter the evil influences of the summer. The Chairman expressed the wish that no charge had been made for admittance to the lecture, in order that the church might have been crowded. The pastor (the Jvw. John Edwards), in. re- ferring to the mission, said they had expected more direct benefit from it, but it was impos- sible to know how much good h.d really been done. The mission was the only one between the summer and Christmas, and the supiport accorded it had been rather disappointing. Per- haps there was a. good deal of truth in the state- ment made by a brother minister of a neigh- bouring town, that the people in Colwyn Bay were cold. Still, much benefit had undoubtedly been done by the mission, and the good wishes of all would accompany Mr Joshua to Holyhead, where he started a mission on Sundav. The Rev. David Griffiths, English Baptist minister, closed the meeting by leading in prayer.

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