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Llandudno Sea Anglers' Association.I


Llandudno Sea Anglers' Association. SMOKING CONCERT AT THE ROYAL HOTEL. The Llandudno Sea Anglers' Association is a very flourishing institution. It was inaugu- rated about six years ago, and its membership is yearly on the increase. Mr Howel Jones, Mostyn-street, is the whole-hearted secretary, and to his untiring efforts is due the present- good position of the Society. A hot-pot supper, followed by a smoking con- cert, were greatly enjoyed by the members and friends at the Royal Hotel on Friday evening, when there was a crowded ,arttendia,nce, and a most enjoyable evening was: spent. The coffee room had been tastefully arranged by Mr ana e." Mrs Hulls, and their catering was of the high- est class. Mr T. B. Farrington, C.E., occu- pied the chair, and the Rector (the Rev. Ll. R. Hughes) occupied the vice-chair. Amongst those present were Mr Arthur Con oily, chairman of the Association; Mr J. Adey Wells, J.P., Messrs J. E. Hallmark, J. 1- Marks, G. H. Harding, Professor Walter Beaumont, Harry Crockatt, Arthur Hewitt, J. H. Roberts, A. J. Peacock, G. H. Harding, G. Berkeley, J. A. Moses, J. W. Gardener, H. M. Brigg, W. D. Henderson, Dr. Kenrick Davies, J. Rees, Gros- venor Jones, C. F. Farrington, H. Morton, G. B. Roberts, Tyloott, W. Williams, R. H. Thoma.s, H. Bone, E. Boot, R. Hammond, G. Petrie, T. W. Jones, E. P. Morris, J. Williams, P. Elliott, R. Jones, Walter Wood, J. Wood, Sam Hughes (jun.), R. T. Owen, W. Owen, F. Tomes, G. Underwood, Driffield, J. Hutchinson, J. J. Lindsay, E. Kenyon, J. Hughes, E. Powell, R. Summer, Pier Master (Captain John Roberts), John Roberts (jun.); H. Barker, R. JonesG. Ro- berts, and Edwin Turner. After the loyal toasts had been given with musical honours, Mi C. H. Elliott sang "Echo," in acceptable manner. 'The Rector, who was cordially greeted gave the toast of Success to the Association," in a capital speech, with much humour. He was glad to be present and to have become a mem- ber of the Association. He proposed the health of the members of the Llandudno Sea Anglers' Association, and wished, it all good, prosperity, and success. He noticed that they had caught no fish for that suppeT-(Iaughter),-and he was told that members caught everything in the shape of fish between a whale and a herring. (Laughter.) It was said that the true fishermen never ate fish but that told nothing against him.. The members liked to encourage the art, and to show people what a deserving place Llandud- no was. He always loved every place he had lived in; but he had never been, in a place he loved so much as Lilandudtoo. (Applause.) Outside people thought they were dull in Llan- dudino in the winter. Let them come to the-r assembles, and they would think differently. I Fishing was one of the oldest arts. He was a fisherman himself, a fisher of men." He had much pleasure in proposing the toast of the Llandudno Sea Anglers' Association," coup- ling with it the name of Mr Conolly. (Ap- plause.) The toast was drunk with enthusiasm. Mr G. H. Harding created much mirth with the singing of the song, Put me on an Is- land." Mr Conolly said he felt grateful for the hon- our in being asked to respond to the toast so nicely proposed by the Rector. He (the speak- er) took an active part in the formation of the Association six years ago. The first meeting was held in his office, and the object of the Association was to foster the art of sea angling and the sport generally in that capacity in the town, and also to. advertise Llandudno, and to benefit the ratepayers and town.. The Secretary had received thirty or forty letters each year, generally from sea anglers in the town, enquir- ing as to the fish to be obtained in the district, and during the season from, two to three hun- dred people also called on the Secretary and made enquiries respecting the same. The As- sociation was not formed for selfish motives. Last year they offered £ ia in prizes. (Hear, hear.) In the first and second year they spent £3 I5S- respectively, and the third and fourth year £5 5s. respectively; and last year they had spent £5 5s. in ordinary prizes and £ ij 10s. in special prizes. (Applause.) The Association was considering whether they could not have a fishing festival in Llandudno; but for that they would want a certain amount of funds. The subscriptions were not enough, and they would have to make a special call. And he thought if that was