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North Wales Football.






LLANDUDNO AMATEURS v. COLWYN BAY. THE AMATEURS' FINE FORM. (BY VEDETTE.") Unfortunately for the visitors, they were minus the services of three selected, players, viz., Ned Griffiths, W. H. Hopwood, and J. R. Jones, Reserves in, the persons of T. Wellings, H. C. Waterhouse, and P. Webb being called upon to fill the vacant positions. Llandudno were strongly represented. Teams — Llandudno Amateurs: C. Stallard, gcKal; J. H. Jones and W. Wynne, backs J. Brown, T. Johnson, and H. Pearson (captain), half-backs W. A. Williams, Brookes-Elvans, J. E. Williams, R. Davies, and J. Williams, forwards. Colwyn Bay C. Hallwood, goal; D. Roberts and H. P. Evans, backs; P. Webb. W. R. Ro- berts, and R. Rowlands (captain), half-backs; W. E. Roberts, W. Southern, T. Wellings, S. Hughes, and H. C. Waterhouse, forwards. Referee: Mr T. Jones, Holywell. Linesmen Mr W. J. Tones, Llandudno, alict Mr T. McCann, Colwyn Bay. AMATEURS' LEAD. The Bay won the toss, and played towards the road., The Amateurs at once attacked, but were pulled up for offside. Good combination was shown by both teams, a spirited movement be- tween Roberts and Southern threatened danger, but Johnson returned the ball well up the field. Stallard was soon tested; Hughes passed to Southern, who burst past the backs and shot in, the goalkeeper kicking clear. At the other end Hallwood saved well from a comer kick, and. as the game progressed, the Amateurs began to monopolise play. Their forwards passed well, and the halves held the visitors' front rank in check. It occasioned no surprise when the homesters opened the scoring, although the point came about in an unexpected way. The ball was placed well forward between the Bay backs, who turned and pursued it, a race ensu- ing between them and two of the opposing for- wards. (Hallwood delayed running out until the players had almost reached the ball, and al- though he secured possession of it for a moment, it was knocked out of his grasp, and Davies easily netted. There appeared to be a misun- derstanding between the goalkeeper and one of the backs, and apparently each left it to the other to clear. Immediately after this success, the Amateurs attacked hotly, Hallwood bringing off some fine saves. It seemed inevitable that Llandudno would increase their score, and shortly before the interval, a corner well placed by J. Williams was headed through by Johnson. TIaif-time: Llandudino, 2; Golwyn Bay, o. BRILLIANT GO ALKE E PING. Llandudino, 2; Golwyn Bay, o. BRILLIANT GO ALKE E PING. From the re-start the Amateurs established themselves in the visitors' quarters, and Hall- wood was kept very busy. Once he created a diversion- by saving a rush and retaining hold of the ball whilst on the ground. It was thrown down by the referee, and for a while the Bay well held their own. Soon, however, the Ama- teurs' right wing got in motion, and centred for Davies to score the tlh-ird goal. After this the visitors came near scoring. A back miskicked, and let through Waterhouse, who, rain in and shot low, but Stallard1 dropped on his knees and saved. The play of the visiting forwards was a great contrast to that of the home quintette. Wellings tried hard to set his wings in motion, but both Waterhouse and Roberts were too well looked after to be able to break away often. Hughes was suffering from a strained knee, and this injury greatly affected his play. Southern rarely passed with advantage to his side, a con- siderable amount of work being thrown upon the defence owing to the non-success of the for- wards. Pearson initiated a movement which ended in Evans scoring, the ball being headed ,well in by J. E. Williams. Hallwood1 was show- ing to much; advantage in goal, and constantly repelling difficult shots. The Day pulled them- selves together for a last effort, and after a de- termined siege of the Amateurs' rYoal, in which the forwards displayed more cleverness than at any other period of the game, the ball was accu- rately driven across by Roberts, and Stallard having left his charge, Waterhouse kicked it into an open goal. Llandudinoi netted once aga £ n, but from a palpably offside position. Result: Llandudno, 4; Colwyn Bay, i. A DISAPPOINTING TEAM. The Bay were most disappointing, the home- sters showing great superiority in the actual play. Hallwood added to his reputation as' a clever goalkeeper, and I do not agree with those who affrm that the backs let the team down. Upon Saturday's form, they are not quite up to the standard of Coast League football, but I am confident they will improve. Coming to' the half-backs, Roberts was undoubtedly the clever- est player on the side, and the one out standing success of the match. Rowlands may be always relied upon to put up a good game, and the three players named, Hallwood, Roberts, and Rowlands were the only ones on the side to dis- tinguish themselves. With anything approach- ing adequate support, Wellings would have done far better but taken generally, the forward work was unworthy of the club. The new man, Webb, was an indifferent substitute at half for Griffiths1. AMATEURS EXCELLENT. Llandudno played an admirable game. Their defence was reliable, and their attack was con- timually carving out clever movements. I de-


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