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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

........8IIIIC... St. Asaph…

.. A Remarkable Gift to the…


A Remarkable Gift to the Injured. A private gentleman- has made a remarkable gift to the public. For years in possession of a wonderful recipe. for a preparation that has marvellous healing power in cases of blood- poisoning humours, whitlows, boils, cuts, burns, scalds, and wounds, has, given his recipe to a public company, 190 that they can. prepare and supply the public with this wonderfully healing preparation to which the name Mara- baz has been given. Marabaz, the marvellous poultice ointment, wdl heal all the troubles mentioned above. M.arabaz is obtainable from the Marab-az Company, iRedditch, in tin boxes, is. i^d. and 2S. gd., and also from, all chemists', including all the branches of Boots, The Cash chemists.

Bettwsycoed Petty Sessions.

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- Small Holdings in Denbighshire.

.--... Llandudno and Colwyn…


Great Success of New Home…


--------------Boy Scouts in…

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Welsh-Speaking Nurses.

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