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COLWYN BAY. FOR WEDDING STATIONERY.-Latest de- signs. Specimen Book sent to any address on ,application.-R. E. Jones & Bros., Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. THE LATEST and up-to-date Specimens of Ball and Dance Programmes may be seen at R. E. Jones & Bros., Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. HAVE YOU CHOSEN your private greeting cards? For, the choicest designs, from 2s. 6d. per dozen., go to R. E. Jones & Bros'. Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. N.B.—Sample books .sent to any address, on application. DIARIES FOR 1910 NOW READY. Choice seclection. (See advertisement.)—R. E. Jones & Bros., Weekly News Offices, Colwyn Bay. BETHLEHEM LITERARY SOCIETY.At Thursday's meeting, under the presidency of Mr O. L. Evans, West End Stores, a very interest- ing debate took place. The subject was, "Which exercises the greater influence on, society, talent or cha,r¡acter? Miss Amelia C. Ellis, Cynlas, opened the discussion with a comprehensive paper in favour of talent," to which Miss Oilys Owen, Highfield, replied with an equally excellent paper on character," and the matter was then left for open discussion. The follow- ing who took part were the Rev. T. M. Jones, Messrs. S. Owen, S. Jones, Thomas Owen, and J. G. Jones. On the question, being put to the vote, the majority was carried by 11 ch-aracteT." A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the two young ladies for opening the discussion in such an excellent manner. THE MARVELLOUS ANDRES.—The suc- cess which attended the performances given by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Andre at the Victoria Pier Pavilion last week as reported in our columns has encouraged the clever pair to. continue their entertainment throughout this week (excepting last night (Wednesday) The performances are such that one visit does not suffice, and there have been amongst the audiences a large num- ber who have paid repeated visits. The enter- tainment has a magnetic influence in drawing the public to the Temple of Fun and Mystery. There is a continual change in the programme, including the musical combination introducing harp, post horns, bugles, cornet, piano, violin, and songs and duets are given by the sisters Lynton (Grace, Winnie, and Edna). The lattei is a gifted soloist, far above the average, ^here is also a clever up-to-diate tableaux, Boy Scout." All the foregoing are extra to the Dream Visions of Mrs. Andre, and the con- juring and ventriloquial performances of Mr. Victor Andre. All who desire a capital two hours' entertainment should not fail to pay a visit. DEATH OF MRS. SUMMERS.-We deeply regret to record the death of Mrs. Sarah Eliza- beth Summers, wife of Mr. A. H. Summers, of Glen Bank, Old Colwyn (cashier at Messrs. Porter and Elcook's, Colwyn Bay), which sad event took place in. London on Saturday, at the age of 25 years. The greatest sympathy is felt with Mr. Summers, who was only married about eighteen months ago. THE RAILWAY MOTOR SERVICE.—The popularity of the railway motor service of the London and North-Western Railway Company between Llandudno. and Colwyn Bay is increas- ing, as is shown by the large number of pas- sengers who avail themselves of the opportunity of this easy and pleasant mode of travelling. Siome disappointment is, however, occasioned that the cars do not make Mochdire a place of call.. THE REV. SETH JOSHUA'S VISIT.—This popular evangelist will commence his week's mission, at the English Presbyterian Church on Sunday, and the services will be continued dur- ing the week. Mr. Joshua is very popular in. North Wales, and has a wonderful power ovet his congregations. RHIW C.M. LITERARY SOCIETY .—There was a good attendance (including many non- membears) at Thursday evening's meeting, when great amusement was created by an application by the Rhiw-road Company for a dramatic licence in respect of a proposed theatre, ihe justices were Messrs. R. Parry Jones arid J. Alun Jones. Mr. Hugh Owen (Oxford House) was the solicitor for the applicants, on whose behalf evidence was given by Messrs^ Hugh Rev berts (Douglas House) and H. Owen (Llys Powell). Mr. F. Griffiths was the opposing solicitor, his witnesses being M.essTs Fcancis Hughes and R. P. Bowen. The laughable pro- ceedings concluded by the magistrates adjourn- ing the inquiry for twelve months- ANNUAL PREACHING AT BETHLEHEM. —There was a large congregation at the Bethle- hem C.M. chapel on Tuesday evening, when the annual preaching meetings were commenced. The services were continued throughout yester- day (Wednesday). The preachers were the Rev. Dr. J. G. Moelwyn Hughes, M.A., Ph. Dd., oil .Aberteifi and the 'Rev. Thomas Charles Wil- liams, M.A., Meinai Bridge. SUMMERS AND WELSH—Mr. Harry Rey- nold has secured for reproduction on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 25th, 26th, and 27th, the famous glove fight between Summers and 'elsh for the light weight championship oi England, which is considered by experts the cleanest and neatest exhibition of boxing seen for many years. It should appeal particularly to Welshmen and all admirers of gallant little Wales. Everyone should make a special effort to see Welsh, the undefeated Taffy. This special series of pictures will of course be in addition to the usual, miscellaneous programme. .P BILLIARD MATCH.