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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

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Bettwsycoed Petty Sessions.


Bettwsycoed Petty Sessions. DOLWYDDELEN AND PENMACHNO CASES. On Saturday, before Colonel Johnstone, Messrs L. W. Jelf-Petit, and R. Parry. TRAVELLING WITHOT A TICKET David Chas. Roberts, Shaftesbury-street, Eccles, was charged with travelling between Dol- wyddeltan and Bettws-y-Goed on the 10th Septem- ber without having previously taken a ticket, and with, intent to defraud. Mr H. R. Huddleston, Euiston, appeared for the prosecution. Hugh Jones, porter-signalman, Dolwyddelen., stated that on the 10th September defendant alighted, at Dolwyddelen, and gave the outward half of an excursion ticket from. Eccles: to Bet- tws-y-Coed, and paid the difference to Dolwydd- elefn in money. On the 14th September he again joined the train at Dolwyddelen, but did not book. Witness then wired to Llandudno Junction. Thomas Morris, ticket examiner, Stafford, said he saw defendant in a compartment at Rhyl, and asked fo rhis ticket. Defendant said he had come from Bettws-y-Coed. Witness asked if he was sure. He replied Yes, Witness then asked wihlat ticket he had from Dolwyddelen to Bettws-y-Coed. Defendant said he had thrown it out through the window at Bettws-y-Coed. Pressed further on the point, he admitted he had no ticket but the return half from Bettws-y-Coed to Eccles. Defendant, who did not appear, but had ad- dressed a letter to. the Bench, was fined 10s. and costs,. ALIGHTING FROM A TRAIN WHILST IN MOTION. David John Eivanis, Prince Llewelyn-terrace, Dolwyddelen, was charged with alighting from the train at Dolwddyelen while, in motion. Mr Fluddileston: appeared for the prosecution. John Edward Jones, stationmaster, Dolwydd- elen, stated that on the 16th October he saw de- fendant alight from the train whilst it was going at the rate of fifteen miles an hour. He called after defendant, and followed him to the highway, and told him that he had previously warned him about the same thing. He gave the name of Henry Davies. Defendant, who. said he was sorry, kas fined 2S)o 6d. and costs. AN EXPENSIVE PARTRIDGE. Robert William Williams, a young farm labourer, wa scharged with entering land in pos- session' of Mr Owen Williams, Plas Ucha', Pen- madhinio, trespassing in pursuit of game. Mr C. T. Allard appeared for the prosecution. Luke Culling, gamekeeper in the employ of Lord Penrhyn, said that on the 26th October he was on his: beat at Plas U chia, which was part of Lord Penrhyn's property, when he saw the defendant setting a wire about twelve noonl. He went there at daybreak next morning and went in hiding near the spot where the snare was set, and saw a partridge enter the snare. Later in the day defendant came there and took the, part- ridge out of the wire and placed it in his pocket and then re-set, the wire. Witness then made his appea,rance and challenged the defendant. Defendant pleaded guility, and was fined 5s. and costs, 33s. 6d. in all. PENMACHNO NEIGHBOUR S. Mrs Margaret Morris, Penmachno, charged Mrs Jane Ellen Griffith, also of Penmachno, with using threatening language towards her, and asked for surety of the peace. Mr A. Lloyd Griffith ,appeared for the com- plainant, and Mr R. O. Davies, who should, have appeared for the defendant, had wired from Lon- don, the previous night stating that he would not be able to. attend Court on Saturday, being detained on important business. Defendant asked that in the absence of her solicitor, the case should be adjourned. Mr Griffith objected to that course, as the first intimation he had had. was that morning. Evidence was given by the complainant and her son, and the defendant gave evidence on oath. P.C. Owen Jones also gave evidence that he had. been called by both parties on several occa- sions. It appeared that there was originally a dispute over a yard wall. Mr Griffith, intimated that there was a civil action, pending, and the Bench decided, pending the settlement of the ac- tion, that the. case should be adjourned to. the next Court,

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