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COLWYN BAY. FOR WEDDING STATIO,NERY.-Latest de- signs. Specimen Hook sent to any address on ,application.-R. E. Jones & Bros., Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. THE LATEST and up-to-date Specimens of "Ball and Dance Programmes may be seen at R. E. Jones & Bros., Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay HAVE YOU CHOSEN your private greeting ■cards? For, the choicest designs, from 2S. 6d. per dozen, go to R. E. Jones & Bros'. Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. N.B.—Sample books sent to any .address, on application. DIARIES FOR 1910 NOW READY. Choice seoleetion. (See advertisement.) R. E. Jones Bros., Weekly News Offices, Colwyn Bay. THE FLORAL CONCERT.—In our report of this concert held at the Pier Pavilion, on Wed- nesday lait, we omitted to mention that the Col- wyn Bay Amateur Orchestra (under the conductor ship of Mr ilarnelt, had generously given their services. The items rendered by the orchestra were much appreciated, and Colwyn Bay is to be congratulated upon hav- ing such an excellent amateur institution. THE TOWN'S MEETING.—We regret that owing to their late- arrival and to exceptional pressure on our space we are obliged to hold over some interesting letters on Friday night s meeting. BROTHERHOOD.—There was a good at- tendance last Sunday, when a spirited address was given by the Chairman, Mr J. T. Taylor. The meeting was presided over by Mr R. Jack- son, Richmond Villa. Miss Lottie Taylor was the special soloist, and Mr F. J. Sykes presided at the organ. RHIW C.M. MISSION CHAPEL.—There was a very large attemdlajnce at the annual supper in connection with this Welsh, mission chapel on Thursday evening, and the event proved a suc- cess in every way. LEGAL.—The friends of Mr Ernest Lloyd, ol Gwyndy, Llaneliam, will no doubt be glad to hear of has having successfully passed the Law Association "intermediatte" examination. He was for some time with Mesars Porter, Amphleitt & Co., Colwyn Bay, and is now with Messrs R. O.' Jones & Davies, Blaenau Festiniog. HERMOiN C.M. CH,APEL.-We regret to find that omc name was omitted from our report of the recent tea party at Hermion, that of Mrs Williams, Cartref, King's-road, who kindly pro- vided one of the tables. THE FAMOUS CARNARVON CHOIR.—It is with much pleasure tihat we announce that the date which has been fixed for the visit of the celebrated London Eisteddfod Prize Choir, of Carnarvon, is Thursday, December 9th. It is hoped by the popular conductor, Mr John. Wil- liams, also the conductor of the Colwyn Bay Eisteddfod Choir, to have the full complement of 180 voices present,, and it goes without say- ing that a rare musical treat is in store for the residents of Colwyn Biay and neighbourhood. MESSRS. LEWIS & THOMPSON'S SALES. —Wonderful bargains are being offered by Messrs Lewis & Thompson at their two smiart establishments in Station-road, where a very suc- cessful sale is being conducted. The firm have gained a high reputation for quality and cheap- ness. BUILDING DEVELOPMENTS AT THE WEST END.—The development in building operations in the West end* of the town has of late been remarkable. Villas, detached and semi-detached, of splendid architectural design, are being erected, and are quite worthy of their beautiful surroundings. A local contractor has instructions to erect a mansion with thirteen bedrooms and a number of entertaining rooms. SINGING IN BANGOR CATHEDRAL—Her Colwyn Bay fri-endis will be pleased to learn that Miss Marjorie Dunning sang in Bangor Cathe- dral on Monday, upon the occasion of an orgam. recital which was being given by Dr. Rioland Rogers, organist. Needless to say, her solos were much appreciated, and we congraitulate Miss Dunning upon the honour, which falls to few lady vocalists. I O.G.T., PIONEER LODGE.—Last ses- sion, on Thursday, proved very entertaining, a miscellaneous programme being contributed as follows:—Dialogue, Sisters F. E. Jones and C. Gill; solos, Sisters E. Jones and D. 0. Evans; recitation, Sister Gertie Jones; reading, Bro. Mill, C.T., and an address by Bro. Aldis. It was announced that there would be no session on the 25th, on account of the mission, of the Rev. Seth Joshua; but it was intimated that on that diate the missioner would preach a temper- ance sermon and all members of the Lodge were cordially invited to attend. O.L.R. SALEM LITERARY SOGIETY.-The open- ing meeting was held on Thursday evening. A large number of people sat down to tea, after which there was a capital concert, presidecp over by the Rev. H. R. Williams, pastor. THE GULLS FOR MORFALAND.