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Abergele Summer School.

----_eo. Interesting Conway…

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-eo. Interesting Conway Wedding. The following is a list of presents received by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker, Conway, on the occasion of their marriage last week :— Bride to bridegroom, gold watch and chain. Bridegroom to bride, set furs. Mrs Amos Jones (mother of bride), household linen. Mr Amos Jones (father of bride). bedstead bedding. Mrs M Walker-Jones (mother of bridegroom), sideboard. Mr D. G. Walker (brother of bridegroom), cheque Mr and Mrs Owen Jones (brother and sister of bride), brass fire irons. Mr and Mrs James Walker (brother and sister of bride- groom), quilts. Mr and Mrs David Jones (uncle and aunt of bridegroom), copper kettle. Mr and Mrs J. Jones, Liverpool (uncle and aunt of bride), 2 table cloths. Mr and Mrs J. Wilson, Liverpool (cousins of bride), quilt. Mr and Mrs E. Williams. Conway (cousins of bride), set entree dishes. Mr and Mrs Blundell, Conway (cousins of bride), pair sheets. M rand MrsWaiker,Surrey (brother and sister), set carvers. Bridegoom to bridesmaid, gold brooch bouquet. M rand Mrs Robert Davies, Llewelyn-street table cloth. Mr and Mrs R. Thomas, Llewelyn-street, pair ornaments. Mr and Mrs A. J. Allsop, glass fruit dish. Mr and Mrs R. Jones. silver jam dish. Miss Edie Jones, water jug and glass. Mrs Williims, College Home, 2 pairs sheets. Mrs Morris, Watkin-street, pair ornaments. Mr W. E. Jones, Conway, knives and forks. Mr David Jones, Newborough-terrace, quilt and toilet set, Mr David Morris, Watkin-street, tea set. Miss Jones, Gweryl Lodge, pair ornaments. Mrand Mrs Evans. Bro Tudwal, silver jam dish. Miss Gwennie Rowlands, Newborough-terrace, flower vase. Mr and Mrs R. O. Jones, Church-street, silver butter cooler. Mr and Mrs Richard Roberts, Wind-street, half-dozen bedroom towels. Mrs Thomas, Wind-street, table centre Miss Nellie Roberts, Wern, marmalade jar. Miss Jones, Uppergate-street. Mr and Mrs John Jones, Watkin-street, pair sheets. Mr. R. J. Jones, lamp. Mr and Mrs Rowlands, Newborough-terrace, brass table lamp Mrs Jones, Plough Hotel, rug. Miss Maggie Jones, Warrington, pillow cases. A frend, silver castors. Mrs Hughes and family, Church-street, brass candle sticks. Mr and Mrs J. II, Jones, Ye Old College, rug. Misses L. and E. Hughes, Llewelyn-street, D'Oyles. Miss M. Williams, College House, tea caddy. Mrs Edwards, Church-street, half-dozen glasses. Mrs Wood Jones, 2 sideboard cloths. Mr Owen Williams, Rbos Cottage, set carvers. Mrs Chas. Jones, Chapel-street, kettle. Mrs Owens, Upper Gate-street, bedroom towels and photo frames. Mr and Mrs Moses Jones, Old-road, butter cooler Mr John Robert Hughes. silver butter knife and jam spoon. Mrs Ellen Jones, The Mart, flower vases. Mrs E. Evans, Bro Llewelyn, toilet set. Miss M. Evans, ditto ditto. Mr W. J. Jones, Primrose Cottage, tea service. Mr John Roberts, Sunny Side, ditto. Mrs Williams, Sea View, set jugs. Mr and Mrs M. Jones, photo frames. Friend, biscuit barrel. Mr Richard Jos. Jones. Primrose Cottage, trinket set. Mrs Jones, The Grosvenor, fruit dish. Miss Edie Jones, > he Grosvenor, silver candle stick. Miss Gladys Jones, The Grosvenor, silver button hook. Miss Maisie Jones, The Grosvenor, photo frame. Miss Dots Jones, The Grosvenor, views. Mr Peter Jones, Ahergele, table cover. Mr Robert J. Williams, Bradford House, brass candle stick. Mrs Rowlands, Benarth Lodge, breakfast cruet and butter cooler. Master Isaac Jones, Watkin-street, salad bowl. Miss M. Owen, Llandudno, fruit dishes. Mrs Roberts, High-street. Miss Louie and Edie Jones, The Grosvenor, coffee tray. Mr and Mrs William Jones, Lowergate-street, pair ornaments. Mr Teddie Williams, College House, pair ornaments. Miss Annie Owen, Blundellsands, toilet set covers. Miss Annie Williams, College House, towel rail and tureen. Master Bob and Tom Parry, water jug and vases. .Mr Enoch Hughes, trinket set. Mr and Mrs Herbert Jones, Castle-street, flower vase. Mr R. J. Roberts, Wind-street, 2 fancy plates. Miss J. E. Jones, Railway-terrace, 2 vases. Mr Robert Jones, ditto Rev. J. Davies, set of hall brushes. Mr and Mrs R. O. Prichard, tablecloth. Miss Mary Vaugban, Bull Cottages, flower vases. Mr and Mrs David Vaughan, Bull Cottages, dessert knife. Miss Blanch Jones, Trwy'r Porth, table centre. Miss Jenme Jones. Trwy'r Porth, embroidered table centre. Mr and Mrs David Owen, butcher, photo frame. Miss Maggie Jones, Dwygyfylchi Hotel, silver jam dish. Mr J. P. Griffiths, table cloth. Mrs R, G. Petch, set of ornaments. St. Mary's ("hunch Choir, dinner service. Welsh Sunday School, hymn book and common prayer. Miss Grace Williams, Bryn locyn. Miss Jones, Uppergate-street, kitchen utensils. Mr and Mrs Harris, Ty Newydd, crumb brush and tray. Mr W. E. Price, hail brushes. Mr Roger Williams, preserves. Miss Kittie Roberts, Bryn Siriol (cousin), dinner service. Miss Sarah Roberts, Mail Coach (cousin), tea service. Mr and Mrs Edward Roberts, Bryn Siriol (uncle and aunt), breakfast service. Miss J. Roberts, Tremeirchion (aunt), white counterpane. Miss M. E. Gallagher, Cross Roads (cousin). Miss Maggie Williams, Cambridge, Llandudno, toilet covers. I Mr Robert Jones, Chapel House, silver jam dish. Miss Kate jcines. Chapel House, pair of antimacassars. Misses Mary and Edith Jones, Chapel House, water jug and glasses. ,u. "n..moo. n


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