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--------Who Ordered the Coffin…

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Chrysanthemums are this year more plentiful than ever. Cottagers have taken up the culture of the plant in earnest, and their gardens have testified in all parts of England to the fact that they have acquired the art in no small degree. V\ e usually consider the chrysanthemum a Japanese flower. True, it came to us from Japan, but the Japanese received it themselves from China. It was at about the period when Nehemiah was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem that the seed of the sixteen-rayed dlaisy" was brought to Japan from the mainland of Asia. This is the flower in its simplest form. In their hands it rapidly began to assume varied tints and shaipes. On ancient pieces of porcelain there is painted a blue variety, which is said still to exist in. Japan, and to be guarded with very jealous care.

A Colwyn Bay Account.


Colwyn Bay Eisteddfod Choir…

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Colwyn Bay Pawnbroker's Action.

The Mutual Life Insurance…