-Th,e 'Colwyn Bay football team, were unfortunate on Saturday in being decisively beaten- in the Coast Senior cup-tie. There is a weakness somewhere, for the display given by the Gulls in recent matches has been most unsatisfactory. They are due at Conway on Saturday in the Welsh Amateur cup-tie, and Colwyn Bay supporters are hoping that the Gulls will have the best pos- sible eleven available. NANTYGLYN P.S.E.-On Saturday evening Mr T. G. Williams presided over a crowded at- tendance. The programme was sustained by several members of the Knights of the Road, assisted by friends. Mr James Burwell s Ter- ritorial March" was rendered, and the new song, Duty Call," was given for the first time in Colwyn Bay. The programme was thor- oughlv enjoyed. REV. SETH JOSHUA'S VISIT.-Thi.s popu- lar evangelist arrived in Colwyn Bay on Satur- day evening to conduct his week's mission at the English Presbyterian Church, which com- menced on Sunday morning. There was a large congregation to welcome Mr Josliu a at the first service on Sunday. On this day he received an inrvitation from India to hold a mission in that far awtay Continent. We understand this is the second invitation hekas received from that part of the world. On Tuesday evening Mr Joshua held a service for children at Rhiw C.M. chapel, before preaching at the English Presbyterian; Church. All the services have been well at- tended during the week. PUBLIC HALL PICTURES. To-night (Thursday) and on Friday and Saturday then* will be projected on the screen at the Public 'Hall, in. addition to the ordinary miscellanous programme, over 2,000 feet of film picturing the ■famous glove light between Summers and Welsh for the light weight championship of England, which was held at the National Sporting Club on the 8th instant. The fight, an unparalleled event, was considered, by experts the cleanest and neatest exhibition of boxing seen for many years., These pictures are of absorbing interest to sporting enthusiasts and all patriotic Welsh- men. This week's programme of pictures is again most interesting. The well-known piece, <t&Ma"da," has been utilised for a new item. Tbetre is no need to give details, except to say tihat by the aid of first-class actors, good stag- ing, &c., a splendid film has been the result. An intensely interesting series is The Boyhood of Vidocq," showing the galley slaves of that per- iod. A visit to Bombay is an. educational set of beautifully-coloured animated photo- graphy, giving a panorama, of the town, prin- cipal streets, and temples. The colouring is ltTuly magnificent. William Ratcliffe is v, novel in pictures as full of love, adventure, and tragedy as any six shilling novel. The Talis- man shows that a "Sitolen" horseshoe does not bring good luck." A race for an in- hedta,noe" is a screamer. Uncle leaves his for- tune to the first of his two nephews to marry. The efforts of the two to find a wife cause roars of laughter. In another subject it is shown that the road to the heart of am intended father-in- law is through his stomach. Timid lovers de- sirous of escaping the contamination of papa's big feet, please note. A charming romantic love story is The Gipsy Lover. Otiher laughter- makers are The Monkey's Excursion" and The Man who couldn't sit down." A YOUNG MAN'S LEGACY.—Before His Honour Judge Moss, at Llanrwst County Court on Friday, Mr Latimer Jones (of Messrs Porter, Amphleitt & Co.) resumed his application on be- half of Thomas Arthur Roberts, 14, Erw Wen- road, Colwyn Bay, to have his share of a legacy left him by his late father, who lived at Pen- craig, Roe Wen. The amount to. paid out was i'98. At the last Court the Judge adjourned the application in order that the aiWicant might be identified, and the advocate now produced the affidavit of the mother of the applicant, which proved that the applicant was 211 years of age, and was the person mentioned in the will.—His Honour now granted the request, and added that the costs of that application would be paid to the applicant. EXTENSION LECTURE. On Tuesday evening, in the Pier Pavilion, Mr Spencer Leigh Hughes (" Sub Rosa of the Morning Lead- er ") delivered a lecture on Parliament from the Press Gallery." Mr C. E. Eleock occupied the chair in the regretted absence of Mr Walter Whitehead. Mr Hughes's address was full of humour, and his amusing references to the quaint incidents of Parliamentary life were much enjoyed by the large audience. Mr Hughes mentioned that although Englishman were in the habit of looking upon Parliament as a British institution ,yet it must be remembered that an alien emigrant in the person of Simon de Montfort first conceived the idea of an elec- tive chamber. Parliamentary reporting existed long before the so-called Mother of Parliaments, for Plutarch mentioned verbatim reporters who took accounts of the proceedings in the Roman Senate. The lecturer paid an eloquent tribute to the memory of Mir Gladstone, whom he de- clared to be the finest stfatesman he had seen throughout his nineteen years in the Gallery. The lecture attained a high level of excellence, being as entertaining as it was instructive. The Chairman mentioned the fact that Mr Hughes has a brother who is a pupil at Rydal Mount School. LOCAL AMATEURS.