—The following mem- bers of the Colwyn Bay Constitutional Club have been selected to play against Colwyn at the club, on Friday:-Messrs Walter Groom, A Pol- litt, T. Thomas, C. H. Harding, T D. Roberts, and Sergeant Thomas. Reserves: Messrs J. T. Jones and H. Simkin. THE GULLS AT LLANDUDNO.—On Satur- day, the Colwyn Bay League football club will journey to Llandudno to meet the Llandudno Amateurs in the second round of the Coast Senior Cup, officially known, as the Amateui Cup. The Gulls hope to turn out a strong side, and in view of Llandudno's display against the; 'Varsity team on Saturday last, hope to achieve a victory. The Bayites will have a couple at least of Bangor Normal College players in their ranks, and a good game is anticipated. OXFORD LOCALS.—In the reports of the recent prize distribution in connection with the Colwyn Bay centre, the name was omitted of 'Harry D. Crompton, who succeeded in passing the First Division in the Junior section. The son of Mr John Crompton, Bryn Arthur, Victoria Park, he is a very promising pupil of Mr R. R. Phillips, Arvon House School, Colwyn Bay. STH BATT. R.W.F., "G" COMPANY.— Monday, 2i2inid November, recruits' training, 7.30 p.m. dress, optional. Wednesday, 24th, phy- sical training and recruits' training, 7 p.m. dress, drill order. Friday, 26th, Company and recruits' training, 7 p.m., dress, drill order. A. few smart youths are wanted as recruit by the above Company before the 31st December, as after that date no recruits will be taken only under very exceptional circumstances.—Signed, F. H. BORTHWICK, Second Lieutenant com- manding. THE APPRENTICESHIP SYSTEM.—At the Cafe Monico, London, on Wednesday evening of last week, the Incorporated Guild of Hair. dressers, Wigmakers, and Perfumers heard a lee- ture by'their solicitor, Mr W. J. Chamberlain, on Apprenticeships." Amongst those who took part in the discussion was Mr T. Barker, Colwyn Bay, whose speech is fully reported in The Hairdressers' Weekly Journal." Mr Barker warmly supported the propo'sed system of regis- tration of apprentices. He also bore testimony to the value of the Guild's certificate, which, ex- hibited in his saloon, was noticed b ymany cus- tomers, who obtained the idea that he was by his connection with the Guild a good workman. (!Hear, hear.) So the Guild nad an influence in the country quite outside its ordinary work. (Ciheers.) MUSICAL.—At lasit weeik's consent of the Ex- celsior Swimming Club, a most favourable im- pression was created by the singing of Edith Shield, whose name was inadvertently omitted from our report. CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE.—A splendid gymnastic display by the members of the Church Lads' Brigade was given, on Tuesday evening at the Church Room, under the inst-ructotrgh-ip 'of Captain W. H. Pricihard. The proceeds of the event are to provide carbines for the Brigade. CHURCH OF ENGLAND MEN'S SOCIETY. —On Thursday evening, at the Church Room, under the auspices of the above society, a lec- ture was delivered by the Rev. J. Evans Jones, Vicar of Dyserth, upon What men can do for the Churoh." The speaker took as an illustra- tion the history of the parish of Brymbo. The Vicar, Canon Hugh Roberts, and the Rev. H. Rees-Morris gave their experiences of Church activity in the parish of Brymbo. SOCIAL.-On Tuesday an enjoyable social evening was held in the lecture hall of the African Institute. The programme was ar- ranged by the ladies of the sewing class, which meets every Tuesday afternoon to make articles for the annual bazaar held in connection with the Institute. The artistes included Miss Florrie Walsh, pianoforte; Mr D. Llewelyn, Davies, songs; and the African students. Games were indulged in at intervals. EISTEDDFOD PAVILION.—At a meeting of many influential ratepayers held at the Council Chamber on Friday evening, the 12th inst., it was decided to ask the Rev. William Hughes, of the African Institute, to. convene a town's meeting, to be held in the Council Chamber, on Friday of this week, at eight p.m. The object in view will be to consider the advisability of erecting a permanent pavilion, for the holding of the National Eisteddfod of 19101 and otnej. purposes,. As this is a vital question for Col- wyn and district, Mr Hughes wishes us to invite all ratepayers interested to attend. HARDY BATHERS.—In spite of the bitterly cold weather we have been experiencing of late, a number of local swimming enthusiasts con- tinue to indulge in their favourite hobby, and any morning at an early hour some dozen bath- ers may be seen disporting themselves in tne icy water. A few days ago. an excellent photo- graphic group, with the Pier Pavilion as a back ground, appeared in the Daily Dispatch and the Daily Sketch." The photo was taken by Mr C. R. Chaplin, and portrayed Superintend- ent Thomas Ber-esford, Master Tom Beresford, P.O. William Jones, P.C. Joseph Jones, Mr D. Curtis, Mr Norman Curtis, Mr H. W. Curtis, Mr Oiwen Davies, and Mr H. Egerton Thomas. Strangely enough, the bathers do not, belong to any club, and so disrobe and attire themselves whilst fully exposed to the wintry blast.