done the members would not be lacking in support. (Applause.) Mr. Harry Crockett delighted the comnany with his isinging of Mary," the chorus of which was taken up in a vigorous manner. Mr. J. E. Hallmark proposed the toast of The Chairman and Vice-Ch airman. He congratulated the Society upon having such a Chairman and Vice-Chairman that evening. Mr. Farrington was a man who had attained an eminence in his profes- sion, and his name was a household word amongst them. They were all sony that their Chairman had been in indifferent health, and they hoped he would soon recover. But notwith- standing that, he had found an odd hour or so to guide them in their business affairs of the Association, and it was a great pleasure to have his agreeable society that evening, and he was sure he had the interest of the Association at heart. (Applause.) As regards the Rector, they all knew him better than he did, and it was singularly appropriate to have him connected with the Anglers' Association. He also congra- tulated the company that they had a minister of the Gospel amongst them, which proved that he entered into their sport and enjoyed with them a little harmless amusement. (Applause.) He asked them to drink heartily to the toast. The toast was drunk with enthusiasm, the company lustily .singing" For they are jolly good fellows," with three ringing cheers. Much amusement was created by Professor Beaumont's singing of My old Dutch." The Chairman, responding to the toast, said that whatever he could do to further any As- sociation which had for its object the benefit of LIandudno, he would be glad to. do so. He had sung the praises of the beautiful place they lived in, and he did not know whether it was the beautiful place and the genial company that he was in that made people like Llandudno but he knew it was so in his case. He hoped! his health would permit him to help on the Sea Anglers' Association, which promoted the wel- fare of Llandudno. He thanked them all for the kind manner in which they had received the toast. (Applause.) The Rector said he also, felt very .grateful for the kind manner in which he had been referred to. What Mr. Farrington had said was very true. He would do, no more than a namesake of the great Edward Burke did when he followed the great orator in, a speech and said ditto- to all the great statesman had said. He (the Rec- tor) would also say ditto to what Mr. Farrington had said. (Applause.) Mr. Wood sang in humorous manner Com- ing through the Dye." Mr. J. J. Marks, M.A., in a short, and' happy speech proposed the toast of The Visitors," coupling with it the name of their great friend, Mr. J. Adey Wells, J.P., and he hoped that he and other visitors present would become mem- bers of the Association. They were greatly honoured by the company of Mr. Adey Wells, who had lived so long amongst them. (Ap- plause.) The toast was drunk with enthusiasm, and the singing of For he's a jolly good fellow." .Mr. John Roberts (jun.), Ash Grove, sang very nicely "Anchored." Mr. Adey Wells, in responding, was heartily received, and stated that the song they had just heard reminded him of an incident that occurred when he first came to Llandudno, in 1874. He had a fishing excursion up the River Conway for codlings. He had to steer the boat, and was a novice at that. At Conway they took on board Dr Prichard, and the boat wiggle-waggled. He (the speaker) landed the company on a bank. Mr. J. J. Marks: Very appropriate. (Loud laughter.) Continuing, Mr. Wells thanked them all for the kind manner in which they had received his name, and he wished the Association every suc- cess. (Applause.) DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES. The Chairman then presented the prizes as follows —Mr. F. L. Reading, challenge cup and memento, by Russell's; heaviest conge-rcel (igj^lbs.), and also heaviest scate (ISIlbs.), Mr. Richard Dunphy; heaviest whiting (IYzlbs.), Mr. E. Boot; heaviest cod (i7lbs.), Mr. L. Reading heaviest specimen, Mr. R. Dunphy. The Chairman announced that several of the prizes offered had not been won, and would .again be offered this season, and he hoped all the visitors present that night would join. Professor Beaumont sang in inimitable style The Little Liar," a parody upon The Little Hero." Several other songs were sung by Messrs. Brown and Axtell and Dr. Davies, and the evening was one of the merriest in the history of the Association. ]l1li8

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