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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

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8IIIIC St. Asaph (Denbigh) Rural District Council. SUPPORT FOR THE JOINT HOSPITAL SCHEME. VILLAGE WATER SUPPLIES. The monthly meeting of this Council was held .on Friday, under the presidency of Mr. Bennett Jones, there being a good attendance of mem- bers. THE JOINT HOSPITAL SCHEME. The Council considered the report of the Joint IHjospital Committee as to the provision of an isolation hospital, and a letter was also, read from the Denbighshire Infirmary Committee drawing alttenltÍon to the urgent need of an in fectious Hospital in the district. After some discussion, Mr. Thomas Evans (Abergele) stated that at the lasit meeting of the Council be had proposed tihat in consequence of the bad season for farmers, &c., that they leave the question of the erection, of a hospital alone for the present. However, since then he had reasons ito think that it would be wise to give their support to the Joint Committee for the election of a hospital. (Hear, hear.) He pro- posed that they support the Joint Committee. Mr. T. Ufelyn Jones seconded, and it was carried. ROAD-WIDENING AT ABERGELE. The Committee's report respecting the pro- posed road-widening at Brynttanigl, Abergele, was considered, and it was decided to adopt the recommendation of the Committee that the road be widened 4ft. in certain places. Mr. John Roberts (Llwyni, Abergele) was ap- pointed a Governor of the University College of North Wales for 19,10. A letter was read from the London and North- Western Railway Company as to the road sur- face water drainage near Trefnant station, and it was referred to. a committee. ALLEGED DANGEROUS CORNER. A communication was read from Mr. A. P. Richardson, Hafod, Trefnant, as to the alleged dangerous corner over the railway bridge at Trefnaint, and enclosing correspondence with the Company's Surveyor and the Royal Automobile Clulb on; the same subject. After some discussion, it was decided to leave the matter in the Clerics hands to be dealt with. SURFACE, DAMAGE AT ANFAI.RT ALIHAIARN. Several letters, were read from claimants for surface damage at Llanfairtalhaiaru. A discussion ensued, and it was ultimately de- cided to offer certain terms to close the matter. A WORKMAN'S CLAIM FOR COMPENSATION. The case of a roadman's claim for compensa- tion came, up again before the Council. The facts have been published several1 times in. these columns. Henry Williams stated that he lost an eye. through injuries whilst at work. Williams, who is over 7° and in receipt of an old-age pen- sion, is unable to work, and he stated it was through the injuries he received whilst in the employ of the Council. The matter has been considered by the Insurance Company concerned and they offer £60, or 8s. per week during life, Williams to pay his solicitors' and doctor's fees out of that amount. W illiams, on the other hand, claims a larger sum to include the above fees. His brother appeared before the Council, and stated Williams" position and several suggestions were 'made to him to take to his brother with a view of an. amicable settlement. rilE NORiTH WALES ADVERTISING BOARD. A circular Letter was read from the North Wales Advertising Board, enclosing a report and scheme for consideration by the Council. The Clerk stated that the Council could not spend any money in the advertising of health resorts out of the Council's funds, but it might be done by private enterprise amongst them- selves. It was decided that the letter lie on the table. THE WATER SUPPLY AT BETTWS, ABE,RGELE. Mr. E. O. Evans, Surveyor, reported that he had made an inspection of the whole village of Bettws on Monday and found that there were eight houses belonging to different owners that had been supplied with a wholesome supply of water from, the scheme recently constructed for the village by the Coed Coch estate. There were several other places in the village without a wholesome supply of wiater within a reason- able distance, and he suggested that the Coed Coch Estate should be asked to supply their property in the village not already supplied with waiter, and also, whether they were pre- pared to supply other houses in the ^neiigh- bourhood with water. He also made an inspec- tion. of the broolk nearest the Saracen's1 Head, to which the Medical Officer of Health referred in his annual report of last year, in which he recommended that a notice board should be placed near the public-house warning against the use of the brook water. There is an open drain connected with the brook from the Saracen's Head, and there are other drains con- nected with the brook at a higher point, and as far as he could find out the water from the brook was used for washing and watering cattle, and water for drinking purposes was obtained from the public wells. The report was adopted. IXANDDULAS WATER. The Surveyor stated that he had found that an excessive volume of water was registered by the meters, and on making an inspection) of the district, water was found leaking at Tý Ucha', an unoccupied house. Some person had turned the water on, and that had since been stopped. Water was laid on to Sea, View on the 5th inst. The. readings on the meter on the service pipe to the railway station on the 29th September last was 156,262 gallons.

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