—The newly-formed society has affiliated" to the National Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Association, and has chosen The Pirates of Penzance," which comic opera will be produced in April. The first re- hearsal will be held on Tuesday. The hon. secretary, Mr F. V. Burgess, 16, Station-road, will be pleased to furnish all particulars. TWM O'R NANT."—The Rev. Robert Ru- berts presided, on Tuesday evening, at the Ent- gedi literary society's meeting. Mr J. O. Davies delivered an address on the great Welsh poet, Twm o'r Nant." The fact that Mr Davies is so conversant with all matters concerning Welsh literature drew a numerous audience. Much was expected, and the expectations were more than realised. Mr Davies gave a magnificent address, which was listened to with keen appre- ciation and delight. The thorough knowledge of the subject, the interesting way of presenting the matter, and the beautiful Welsh in which it was presented, combined to make a thoroughly successful address. Extracts from the poet's work were read by members of the audience. On the motion of Dr. Morris Jones, seconded, by Mr Llewelyn Williams, a hearty vote of thanks'was accorded to Mr Davies. RYDAL MOUNT SCHOOL v. UNIVER- SITY COLLEGE.—An interesting football maJtch was played upon the Rydal Mount ground yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon be- tween the above clubs, which resulted in a win for the Bangorians by six goals to nil. BETHLEHEM LITERARY SO(CIETY.-At the last meeting the Rev. T. M. Jones delivered an address on The Calvinistic Methodists," in which he dealt in a very masterly way with the past history, the present sta/tus, and the future of this denomination. The address was much appreciated by those present, and Messrs Thomas Jones, J. G. Jones, and O. Ll. Evarus discussed the subject. Mr Thomas Owen, Wood View, presided. COFFEE SUPPER AT THE CHURCH H,O,UIS,E.-Last night (Wednesday), by the kinc invitation of several members of the Christian Social Union, about two hundred of the adult residents of Park-road, Dundonald-road, anq other places were entertained to a substantial coffee supper in the Church Room. MOCK ELECTION.—At the meeting of the Wesley Guild, held at Horeb Schoolroom, on Thursday, a mock election was held. Mr Jon- athan Roberts, Penihyn, Mostyni-road, was the Liberal candidate, and the Conservative candi- date was Mr E. W. Roberts, Savannah. The Liberal was supported by Mr R. Roberts, Bod Armon, who nominated the Liberal, and Mr J. Kyffin Williams was the chairman for Mr J. Ro- berts. The Conservative candidate was sup- ported by Mr R. Williams, Llandudno Junction (chairman), and Messrs W. Griffith, Rhos-on- Sea, and Mr Shadrach Evans. The Liberal can- didate received twenty-three votes and the Com- servative sixteen. R.S.P.C.A.—The annual meeting of the Col- wyn Bay Auxiliary of this Society was held at the Church Room yesterday (Wednesday), when there was a good attendance. Amongst those present were the Vioar (Canon Roberts), and the Rector of Llandudno, who is president of the Llandudno Branch. The chair was occu- pied by Mr Charles Reynolds, J.P. The Treasurer, Mr W. Jones, N.P. Bank, read his report, which showed that there was £54 2s. id. in hand, together with another amount to be added. Inspecor Gibbs in, his report stated that there were twenty-seven conviction during the year. The following officials were re-elected:- President, Mrs Brock; chairman, Mr W. J. Plews treasurer, Mr W. Jones, N.P. Bank and the hon. secretaries, Miss Southall and Miss Sewell. The officials were thanked for the-r services on the proposition of Canon Roberts, and Mrs Brock responded. Mr Rendell, on be- half of the Society, delivered an address on the work of the Society. A presentation was made on behalf of the Llandudno Society -to Stanley Davies, son of Mr Thomas Davies, car propri- etor, Broad-street, Llandudno Junction, for sav- ing his father's horse from a burning stable some time ago. A collection was made in the room, amounting to £ 4. 14s. 3d., for the Society. The company was entertained to tea by Mrs David Gamble, Ratonagh.