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--Liberalism in Conway.\

....--.-.:..-Abergele Sparks.


Abergele Sparks. The first of the winter's "Pleasant Fridav Evenings" under the auspices of the Ship Cafe Literary Society, was held in the spacious lecture room of that institution on Friday evening, the Rev. J. H. Davies presiding over a "full house." A concert had been advertised for this occasion, but as several of the songsters had dis- appointed the Executive, most of the evening was taken up by the splendid readings of Miss Gittins and Mr. W. P. Morris The Chaiunan said that it was very encouraging to see so many present. At the same time, he would sincerely like to see the young members of the Cafe pay a little more attention to matters educational than to amuse- ment pure and simple. The following programme was then gone througn :—Solo, "'Galwad y Tywysog," Mr. W. P. Morris Heading, Sam Weller's love-making to his Valentine as depicted by Dickens, Miss Gittens; Solo, Yr Eneth Ddall," Mr. Jos. Hughes Reci- tation, Modryb Sian," Miss Roberts, governess to Sir Herbert Roberts' twin sons; Duett, -'Excelsior" Mr. R. Roberts and Mr. W. Vaughan Reading the humorous doings of Wil Bryan," out of Daniel Owen's masterpiece, Rhys Lewis," Mr. W. P. Morris The Budget Song," composed and sung by Cybi, to the tune of Land of my Fathers" (" Hen Wlad fy Nhadau"), encored. The following are a few verses of The Budget Song":— (Tune: Land of my Fathers). Come, listen, ye voters, I'll sing- you a song, That is, if your faith in the Budget is strong-, You'll join in the chorus, of that I've no doubt, So harken, get ready, and shout Lloyd George, Three cheers for the Budget and George He fears no foe; the world must know That George is the King of Wild Wales. Lloyd George taxes 'bacca and whisky ,but see, He marches a;ong without taxing our tea; The Budget goes through without taxing our bread- Lloyd George taxes Landlords instead. Lloyd George is an imp in the eyes of the Dukes, Whose acres came to them by tricks and by flukes They storm at the Budget, they squeal and they bray,' But squeal as they will, they must pay. The Tariff Reformers feel sore and so sad; They try to deceive us with" logic run mad; But people won't relish a tax on their" grub Cheap food Ah my friends, there's the rub Speaking at Leeds, on Monday, Sir W. P. Hartley said that the Primitive Methodist Church did not support foreign missions as it ought to. Middle- class Methodists should not spend too much on themselves in luxuries," was his concluding ad- monition. Candidly, I am of opinion that England does more than her share in support of foreign missions, especially when you come to think of the countless of thousands of men, women and children who are starving in this country for the want of the bare necessities of life. My motto is Fill the stomachs of the Britishers first, and think of the foreign missions afterwards. Did you ever hear of how the buffalo came to be created ? According to an Egyptian tradition, it happened like this, said the Rev. Robert Williams, Towyn, on Thursday evening: When the Devil saw a cow for the first time he denounced it as being the ugliest animal in creation. He was then given a free hand to try and create a nicer-looking animal himself, and the result of his handiwork was the ugly buffalo. I wonder if it was the same Old Nick that created the first militant Suffragette in attempting to give to the world a handsomer quadruped than the laughing hyena? It looks like it. I apologize to his Satanic Majesty if I am doing him a frigid and calculated injustice. SEARCHLIGHT.


Liberalism in Wales.



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Conway Corporation.