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w Nat. Tel. No. 13. Telegram s: .L. THIS First-class Family Hotel is most beauti- 7 i }" § V:7: = ":T -=- *7" 7 fully Bituatad in its own finely-wooded Park. 7 7 |1:: J 1 z.2-in the Bay of Oolwyn, commanding splendid 7 |1:: J 1 in the Bay of Colwyn, commanding splendid v iews; within a Drive of and end 0. few minutes to the ^> within a ahort Drive of Conway and Electric Light. Separate Tubko. POST HORSES AND CARRIAGES. ft*if «*"+ LAWN TENNIS. GOLF. BILLIARDS, ate. SEA BATHING. PWLLYGROGHAN HOTEL,, COLWYN BAY. (THE LATE RESIDENCE OF LADY ERiSKINE.) 17 ^e% COLWYN BAY HOTEL, N. WALES. LONDON & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY (HOLYHEAD LINE). Telegrams: Colwyn Bay Hotel, Colwyn Bay- cJ Nat. Telephone No. Q. ————■— — 1 Excellent service of Express Trains from Manchester, • ■ • Liverpool, Midland Counties and the Soutn • *4N Delightfully situated on the border of the Bay, • s\ ■ « within a few minutes' walk of the Colwyn Bay Railway Station. COFFEE ROOM, DRAWING ROOM, LOUNGE & BILLIARD I pk, ,gL-l« !VRF ROOM on the Ground Floor, overlooking the Bay. J&* ELECTRIC LIGHT THROUGHOUT. .?y v nn^■ *+ j* y *Xlf« *& £ The private grounds and terraces form an attractive W* "rfj#: promenade for visitors. Hotel Porter in Scarlet Uniform meets all trains. STABLES COACH HOUSE. MOTOR GARAGE WITH PiT This Hotel has been officially appointed by the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland. During the Season, COACHES start from the Botel to 4 Bettws y-Coed, Llandudno, Conway Castle and other places • of interest in the district. £ ;v,! • .iV. COLWYN BAY AS A WINTER RESORT. £ I* Is strongly recommended by eminent Medical Men ™ the mildness and dryness of its climate. A REDUCED WINTER TARIFF. IS MISS THORPE, Manageress. UP JLJ LAIN—IN N IWK JFKF ,^W>. %MFC. XGG"^ TELEGRAMS: METROPOLE, COLWYN BAY.: ^JhT^SL. JSL NATIONAL TELEPHONE: No. I88. FIRST CLASS. MODERN6 One Minute's walk from Railway Station and two minute from Promenade and Pavilion. PERFECT SANITATION. SPACIOUS PUBLIC ROOMS. DRAWING, WRITING, AND SMOKE ROOMS. LOUNGE. RECREATION ROOM. BILLIARD ROOM (2 Tablei, DINING ROOMS (Separate Tables). EXCELLENT BALLS, DINNERS, AND RECEPTIONS CATERED FOR. Electric Light and Bells throughout. STOCK ROOMS, MOTOR GARAGE NEAR Hotel Porters meet trains. [if Manageress, MISS GRISDALE. ig I CONWATT. OAKWOOD PARK HOTEL. The most daintily equipped in the Principality. iB-Hoie Golf Links, laid out by Alex. Herd. Play every day. ■' • « "• Beautifully situated <■ on the Old Coach Road < half-way between Con- way and the head the Sychnant Pass. '•• iiflpO' T" Elevated and bracing ,■ 4 position. Mountain and Amr vi ft v k Sea breeze from three t points of the compass. Tennis, green <aW° and billiards. «' jt lit jfcS8»./&>— Electric Light.. is ■■ M < t|* ^if 11 If throughout. t ■ 7T1'11 '^WET "M'C -S — V T"j iiiifiWlliiifMifj. «-,s "?-< Alfresco Afternoon Tear *>»- s s, on w /rKsHlmE^ tr tV* *1 Oakwood Park Lawns 'JJ i •'• •.•; Jp. Hotel meet2 Trains. Teleg-ams: "OAKWOOI^ CoNWAY Telephone No. aj. Mrs. BAILEY, MANAGERESS. LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL, MARINE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Old Established. ) STANDING in its own grounds, within two minutes' walk of the Sea, near the Pwllycrochan Telegrams LOCKYER. C^ BAY Telephone No. oi87. Telegrams: LocKYER, COLWYN BAY 22 Q i t '\j g 8ia < 1-1 (') ¡;. 0:.1- P 0 44 I /1j. š' g z 0 Ia. z 0 9L 0 J. FRED FRANCIS, THE IEWS, COLWYN BAY. 1 fSUCCESSOR TO EDWIN JONES.) 83 MARSDEN & CO., Tailors, Breeches and Livery Makers, Ladies' Costumiers, and Undertakers, VAUGHAN STREET, LLANDUDNO. TERMS-5 percent discount for Cash. Mourning Orders Completed 1^24 Hours. J. DICKEN & SONS, House. Furnishers, &c. CHEAPEST HOUSES IN THE DISTRICT. Largest Selection Linoleums, Cork, English &:Foreign Carpets, &c. Bedroom Suites a Speciality Yanghan Street, Llandudno. Tf StatiOB Road, Colwyn Bay, FURNITURE REMOVERS AND UNDERTAKERS.

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