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Great Success of New Home…


Great Success of New Home Treatment for Accidents. Splendid Testimony to Value of Preparation which Prevents Blood Poisoning from Cuts, Burns, Sores, Wounds, &c. HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL CASES OF ACCIDENT. The splendid success that has attended the in- troduction of a new method of dealing with all cases of sudden accident is a sign that the pub- lic have long awaited what may be described as a home hospital. Marabaz is the preparation which heals and prevents blood poisoning, and which has taken possession of the public, and as will be seen from the testimonials below it is a reliable, safe, and certain remedy for all similar, cases therein mentioned. We meed not emphasise how necessary it is to have at hand some simple preparation which may be immediately applied to. wounds to pre- vent blood poisoning. It is not too much to say that persons have lost their lives through simple accidents such as the tearing of the flesh with a rusty nail, or the cutting of the hand with an unclean instrument. No such danger will attend any wound if attended at once w:th Marabaz." It is the great ointment with the great history. For 75 years in the possession of a family of independent means the recipe for Marabaz was held a secret, but thanks to the generosity of the owner it is now placed in the hands of a Company, who are ready to supply any quan- tity of Marabaz as may be desired. Any chemist will supply YoJ. with "Mambaz," which is sold in specially-designed boxes, at is. id. and 2s. 9d., or can be obtained direct from Marabaz Co., Redditch. We give below a series of letters from, actual users, which prove definitely that Marabaz is a quick healer of cuts, burns, sores, wounds, ulcers, &c. It is a wonderful poultice ointment, of three-fold value, that is immediately effective in drawing, cleansing, and healing, and which should certainly be found in every home. You should make sure to ask your chemist for a box of Marabaz," which will save you hours of worry. It may be used for children's accidents as well as those of grown-up people. "MARABAZ" NEVER FAILS. A fishmonger seriously poisoned his finger with a fish bone, and was treated for a long time without any success. The finger grew worse, until it bee ime absolutely necessary to' amputate it to save the hand. On the morning of the pro- posed operation he decided to try this ointment, which has been known locally for so long. After the first few dressings, there was a decided im- provement, the poison being drawn away, the pain was lessened, and in a fortnight the finger was completely healed." OPEN SORES. Another case is that of a stump of an ampu- tated finger, which would not heal despite the continued treatment at the hospital. It remained a running wo-ind for weeks. Marabaz was at last applied, and in a few days it was on the road to a perfect healing." Below are a few testimonials. The names and addressees of the writers of the originals can be seen on application • — WOUNDS FROM EXPLOSIVES. Gentlemen,—While celebrating the reliet ot Lady.smith, I met with a most serious accident through the bursting of a cannon, causing me terrible1 injuries, including a compound fracture of the right side of the face, and compound frac- ture of the right leg, the bones in each case being quite smashed and protruding from the flesh in many places. I was in the hospital for 18 weeks, during which time I suffered fearful agony. The nurses and officials of the hospital did all tlhey possibly could, for me; in fact, I cannot give them sufficient praise for their ten- der care a,nd consideration., and although, when I left their care, I was not by any means cured on account of the fact that the wound would not heal, and scores of pieces of bone were: still in different parts of my face and leg causing fa.stering and discharging. Unfortunately, I could gain no relief whatever from other Oint- ments, of which I heard, and tried scores, until I tried your Marabaz,' and after using this pre- paration my leg and face became quite healed and perfectly clean from all foreign matters and pieces of smashed bone, Marabaz having acted in a most wonderful manner in drawing and healing at the same time.—Yours truly, J. N. B." Sirs,—It gives me great pleasure to mention a few of the wonderful cures Marabaz has wrought, that have come under my own notice. BOILS AND WHITLOW. A man had a nasty boil upon his neck, the worst I have ever seen. I dressed it for him several times, and soon it was completely cured. Another case of poisoned finger was cured after a few dressings. My niece had a bad Whitlow upon her toe after many things had been tried, Marabaz cured it completely, leaving it its proper size, too.—Yours, truly, K. C." BURNS AND SCALDS. Sirs,—It gives me great pleasure to testify as to the wonderful cure of Marabaz effected to my wife's finger. It was caused by a burn* in the first place, and. took bad ways. After trying many remedies without relief, she tried Mara- baz,' which soon effected a complete cure. I should like to mention a neighbour's case also. A child was badly scalded down the face and chest, and it was thought she would be disfigured for lif e.. 'Marab<iz,' however, was used, and made a wonderful cure, leaving no. mark what- ever.—Yours truly, S. M." Sirs,—I have had several occasions for using Marabaz,' and on each occasion it has effected a most surprising cure. In fact, no. household should be without it.—Yours truly, W. H. A" Sirs,—I have much pleasure in recommend- ing 'Ma.rabazo' I have used it for various cases, viz. Whitlows, Boils, Poisoned Fingers, and such like, and in no case has it been a failure. I sincerely hope I may be able to obtain it when- ever required. I have sent it to friends in vari- ous parts of England, and always with most favourable results.—Yours truly, E. P." A farm labourer was severely scalded upon the chest, arms, and legs: by a pot of boiling water falling upon him. The wounds were ter- rible, and everything was done for his relief that could be done. He grew worse, the flesh refus- ing to heal, and it was thought he could not re- cover. As a last resource, it was decided to try Marabaz,' as so much had been heard of it in its favour. A large supply was sent for by the farmer who em-ployed him, and a good dressing given to all; the affected parts. The result was miraculous. The plasters were drawn away time after time without any adhesion whatever, and in a short time the man. was about the farm again as well as ever." "Dear Sirs,- I want to thank you for your kindness in sending me the box of Marabaz." It has already nearly cured my face, and I am greatly obliged :ta you for it.— H. H." Dear Sirs,—I am on a driving tour in North Devon, and am suffering from a very bad sore on any foot. Kindly send me a box of your wonderful Marabaz,' which cured my finger some time ago Send per return to Clovellev Post Office.^ T." You should remember that to neglect even the most trivial accident is to court the worst disas- ter, and when there is so simple and cheap a remedy as Marabaz," surely it is unnecessary to place one's self in unnecessary danger. If you have a wound that will not heal, if you are troubled with. any skin, disease that proves unamenable to ordinary treatment you are strongly advised to obtain a supply of Mara- baz." Marabaz is not a modern remedy suggested on the spur of the moment. The 75 years of ex- perience have proved its power, and wherever it has been introduced, its wonderful powers hav,e been fully appreciated. It is on sale at all chemists at is. id. and 2S. gd., or can be ob- tained direct from the proprietors Marabaz Co., Redditch.


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