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--Liberalism in Conway.\

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Liberalism in Wales.



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Conway Corporation.


Conway Corporation. The Mayor (Councillor-John Williams) presided over the monthly meeting of the Corporation yesterday (Wednesday). The other members present were Aldermen Dr. R. Arthur Prichard, A. Netherwood, Edward Roberts and W. M. Sever, Councillors Hugh Owen (Deputy-Mayor), James Porter, Dr. W. Carter, A. J. Oidman, Fred Jones, Robert Jones, Edward Jones, Dr. M. J. Morgan, James Stott, and A. G. Rogers, with the Town Clerk (Mr T. E. Parry), the Borough Engineer (Mr E. A. Delamotle), the Borough Accountant (Mr Hugh Parry), the Gas Manager (Mr Dixcn), and the Rale Collector (Mr T. M. Jones). AN APOLOGY. Upon the minutes of the previous meeting, Councillor Oldman said he desired to make an apology. At a meeting he asked a question whether it was not a fact that an arrangement had been made, and had appeared on the minutes, that a certain 250,000 cubic feet of gas had been agreed upon. He did not wish, under any circum- stances, that his question should be an unfair in- sinuation or a reflection upon the character of any one. especially as it happened at an election time. At the time he had in his mind the minutes of the Council for the 7th July, where in it stated that Councillor James Stott offered to take 250,000 cubic feet of gas, and he now found from inquiry that day that the Committee and Councillor Stott had agreed upon 500,000 cubic feet. He desired, through the Mayor, to apologise to Councillor Stott for the apparent and unconscious reflection upon his character in the matter. He did this voluntarily and freely. Councillor Stott thank Councillor Oldrnan, and accepted the apology. LOOKING AFTER THE POOR. The Gas and Lighting Committee reported that owing to a large stock of coke at the gas works, the price be reduced to 13s. 4d. per ton until further notice. Councillor Robert Jones said that he had under- stood that there was a diíferenc. in the price of coke supplied in large quantities, and that sold to the poor people who went to the works to fetch their hundred-weight. He suggested that it be a recommendation to the Gas Committee to reverse matters, and allow the poor people to have it 2d per cwt. cheaper now than those who took large quantities at 13S 4d per ton. Winter was coming on, and coal was dear. Alderman Netherwood explained that the com- mittee had under consideration the poor people of the borough. It was felt that preference should be given the poor ratepayers before those who took 60 or 70 tons awry at a time, and they agreed that any poor person going to the gas works for coke was to be served at the the same price as those ordering 60 tons. He assure them that the Gas Committee were anxious to help the poor in the matter. Councillor Robert Jones said he still adhered to his suggestion that the poorer classes should be allowed to have the coke cheaper than the rich classes. Councillor James Stott asked whether the Gas Manager could inform the Council what weight of coke had been fetched from the works by the poorer classes, and whether they fetched the" coal. If that was so he would fall "in with Councillor Jones, but they must fetch it, This would not be extended to dealers who were s-elling about the streets and making a profit. The Gas Manager said, in reply, that the aver- age fetched from the Gasworks was about a ton per month. Councillor Stott said it ought to be understood that they should fetch it from the works at this price. Let thep oor have the real benefit of it. It was agreed that the Committee should take the matter into consideration. The Borough Engineer reported that an appli- cation had been made by Mr. Conway, on behalf of Messrs. P. & H. Lewis, Ltd., timber merchants, for a supply of gas to Deganwy Wharf at a reduced rate, as they proposed to use gas for power and other purposes, and estimated that their consumption would be about 800,000 cubic feet per annum. It was decided to recommend the Committee to make a reduction of 6d. and to offer the supply at 3s. net. The Council ennfirmed this. The Borough Engineer now reported that Mr. Conway had agreed to the terms of the Council.