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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

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Bettwsycoed Petty Sessions.

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;aaqB>"<»"C3anc-^gp» The Church Lads' Brigade. PROGRESS OF THE COLWYN BAY COMPANY. For some twelve months a Company of the Church Lads' Brigade has been in existence at Colwyn Bay, and recently they were officially recognised. The boys were inspected at their drill 'hall, the Church Room, by Major E Ellis Williams, of Pontrobert, Welshpool, and came out of the ordeal with much credit. As a result, they have now become the Colwyn. Bay Company of the St. Asaph Regiment. Second Lieutenants' commissions have been granted, to Mr W. H. l'richard officer commanding, and to Mr G. H. Maddock, and very shortly Mr l'richard will re- ceive the rank of Captain, and Mr Maddock that of First Lieutenant. The chaplain of the Com- pany is the Rev. Canon Hugh Roberts, and the Rev. R. D. Hughes is the assistant chaplain. Mr J. Lowndes has been appointed Sergeant-In- structor, and a position will also be found for Mr T. H. Baskerville. The correspondent is Mr P. Gimson, who also acts as pianist. Our readers are well acquainted with the aims and -objects of 'the Church Lads' Brigade, as fre- quent articles have appeared in these columns dealing with the Church Lads' Brigade camps that are formed in the locality in summer. The local Company was organised by the efforts of Mr W. H. Prichard, who has received great As- sistance from: the gentlemen mentioned. The Company numbers forty lads, and drill takes place every 'Tuesday evening in the Church Room. On the occasion that our representative attended, he was much struck by the keenness of the. boys, who, it was evident, took a very lively interest in their work. Before the drill commenced a short service was held, conducted by the assistant chaplain, and then Lieutenant Prichard read to the Company Major Williams' report on the inspection. From this it appeared that both the drill and the physical exercises had been, very well done. It had 'been decided that on the evening in question Corporals, and Lance- Corporals should be s-elt-cte(f from the men, in the Company, and after Lieutenant Maddock had supervised the drill, the 'chosen underwent the test. Their primary efforts to give orders were very amusing, but there was no mistaking their earnestness, and, at the close the following were appointed:—Corporals: T. Hughes, D. O. Jones, W. Hulley, and D. J. Williams; Lance- Corporals H. Hartley, E, S. Jones, C. H. Coul- som, and T. E. Jones. They were invested with their stripes by the officer commanding, who. im- pressed upon them the importance of their posi- tions, and having instructed them in their duties informed them they had the opportunity to rise to. the rank of Sergeant. In the course of a .short interview, Lieutenant Prichard kindly gave some interesting informa- tion concerning the Company. Apart from the general aspect of the benefit the training confers upon the lads-and it is well known that their grounding is far better than that of the Terri- torials—the Colwyn Bay Company derives ad- vantage in other ways. They have a well-ap- pointed games room, .where they may indulge in billiards, bagatelle, and many other pastimes, and, thanks to the kindness of Mrs Evans, Gwern Tyno Farm, a field has been placed at their disposal where the lads repair on Saturday after- noon to play football. It is hoped that next year the Company will go' away for a period of camp- ing, and with this object, the lads make weekly contributions towards their expenses.

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